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May 18, 2004

BBC SPORT | Football | Euro 2004 | England | Martyn declines Euro call

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The News Review:

* Maldini is not available for Euro 2004
* Eriksson keeps faith in Butt role
* Hooligans: Beaten yet?
* BBC SPORT | Football | Euro 2004 | England | Martyn declines Euro call
* ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2004 – Eriksson confident
* BBC SPORT | Football | Euro 2004 | History | Spain 1964
* Captain needs to be focused
* Football is not a matter of life and death — it’s less important…
* Jorge cleared for Euro 2004
* RTÉ Sport: Bulgarian Todorov to miss Euro 2004
* DI Vaio handed Italian Euro berth
* Desailly aims to silence doubters
* Heskey to St Andrew’s ‘within two days’
* … .com – Soccer – Three-stage plan to combat violence at Euro…
* Man United fail in bids for Smith
* Keown XI hit England for six
* Arsenal reach for the sky
* Beckham upstages Keown

Maldini is not available for Euro 2004 – May 16, 2004
Maldini, Italy’s most capped player with 126 appearances, retired from international football after the 2002 World Cup finals but his impressive performances this season in Milan’s title triumph prompted Trapattoni to ask him to reconsider. Maldini said: “There won’t be any European championship for me. I have spoken to Trapattoni recently and I explained to him the reasons for my choice and he understood my motives. ”
Maldini today celebrated his seventh ‘scudetto’ with Milan after they beat Brescia 4-2 at the San Siro.

Eriksson keeps faith in Butt role – May 17, 2004
Butt will still need to be at his best, patrolling an area graced by Zidane. “It is beautiful to see Zidane play football,” said Eriksson. “It is not easy to take the ball from him. Butt has been training hard at United’s Carrington base but nothing can replicate match-day intensity. He turned down moves to Birmingham City and Tottenham Hotspur earlier this season to stay and fight for his place but has started only one of United’s last four games… “Hopefully three weeks and two games will be enough to get the sharpness he needs. I am confident he can be at his peak. “Eriksson “will start” his Euro 2004 team in the friendlies with Japan (June 1) and Iceland (June 5) and if any hint of rust still clings to Butt, Eriksson will turn to Lampard. “Frank is knocking extremely hard on the door,” said England’s head coach. “He has had a fantastic season. He is not a winger like Ryan Giggs but he could play outside right or left, especially if you play the diamond. He could play the base of the diamond.

Hooligans: Beaten yet?
BBC News – May 18, 2004
“But with a fair wind we could end up with none of those major incidents where hundreds of people are involved. ”

There’s little evidence that the organised hooligan firms will be going over in large numbers, as they’re being targeted. And while there’s chat on the internet, it’s “mostly rubbish”, he says. “The key individuals, if they’re not banned, are on the target list.

BBC SPORT | Football | Euro 2004 | England | Martyn declines Euro call
BBC News – May 17, 2004
“But I think the FA have got right behind David James and made him number one and they are supporting him. That is how it should be as it gives him confidence. ”

Wright has not played first-team football since September after suffering a knee injury shortly after Martyn’s arrival.

ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2004 – Eriksson confident – May 17, 2004
He will take part in the tournament in Manchesterand if something happens in the squad he might come. ‘I hope Rooney is fit and in good form because he is an excellent footballerand every time he plays for England he does very well. When he is on the pitch he does not seem to be young. ‘Asked if he felt his squad was good enough to win Euro 2004, Eriksson added:’If they are fit I think so yes. You need a bit of luck to win a big tournamentand I hope we have that luck. ‘A lot of them are the same (as in the World Cup squad) with two more years'[experience] which is important and those who were in Japan and still in thesquad should be better. ‘Eriksson insisted he was not concerned about David Beckham’s frame of mindafter the England captain was sent off in Real Madrid’s defeat to Murciayesterday.

BBC SPORT | Football | Euro 2004 | History | Spain 1964
BBC News – May 17, 2004
Greece pulled out after being given a first round draw against neighbouring Albania – they refused to play as the countries had officially been at war for 50 years. England did not make it over the first hurdle, losing 6-3 on aggregate against France, and of the home nations, only Northern Ireland made it to the second round, where they were accounted for by Spain. The Republic of Ireland were Spain’s next victims and that gave the Spaniards a chance to host matters from the semi-final stages onwards… The Spanish talisman Luis Suarez was not fully fit, but still managed to have a hand in setting up the opening goal for Jesus Mar?a Pereda. There were only six minutes left on the clock when the talented Ferenc Bene scored an opportunistic equaliser and extra-time was required. Roared on by their home fans in the Bernabeu Stadium, Spain withstood the pace better in an energy-sapping 30 minutes and winger Amancio Amaro eventually got the winner. The final match-up was laden with political significance – hosts Spain, who had refused to play the Soviet Union at the last Nations Cup, taking on the same side in front of the all-powerful man who had insisted they step aside, General Franco.

