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May 15, 2004

Warning Issued for Fans at Euro 2004

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The News Review:

* Court dismisses Wales’ Euro 2004 appeal
* Q&A: Sven-Goran Eriksson
* Scolari will consider future plans
* Warning Issued for Fans at Euro 2004
* Mad Brit Diary It’s time for clubs in Europe to lock up for the…
* Football Factory has CCTV realism
* Des Lynam on Euro 2004
* From humble beginnings René Obermann has risen at meteoric speed…
* Southgate expected to miss Euro 2004
* Russia let-off angers Giggs
* Arsenal hand Bergkamp new one-year deal
* Why nice guys never come first
* 1 Zinedine Zidane (France)
* BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Southampton | Beattie makes Eriksson…
* Inside View: Arsenal have been remarkable
* Jury out on James as Sven finalises his squad
* Leeds board split over Milner sale
* Basketball All-American commits to attend Oregon

Court dismisses Wales’ Euro 2004 appeal
News Wales – May 13, 2004
On 10 April 2004, the FAW filed an appeal with the CAS in order to challenge the UEFA decision of 19 March 2004. Considering that this case could potentially affect the organisation of the Euro 2004 Final Round in Portugal, the CAS initiated an expedited procedure in order to have this case heard as early as possible. This matter has been submitted to a CAS Panel composed of Prof Michael Geistlinger (Austria), President Mr… Peter Leaver QC (England) and Prof Massimo Coccia (Italy). A hearing took place on 12 May 2004 at The CAS Headquarters in Lausanne on the occasion of which the Counsels for both parties and two witnesses have been heard by the Panel. Although informed of the existence of this arbitration, the Football Union of Russia did not participate in the procedure. After deliberation, the CAS Panel has decided to accept its jurisdiction to hear the FAW appeal but has dismissed the appeal on the merits. Contrary to the opinion of the FAW, the Panel has considered that the Football Union of Russia, could not be assimilated to an �accomplice or Abettor� of Egor Titov under the terms of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations and consequently could not be sanctioned. Source:Football Association of Wales.

Q&A: Sven-Goran Eriksson
BBC News – May 13, 2004
He hasn’t played for England for almost four years, and all the other guys have played in the Euro 2004 qualifiers, the World Cup, so I don’t know if it’s right or not to just take him in for a big tournament. And I suppose he wouldn’t like to do it, because he has always said no. Of course, if we have injuries anything is possible, but let’s hope not. What is the minimum requirement for England at Euro 2004?Sam Turrell, UK

Doing better than we did in the World Cup and that means we have to reach the semi-finals. But why aim for the minimum? Let’s wish for the maximum, and the maximum is of course reaching the final and winning it. But to do it you have to be lucky. You have to have fit players, that’s the most vital thing.

Scolari will consider future plans
CNN International – May 13, 2004
"After, it is another life. I don’t know what will happen," he said in an interview with Portuguese state radio RDP. "But since at this moment I notice that winning Euro 2004 makes it difficult for me to stay on and losing also makes it difficult, I will have to think about my future. "He added: "If I get some offer from someone, I will have to examine it. I was not thinking this way before. "The president of the Portuguese Football Federation, Gilberto Madail, said in an interview published last month in weekly newspaper O Indpendente that it would be difficult to keep Scolari if he leads Portugal to Euro 2004 glory. "If a coach is successful it is difficult to keep them in the role… "But since at this moment I notice that winning Euro 2004 makes it difficult for me to stay on and losing also makes it difficult, I will have to think about my future. "He added: "If I get some offer from someone, I will have to examine it. I was not thinking this way before. "The president of the Portuguese Football Federation, Gilberto Madail, said in an interview published last month in weekly newspaper O Indpendente that it would be difficult to keep Scolari if he leads Portugal to Euro 2004 glory. "If a coach is successful it is difficult to keep them in the role. Because the proposals which they normally receive from football clubs are much bigger than those from a national federation," he said. Scolari took the helm of the Portuguese national team in January 2003 shortly after he led his native Brazil to a record fifth world title in Japan, winning all seven World Cup matches in the process.

