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August 23, 2004

BBC SPORT | Football | African | Egypt name squad

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The News Review:

* – MLB – Selig: Don’t expect major leaguers in Olympics
* – OLY/SUMMER04/SOCCER – Last hurrah: Hamm wants to leave…
* ‘Street soccer’ on the move in Europe
* BBC SPORT | Football | African | Egypt name squad
* – OLY/SUMMER04/FENCING – US men’s fencing team comes up…
* Iran summons 24 to national football camp
* – OLY/SUMMER04/TRACKANDFIELD – US gets surprising bronze in…
* – OLY/SUMMER04/SOFTBALL – US softballers the real ‘Dream…
* – OLY/SUMMER04/TRACKANDFIELD – Graham got BALCO ball rolling
* Brown hails USA’s discipline – MLB – Selig: Don’t expect major leaguers in Olympics
ESPN – Aug 23, 2004
“I don’t really see it because you can’t stop a pennant race,”he said. Selig visited Jacobs Field on Monday at the invitation ofCleveland Indians owner Larry Dolan. The commissioner discussed anumber of topics, and said he hopes a World Cup beginning in 2006would serve as a substitute for the Olympics. Selig also said the Expos won’t play in Montreal next season,but there’s been no progress on where they will relocate. He boasted that baseball is more popular than ever — on pace for74 million in attendance — and is in its “golden era. ” As for the designated hitter rule, he doesn’t see it changinganytime soon. When one reporter called the American and National Leaguesplaying by different rules “ridiculous,” Selig said: “It’s now32 years old being ridiculous. – OLY/SUMMER04/SOCCER – Last hurrah: Hamm wants to leave…
ESPN – Aug 21, 2004
“And you almostfeel like you let them down when you’re not. I get this all thetime: ‘What are you doing at the grocery store?’ Well, you buyfood, right? I’m like, ‘Should I not be here?’ ” The interview ended with Hamm saying it would “unbelievable”to win a second gold medal, but there was a unique postscript. FIFApresident Sepp Blatter, the most powerful man in world soccer,walked up to Hamm as she was about to leave. They greeted each other European-style, with three kisses on thecheek. “I’ll see you at the final,” Blatterer said. “We’re going to try,” Hamm replied.

‘Street soccer’ on the move in Europe – Aug 23, 2004
Nor does the winner take itall as there is a team award for fair play and a trophy for the topgoalscorer. The co-ordinators of the worldwide network, streetfootballworld,have just submitted an application on”football and integration of third countrynationals” to the European Commission. Their plan is tocreate and implement a Europe-wide best practice survey of suchprogrammes dealing with “football and integration”, to make thework public, evaluate it and present it during the upcoming WorldCup (2006 in Germany) at a European Forum. As part of theEuropean Year of Education through Sports (EYES) ,partners from the network have been working with the StreetfootballEuropean Championships on national projects such as”Kick forward” from Stuttgart. The project bringstogether over 3,000 children in two youth camps with pupils fromEast and West Germany. The possibility of in tegrating the resultsof these camps and courses into formal education will be tested ina school project. Other football-related programmes under EYES include thetransnational Goethe Institut-led project”Final with 30 years of ‘extra time’”.

BBC SPORT | Football | African | Egypt name squad
BBC News – Aug 21, 2004
The Pharaohs are currently third in their World Cup qualifying group behind the Indomitable Lions and the Ivory Coast. “It’s going to be a tough match but I think you all know that we don’t have any other choice but to win,” Tardelli told BBC Sport in Cairo. The match will not be played at the imposing Cairo National stadium which is being renovated for the 2006 African Nations Cup finals. It will be held at the 40,000 seat Arab Contractors
stadium. Squad:

Goalkeepers: Abdel-Wahed El Sayed (Zamalek), Essam El-Hadary (Ahly), Nader
El Sayyed (Masry)

Defenders: Wael Gomaa, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab and Ramy Adel (all Ahly), Bechir El-Tabey (Rizespor, Turkey), Medhat Abdel Hady, Tarek El Sayed (both Zamalek), Abdel Zaher El Sakka (Genclebirligi, Turkey), Osama Hassan (Enppi)