Captain needs to be focused – May 17, 2004
The frustration is that we should be celebrating this talented, likeable son of Essex, not worrying about him. Aged 29, he should be in his prime, ready to take Euro 2004 by storm, showing all of Europe that he possesses the technical gifts to live with Zidane and the rest of that glittering French side. Portugal should be the championships that confirm Beckham as one of England’s finest ever players. For all his strivings and that marvellous redemption performance against Argentina, the last World Cup did not see him at his best… “This time, with luck, he will stay injury-free. “The first thought on hearing of Beckham’s expulsion against Real Murcia was one of relief. At least the suspended midfielder could not now get injured during the death throes of La Liga. His muscles and metatarsals are all in fine condition. He just needs to get his mind right. It would be dangerous to under-estimate Beckham, who has come through the headline-raging firestorms of adversity before. A proud man who relishes wearing the white or red of England, he is certainly not short of character but domestic and club matters will inevitably sidetrack him during a long tournament.

Football is not a matter of life and death — it’s less important…
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – May 17, 2004
Used on article pages to rotate the images of a story. After a season when even St David of Beckham’s halo (if not his hairband) slipped, many observers may sympathise with the broadsheet sports journalist who has announced that, after 15 years of writing about the former beautiful game, he now “hates football”. What some of us have come to hate, however, is not football, but the overblown approach to it by such commentators that we might call soccerism. The soccerists believe that football can serve as a metaphor for society as a whole, or a self- propelled vehicle for a moral message. They imagine that this simple sport can somehow provide the solution to complex social problems, such as racism or the loss of community. And they throw their padded football rattle out of the pram when it fails to live up to their inflated expectations… There is state soccerism — the government-backed, corporate-sponsored attempt to use football as the focus for a rare shared national experience. In the absence of anything more substantial, football has been signed up to promote a shallow sort of ersatz patriotism. Witness those credit card adverts linked to the Euro 2004 championship, where Sir Bobby Charlton enthuses about “England United — priceless” amid a carefully cast multiracial crowd of actors plastered with the Cross of St George. Where state socialists believed in the social engineering of Fabianism, the state soccerists have pioneered FA-bianism in a desperate attempt to connect with “ordinary people”. It was as predictable as another Arsenal win that Tony Blair, when asked about his problems last week, would liken being Prime Minister to the ups and downs of a Premiership manager. It’s the only language they think we understand.

Jorge cleared for Euro 2004
BBC News – May 17, 2004
But Sporting accepted the blame for not notifying Portugal’s anti-doping council that he had been prescribed the medicine, which is allowed if declared. The Portuguese Soccer Federation cleared him of blame over the test. However, they have not ruled out taking any action against Sporting. Left-back Jorge has made 40 appearances for Portugal and their Euro 2004 squad is set to be named on Tuesday. Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari said: “I am very happy.

RTÉ Sport: Bulgarian Todorov to miss Euro 2004 – May 17, 2004
Coach Plamen Markov said: “I will not be able to use Todorov as he is undergoing further surgery in Germany. I regret what has happened but unfortunately this is part of reality. ”
The 25-year-old, who has won 32 caps and scored four goals, suffered a serious knee injury in training with his English premier league club Portsmouth last August. He returned to action recently but is not fit enough to travel to the tournament in Portugal. Eighteen year old striker Valeri Bojinov is likely to take Todorov’s place in Bulgarian squad following his performances for Italian Serie A side Lecce this season… Eighteen year old striker Valeri Bojinov is likely to take Todorov’s place in Bulgarian squad following his performances for Italian Serie A side Lecce this season. Markov is expected to announce his squad for Portugal on May 23 and the players start a training camp in Sofia two days later. Bulgaria, in Euro 2004 Group C along with Sweden, Denmark and Italy, play their last warm-up game for the tournament on June 2 against the Czech Republic in Prague. Filed by Mark O’Neill-Cummins.