Warning Issued for Fans at Euro 2004
Washington Post – May 14, 2004
Americans at Euro 2004 “should be aware that soccer-related hooliganism has occurred at past European soccer championships, including violent conflicts between fans and rioting or vandalism in stadium areas and city streets,” the statement said. citizens are advised to avoid areas of conflict between fans of opposing teams. ” A million tickets for the tournament have been sold and up to 3 million visitors will pass through Portugal… The tickets will be available online or can be purchased with a special order form. Orders arriving earlier will not be considered and there won’t be waiting lists. Prices run from about $40 to $725, depending on the round and location. — From News Services © 2004 The Washington Post Company.

Mad Brit Diary It’s time for clubs in Europe to lock up for the…
SoccerTimes – May 14, 2004
(Friday, May 14, 2004) — The closing days of the European season are upon us. Soon the big leagues will close up shop for the long summer as many star players prepare to join their national teams for European Championship in Portugal from June 12-July 4. (The Mad Brit predicts disaster looms for England at Euro 2004. France will run away with the glory, killing off the Netherlands in the final. ) In Spain, mighty Real Madrid will close its season with no silverware for the first time in five years. The star-studded club gave up its fourth loss in five games last week, losing to humble Mallorca 3-2 at home. Many questions hover around David Beckham… England coach Sven Goran Ericksson will name his 23-man roster for Euro 2004 on Monday. The Mad Brit is chalked in for the right-wing position, if he can fit into his shorts. Mad Yanks in the EPLIt has not been the best of season for many of America’s overseas players. Claudio (Sick Note) Reyna, who played so well at the 2002 World Cup, had an forgettable year with Manchester City which barely escaped relegation from the English Premier League. With one game left in the season, City remains fourth from bottom in the EPL. Brad (I No Longer Sound Like a Yank) Friedel ended the season out with a thigh injury, but put in a good showing with a lousy Blackburn Rovers team. Kasey (I Love Slipnot and Marilyn Manson) Keller started the whole season for Tottenham Hotspur, which is currently a point worse than Blackburn.

Football Factory has CCTV realism – May 14, 2004
But it’s a moot point, like saying it was recovering alcoholics you asked to organise a drink-up at your local boozer. Besides, rather proving his colleagues’ credentials, in the build-up to the filming of the scene, Love’s biggest worry was a rumour that the set was to be hijacked by active hooligan firms, looking for a chance to settle scores. Fortunately the invasion did not materialise, allowing the director to shoot in peace – or as close as you can to peace with 200 brawny men appearing to kick six bells out of each other. His only worry presumably that when he shouted “cut” a number of his extras might take him literally. The Football Factory is based on the novel of the same name by John King, which tells of a dissolute Chelsea follower who lives for violence and is bored by everything else. This is the story of a man approaching 30 who is still seduced by the youthful pursuit of instant gratification. Although he is called Tommy Johnson, it is clearly not meant as a critical reflection on the career of the former Celtic and Aston Villa winger now at Gillingham… I don’t think that’s exactly ducking on showing the consequences of this sort of lifestyle,” he claimed in his own defence. The director refrained from adding that a fourth suffers an even more debilitating conclusion: he winds up living with his girlfriend in Penge. Still, what with Millwall heading to Cardiff for the FA Cup final and England departing soon to Euro 2004, with all their knuckle-dragging hangers-on no doubt in attendance, Love must accept the timing of his film’s release is unfortunate. “I don’t think for a moment anyone will watch this film and then go off and copy what they see. If anything, it’s the opposite. It’s not the violence people want to talk to me about afterwards, it’s the politics, it’s England. “Which was certainly the reaction when I saw it with a couple of friends, neither of whom could be classified as football hard men, although years ago one of them was ejected from Wembley during the FA Trophy final between Altrincham and Enfield despite pleading with the policeman concerned, using the immortal line: “But officer, you don’t understand, I’m a trainee solicitor.