Midfielders: Hosni Abd Rabu, Mohamed Abdallah, Mohamed Homos & Ahmed Fathi (all Ismaili), Mohamed Shawky, Mohamed Abu Treika & Hassan Mustafa (all Ahly), Tamer Abdel Hamied (Zamalek), Ahmed Hassan (Besiktas, Turkey)

Strikers: Ahmed ‘Mido’ Hossam (Marseille, France), Osama Hosny & Ahmed Belal (both Ahly), Amr Zaki (Enppi) Mohamed Mohsen Abu-Greisha (Ismaili). – OLY/SUMMER04/FENCING – US men’s fencing team comes up…
ESPN – Aug 21, 2004
2 seed, having beenknocked from the top by the Americans in June. The United Statescame to the Olympics seeded seventh. Lingering bitterness from the World Cup event perhaps led to asurprising snub in the athlete’s cafeteria — the German foilfencers refused to greet several Americans. The United States led for most of the quarterfinal, then a rollby Peter Joppich put Germany ahead by one. team back in front, then won with a gutsy move in which he stopped,let the German attack, then parried his blade before poking his foeto win the match.

Iran summons 24 to national football camp
IranMania News – Aug 22, 2004

LONDON, August 22 (IranMania) – Iran?s Football Federation Saturday invited 24 players to training camp prior to 2006 World Cup qualifier against Jordan, Mehr News Agency (MNA) reported. The IFF recalled Alireza Nikbakht-Vahedi, Morteza Kashi, Mehrzad Ma?danchi, Amir Vaziri, and Javad Kazemian as the Asian Football Confederation deprived Mahdi Mahdavikia and Arash Borhani, of a national match on August 15. Iran may pay dear for the ban as it has to play Jordan in the second-leg World Cup qualifying match in Amman on September 8 without key player Mahdavikia. Against the run of play, Jordan beat Iran 1-0 in the first leg in Tehran. Hassan Ghaffari, the federation’s international affairs manager confirmed the news and scotched rumors that the yellow and red cards given to players in the 13th Asian Cup will not be effective for next national matches. – OLY/SUMMER04/TRACKANDFIELD – US gets surprising bronze in…
ESPN – Aug 22, 2004
marathon medal in 20 years. Mizuki Noguchi of Japan held off Kenya’s Catherine Ndereba towin the gold, but Kastor was gaining on them at the end. Nderebatook the silver, reversing the order of last year’s worldchampionships, where the Kenyan won and Noguchi was second. Noguchi, who ran the course as a warmup in June, won in 2 hours,26 minutes, 20 seconds. She was 49 seconds ahead of Ndereba, whonarrowed the lead to 14 seconds late in the race but could get nocloser. Kastor, who overtook Ethiopian Elfenish Alemu with less than amile remaining in the 26. 2-mile race, finished in 2:27. – OLY/SUMMER04/SOFTBALL – US softballers the real ‘Dream…
ESPN – Aug 22, 2004
Somehow, the team recovered and won its final five games, cappedby a 2-1 victory in extra innings over Japan. But there was lastingdamage. The tournament showed the world had caught up to the U. Gone were the days when the sight of the Americansmade opponents quake. That is, until they came to Greece. – OLY/SUMMER04/TRACKANDFIELD – Graham got BALCO ball rolling
ESPN – Aug 23, 2004
All four men have pleadedinnocent and await trial. Five top track and field athletes — four Americans and Britishsprinter Dwain Chambers — have tested positive for THG and beensuspended for a minimum of two years each. Former world championsprinter Kelli White was suspended after admitting use of THG andother banned drugs. Also, based on evidence gathered by the BALCO grand jury,Montgomery, Collins, Harrison and Chryste Gaines have been chargedwith steroid use and could be banned from the sport. All havedenied using drugs.

Brown hails USA’s discipline
Jamaica Observer – Aug 21, 2004
The former Jamaica captain was also full of praise for his players and gave the overall performance of the team a passing grade of eight from 10. “I think we could look at an eight with this team but probably more importantly the good players played well,” he said. He singled out World Cup veterans, skipper Theodore Whitmore, Andy Williams and Ricardo Gardner for their roles in what was almost, but not quite, an historic occasion for the nation’s football. These are the players who have to play well because these are the ball handlers on the field.

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