DI Vaio handed Italian Euro berth
CNN International – May 18, 2004
For me it will be enough just to play for a minute. I’d be so happy with that. "Trapattoni will not formally name his travelling party for Portugal until the UEFA deadline of June 2 but he is unlikely to change the 23 named unless injury forces him to. Lazio’s Angelo Peruzzi, who recently returned to the national side after a five-year absence, has been handed the third goalkeeper slot ahead of Roma’s Ivan Pelizzoli and Milan number two Christian Abbiati. There was disappointment for Juve central defender Nicola Legrottaglie, who was pipped by Inter’s Marco Materazzi, and Milan midfielder Massimo Ambrosini also failed to make the squad.

Desailly aims to silence doubters
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – May 17, 2004
While Atkinson was a pathetic, lone voice, there has been a loud chorus suggesting that Desailly will be the weak link when France defend their European Championship crown this summer. The cracks have been spotted in the man once known as “The Rock”. The doubters ask how a defender who has not been first choice at Chelsea for much of the season can be an automatic selection in a team of France’s calibre. They point to Didier Deschamps, who is only a month younger than Desailly and yet is already establishing himself as a manager, while his old friend strives to prove that he can still keep up with Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Robert Pires. Desailly has heard it all and is disarmingly candid when the idea that he is in decline is placed, tentatively, on the dining table at Chelsea’s training ground. He knows that he is not the same player who, in his prime, won two European Cups, the World Cup and the European Championship, but that is not the same as admitting that he should be dropped. “The press say I am on the down slope and it might be true,” he said… “I have been happy and proud for John Terry and William Gallas, not jealous,” he said. “Two or three times I said ‘oh s***, I’m not playing’, but how can I be frustrated? I achieved what I wanted, to be playing at the top level at my age. I am not scared, I am not worried about raising my game for a short period this summer. I am sure we are going to succeed; the semi-finals at the very least.

Heskey to St Andrew’s ‘within two days’ – May 17, 2004
BIRMINGHAM –>Updated: May 17, 2004Heskey to St Andrew’s ‘within two days’Birmingham manager Steve Bruce expects to seal the signing of Liverpool striker Emile Heskey within the next 48 hours. Heskey, who will expect to be named in Sven-Goran Eriksson’s Euro 2004 squadtoday, has been lined up for a ?3. 5million move to St Andrews after joiningLiverpool for ?11million from Leicester in March 2000. It has been reported the fee could rise to ?6million depending on appearancesand Birmingham’s success. Bruce has already secured Chelsea striker Mikael Forssell on another 12-monthloan and sees Heskey as the perfect foil to the Finn. He said: ‘Hopefully we will be able to make Emile a Birmingham player withinthe next two days… He said: ‘Of course, everyone has a price, even if you are talking about thebest players in the world. And, if my players are linked with bigger clubs, thenso be it. ‘But we are not a selling club and if the situation arises when someone comesin for our players we will be ready for the challenge and we will meet it headon. ‘I’ve never had to sell anyone. I’ve got the nucleus of a good squad and Iwant to keep it together and add to it. ‘Your views on this story?.

… .com – Soccer – Three-stage plan to combat violence at Euro… – May 17, 2004
One of the last big public-order disturbances came in 1989, when police were sent in to break up a demonstration of their fellow officers, marching for the right to form a union. At least 500 uniformed officers were involved in running battles with riot police, who unleashed dogs on them, beat them with batons and sprayed them with water cannon in an infamous day in Portugal. Water cannon may well be used again at Euro 2004, but only as a last resort, according to the head of security for the tournament, General Leonel Carvalho. "If needed, security forces will use water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets to re-establish public order," Carvalho told Reuters in Lisbon. "If problems become more acute, special forces will be able to use dogs and horses. " Police officers will carry guns, as per normal practice in Portugal, but Carvalho said they would not be used in any outbreaks of hooliganism. "We will never use real guns," he said… " Police officers will carry guns, as per normal practice in Portugal, but Carvalho said they would not be used in any outbreaks of hooliganism. "We will never use real guns," he said. "We’re not talking about cases of terrorism or criminals where the other side are armed as well. "Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