Des Lynam on Euro 2004
PR Newswire UK – PR Newswire UK (press release) – May 14, 2004
TOPICALITY: Current: Euro 2004 starts on June 12thCUE MATERIAL: It won’t be long before football fans throughout England start holding their breath. On June 12th David Beckham and the boys begin their adventure in Portugal as they try to win through to the final of Euro 2004. But it’s not just football fans that will be drawn into the excitement. As Des Lynam told Mike Carson, international tournaments like Euro 2004 have now become social events – much more than just something for die-hard soccer fans………. AUDIO IN: “It always is….

From humble beginnings René Obermann has risen at meteoric speed… – May 15, 2004
You could say that the turnaround in T-Mobile’s fortunes coincided with him taking over. So when I finally meet Obermann, the 41-year-old German has much to live up to. Tanned and trim, the blue-eyed boy of mobile is fresh from reporting shapely first quarter figures. Analysts are suddenly scribbling that T-Mobile is the star within the sprawling Deutsche Telekom firmament. They thank the day that Europe’s biggest phone company dropped plans to follow BT’s lead and demerge its greatest asset… He would be even happier if you bought a T-Mobile 3G phone. The much-delayed whizzy handsets go on sale this summer. In Germany, customers are already able to sign up to the Euro 2004 football service. As sponsors, T-Mobile has the rights to beam 20-second clips of goals to your mobile. “It’s for people who are on a shift and can’t watch the TV but want to stay in touch with what’s going on,” he says. “3G is only meaningful if it offers services like this that make sense to people. “Unlike Obermann, who is “not a football freak”, shift-working fans may prefer to watch, pint in hand, having succumbed to a sudden and mysterious illness.

Southgate expected to miss Euro 2004 – May 15, 2004
The Middlesbrough defender has been sidelined since damaging knee ligaments in training in April although last month he said he was confident of recovering in time for the tournament and revealed Eriksson had left the door open for him. Asked whether Southgate will be fit for Euro 2004, Eriksson said: “I doubt it. He can’t start practising until June which makes it difficult for him to get match-fit. ”
Meanwhile, Eriksson revealed he will employ a formation designed to accommodate England’s best four midfielders, even if it means using Steven Gerrard on the left. The Liverpool star has been his side’s driving force this season, playing inhis favoured central role. Eriksson continued: “Gerrard could play anywhere in midfield… He would like to play in central midfield, where he plays for Liverpool, but in the friendlies against Japan and Iceland (on June 1 and June 5) I will probably use him on the left, in a diamond system. I will use him on the left and David Beckham on the right. If we play a straight four-four-two it is not good for Gerrard (to play on the left) but if we use the diamond formation can play there. If we start like that, we can play our best four midfielders. ”
Eriksson also revealed there would be no surprises in his squad, to be named on Monday, if there are no new injury worries from today’s Premiership programme. Filed by Mark O’Neill-Cummins.

Russia let-off angers Giggs
BBC News – May 13, 2004
The winger’s Manchester United team-mate Rio Ferdinand was banned this season after missing a drugs test. “The two cases have been treated completely differently,” Giggs said. “If it involves a Man Utd player you get.

Arsenal hand Bergkamp new one-year deal – May 13, 2004
He has once again shown throughout this year what an important part of our squad he is. “Teddy Sheringham is poised to finish his career in Qatar after being told he will not be offered a new contract by Portsmouth. Former Tottenham and England team-mate Tim Sherwood will also not have his Fratton Park contract extended along with striker Deon Burton and goalkeeper Chris Tardif. Steve Bruce, the Birmingham manager, has already been linked with moves for Liverpool’s Emile Heskey and Leicester’s Muzzy Izzet… Chelsea may have missed out on Argentine international Walter Samuel. The Roma defender is expected to move to Real Madrid instead. Wales have been left waiting until today at least to know whether their attempt to win a late entry to Euro 2004 has been successful. Manager Mark Hughes and an eight-strong party of lawyers, medical experts and Wales FA officials, returned from Lausanne yesterday not knowing the verdict of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the independent body who have heard their appeal to have Russia thrown out of the championships because of Igor Titov’s failed drugs test. Hughes said: “It is disappointing. I would rather have known yes or no today. There was no indication of what the outcome will be, they obviously first have to decide whether they have the power to hear the case after UEFA’s approach to the court.

Why nice guys never come first – May 14, 2004
Football has always been a public school for scoundrels. This may have something to do with the fact that it has become more difficult to assault and batter an opponent without a camera noticing, and that the pace of Premiership football makes it advisable to play without a hangover or a social disease. Tabloid snoops will follow the wayward genius off the straight and narrow and return with several pages of incriminating photos. Tell-tale tits are coming home to roost every Sunday. You can’t get away with being a character anymore… You don’t quite know what they’re thinking. The same Steve Bruce who has coaxed the very best out of Mikael Forssell, Matthew Upson, Kenny Cunningham, Robbie Savage et al is a couple of agents’ signatures away from taking on two more special needs patients. Both are 40-cap internationals heading for Euro 2004, both have played in the latter stages of the Champions League, both are in their mid-twenties prime and yet both are still brimful of untapped potential. There is a throw of the dice about every transfer deal. When you pay sale prices, you invariably get flawed goods. But if Bruce can make Heskey and Gronkjaer feel wanted and just a little wicked, the nice guys could prove to be good buys.

1 Zinedine Zidane (France) – May 13, 2004
In his first major tournament – Euro 96 – he played with a bandaged thigh but showed glimpses of his potential as France bowed out on penalties to the Czech Republic in the semi-finals. Two years later the Marseille-born son of Algerian immigrants became a French icon. Although not particularly impressive on the run to the final – he was suspended for two games after a stamping offence – he scored two headed goals as France beat Brazil 3-0 in the World Cup final. Two years later he was brilliant as France added the European title to their World Cup but in 2002 the injury that ruled him out of France’s first two games proved costly as Les Bleus crashed out of the World Cup. With their talisman fit, the French will be optimistic of making a better defence of their European crown. Three times FIFA’s World Player of the Year, his £49. 7 million move from Juventus to Real Madrid in 2001 remains a world record… His goals have helped Monaco in their march to the Champions League final and after last season’s successful partnership with Shabani Nonda he has forged a good pairing with Fernando Morientes this time. With Croatia, his goals have been instrumental in qualification, notably in the play-off with Slovenia. 9 Francesco Totti (Italy)Totti has been the creative inspiration around which Giovanni Trapattoni has built his team but with the veteran coach tipped to leave his post after Euro 2004 he will be eager to assert himself to impress the successor to Trap. Impressed in Euro 2000 when Italy came within seconds of lifting the Henri Delaunay trophy before a French fightback but failed to stamp his authority on the 2002 World Cup where the Azzurri disappointed. Revered by Roma fans. He was born and bred in the Eternal City and came through the youth ranks to become Italy’s hottest property with the 2001 Scudetto his biggest honour yet. But with the club’s finances in disarray there is speculation he may move on this summer and in his Roma team-mate Antonio Cassano there is a potential successor in the wings should he fail.

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Southampton | Beattie makes Eriksson…
BBC News – May 15, 2004
“I have always said that all I can do is get the goals and hope they get me in. “I’ve got goals again this season when I haven’t been at my best, and I don’t really know what else I can do to grab his attention. ”

Beattie has played through the pain of a torn cartilage but would be more than happy to postpone any surgery he might have to undergo. “It’s only a minor thing and to be honest I’ve been playing with it for some time.

Inside View: Arsenal have been remarkable – May 15, 2004
I think that comment of Arsene Wenger’s, when he said that the players don’t even want to lose in training, was significant. English players who have stood out for me were Frank Lampard and John Terry, of Chelsea. They have both had a great season and hopefully they will carry that through to Euro 2004 with England. I believe I should be in the squad and started this season optimistic that I would get into it if I performed well. And I’m still high in Premiership goals compared to other English strikers, with 14 so far, with Alan Shearer and Michael Owen the only others who have hit more… It’s pleasing, too, that Millwall from the First Division have reached the final of the FA Cup. It gives great encouragement to clubs all the way down the Football League. The biggest howler of the season was not by a player but by FIFA. That offside rule change was just stupid and I hope it won’t last. Southampton, of course, were in the thick of it with Ruud van Nistelrooy’s goal against us. He was offside but apparently scored his goal ‘in the second phase’ of the play. The worst example of management this season was not down to Claudio Ranieri.