Man United fail in bids for Smith
CNN International – May 18, 2004
5 million pounds ($9. 7m) for the player who has scored 10 league goals this season, Leeds website said. Leeds turned down both bids because they did not meet their valuation of Smith who has made it clear he will leave his home town club following relegation. "He is worth far more than what Manchester United are prepared to pay for him and both offers were rejected immediately," a Leeds statement said. Media has reported Smith as saying he would like to play in Italy or Spain but had not discounted the possibility of joining United, one of Leeds’ biggest rivals. Smith missed out on a place in Sven Goran Eriksson’s 23-man squad for Euro 2004 named on Monday but has been told to stay on stand-by in case of injuries. Smith, Mark Viduka and several other players are expected to leave Elland Road while goalkeeper Paul Robinson, England’s No… "He is worth far more than what Manchester United are prepared to pay for him and both offers were rejected immediately," a Leeds statement said. Media has reported Smith as saying he would like to play in Italy or Spain but had not discounted the possibility of joining United, one of Leeds’ biggest rivals. Smith missed out on a place in Sven Goran Eriksson’s 23-man squad for Euro 2004 named on Monday but has been told to stay on stand-by in case of injuries. Smith, Mark Viduka and several other players are expected to leave Elland Road while goalkeeper Paul Robinson, England’s No. 2, joined Tottenham last week. "The fans want what is best for their club, and me moving on is not going to help Leeds, unfortunately, but it is going to help Alan Smith," Smith said Monday. "I have to think about my own career now.

Keown XI hit England for six – May 17, 2004
That will hardly endear Beckham to Real executives, especially those whobelieve he spends too much time abroad, although he was roundly applauded by theHighbury crowd for at least turning up,The fans nevertheless booed the statement read out just before kick-off, whichhad been handed to the Arsenal club secretary by Beckham’s representatives. It read: ‘It is with deepest regret that Real Madrid have refused permissionfor David to participate in this evening’s game, so out of respect to Martin,David can regrettably only start this evening’s game. ‘England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson would at least have been pleased thatBeckham did not pick up an injury ahead of the Euro 2004 finals. The Swede saw three of his Euro 2004 squad members – John Terry, Sol Campbelland Ashley Cole – play for the first 45 minutes without major incident, whileJoe Cole featured in the second half. That was in contrast to French internationals Thierry Henry, Robert Pires andPatrick Vieira, who lasted 10 minutes before going off as they are involved in aFIFA-organised game against Brazil on Thursday in Paris. Henry still had time to partner Ian Wright up front after being given thePremiership golden boot by Arsenal’s record goalscorer before kick-off. It was not long though before full-back Cole put the Arsenal XI ahead on 16minutes with a superb back-flick from Fredrik Ljungberg’s cross.

Arsenal reach for the sky – May 17, 2004
“Unassailable in the League and often thrilling to watch, almost all of these now legendary Gunners deserve glowing reports. But the advances made by Cole, Kolo Toure, Campbell, Jose Reyes, Edu and Vieira (as captain) require an extra few dollops of teacher’s ink. Cole, who, along with Campbell, will be nose-to-nose with Henry, Pires and Vieira at Euro 2004, wrote his own review: “I’m not making the silly mistakes I made last season. I think I’ve grown up – and it’s definitely down to Sol Campbell, who’s been a big influence. I’m high, I’m buzzing. “Before boarding an open-top bus yesterday to edge his way towards Islington Town Hall, Wenger reiterated that there will be no bed of laurels. “You can never take your eye off the club, because you know you have players’ contracts to extend,” he said.

Beckham upstages Keown – May 18, 2004
Beckham called the linesman “hijo de puta” [son of a bitch], an outburst that showed that his conversational Spanish is coming on nicely, but also led to his second red card of the season and meant that he will miss Madrid’s final game of the season against Real Sociedad. With continued whispers that Beckham is moving to London next season – either Arsenal or Chelsea – he may well have played his final game in Spain. Beckham did not appear to be overly delighted by his club’s intervention. The testimonial marked the glorious close of a summer weekend of Islington parties. Keown, who had sung his own name from the balcony of the town hall on Sunday afternoon, last night heard 38,000 fans chant it back him for the final time in his Arsenal career. The 37-year-old – who needed a few late, late substitutions to make up the 10 appearances needed for a championship medal – had the opportunity to score a first-half penalty after goalkeeper Robert Green brought down Edu. Keown, however, scuffed it left for an easy save… Ashley Cole back-heeled the first with Jeremie Aliadiere scoring the second. The delicious irony, of course, to “the Beckham situation” involved the watching England head coach Sven Goran Eriksson. He had given permission for Beckham – and five others of the 23-man squad for Euro 2004 that he had named earlier in the day – to take part. Arsene Wenger, who had started 72 hours of partying by steering his team to a 2-1 win against Leicester City and an unbeaten Premiership season, saw his Spanish striker Jose Antonio Reyes score a hat-trick of goals. Another who wanted to take centre stage off the host for the evening, Aliadiere, scored his second. As for Keown? Was he immortal? Highbury thought so. Invincible? As above.

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