Jury out on James as Sven finalises his squad – May 15, 2004
But when quizzed about David James, certain to be first-choice goalkeeper in the squad Sven-Goran Eriksson announces tomorrow, only one of a respected panel of experts was willing to give the Manchester City custodian a ringing endorsement. Admittedly that was Peter Schmeichel, a fellow member of the ‘goalkeepers’ union’ and a predecessor between the posts for City. Schmeichel believes the 33-year-old’s “confidence is high” going into the tournament but Alan Hansen, who the Dane will join as a BBC studio pundit, believes it is “make-or-break time” for a player who has never quite lived down an error-prone image earned earlier in a career also spanning Liverpool, Aston Villa and West Ham… “James is now mature enough to assume the mantle,” he said. “He’s been through a lot in his professional life and come through it. His decision-making has improved and he’s not coming for the impossible crosses that Sol Campbell and John Terry can head away. “Schmeichel, whose 17-year-old son Kasper is youth-team keeper at City, added: “I’ve seen plenty of James this season and he’s been a major influence in helping to keep his club up. He made a great penalty save at Leicester the other week and his confidence is high. “Hansen, speaking at a press launch for BBC’s coverage, was not nearly so supportive. “James is occasionally prone to make mistakes but in the last two years he’s tightened up on the number he’s committed.

Leeds board split over Milner sale – May 13, 2004
Juventus are the latest to express an interest. Meanwhile, Eddie Gray, who was relieved of his managerial duties on Monday, urged Leeds to give his permanent successor a lengthy tenure. “It will not be easy for whoever takes charge and that’s why I think he should be given a long time,” said Gray, who feels that the current squad of players made too many excuses for their own failings… Bates, the former Chelsea chairman, is frustrated that they are resisting his efforts to inject £10 million and he lost his composure in a radio phone-in yesterday when he swore several times in criticising the current regime, led by Dave Allen. Wales failed in their bid to have Russia thrown out of Euro 2004 after one of their players, Igor Titov, failed a drugs test after the first leg of their play-off. The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled the Football Union of Russia should not be punished for over Titov, who was banned for a year. The Football League will have their first father and son match officials next season. Northumberland referee Clive Oliver, 41, and assistant Michael, 19, have been promoted to the national list. Michael is believed to be the youngest match official in Football League history.

Basketball All-American commits to attend Oregon
Seattle Times – May 13, 2004
Valorie Brabazon’s son, Patrick Dennehy, was missing nearly six weeks before his body was found near campus last summer. His former teammate and roommate, Carlton Dotson, has been charged with murder. University attorney Noley Bice said all parties had agreed not to comment on the resolution. Bice declined to say whether Baylor would pay Brabazon. Baylor’s announcement came three months after a judge threw out Tacoma resident Patrick Dennehy Sr. ‘s wrongful-death lawsuit against the school. • Tony Harvey, the suspended top assistant to Missouri coach Quin Snyder, confirmed he is accused by the NCAA of giving former player Ricky Clemons $250, an allegation he denies… It’s the fourth Italian Cup title for Lazio, which beat Juventus 2-0 in the first game. • Dennis Bergkamp, 35, who helped Arsenal win its third Premiership title in seven years, signed a new one-year contract. • The United States issued an alert to its citizens visiting the Euro 2004 tournament in Portugal in June and July over possible terrorist attacks. Tennis

Jennifer Capriati and Amelie Mauresmo won comfortably in the second round at the Italian Open in Rome. The fifth-seeded Capriati dismissed Venezuela’s Maria Vento-Kabchi 6-2, 6-1 in just 45 minutes, before No. 2 Mauresmo beat childhood rival Nathalie Dechy 7-5, 6-3. • Top-ranked Roger Federer eased into the Hamburg Masters’ third round in Germany, while defending champion Guillermo Coria extended his winning streak on clay to 28 matches.

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