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November 2, 2004

Lazio hit by arrest of former president

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The News Review:

* Wenger rejected German and French advances
* TSN : SOCCER – Canada’s Sports Leader
* Anelka in with shot at redemption
* Lazio hit by arrest of former president
* Vogts had to pay price for failure
* Wenger acts as Pires peacemaker
* Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
* Sports Briefs: Purdue guard’s hand broken
* Soccer off-pitch

Wenger rejected German and French advances – Oct 31, 2004
Wenger, who has just signed a three-year extension to his Arsenal contract, spoke to officials from both countries during Euro 2004 but was not given sufficient incentive to end his eight-year reign at Highbury. Last week, Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein admitted that Wenger had had chances to leave the club during the summer but refused to name the suitors. But it is understood that representatives of France and Germany, both of whom under-performed at Euro 2004, sounded him out.

TSN : SOCCER – Canada’s Sports Leader – Nov 1, 2004
His German team beat their traditional rival, England, at Wembley on the way to winning Euro ’96. When he took over Scotland, long-suffering fans were confident he would succeed with their team. Not only didn’t it work out, it all ended in acrimony and sadness. Vogts resigned with his team standing virtually no chance of qualifying for the 2006 World Cup… He has been out of work for three seasons. In recent months, several former Scottish international stars said the German had to go because of poor results and no sign that he would turn the team around. Scotland was beaten by the Netherlands in the playoffs for Euro 2004, losing 6-0 in the second leg. Vogts’ departure was widely expected since the draw with Moldova on Oct. He insisted it was the personal attacks that forced him out. “The abuse is something that people in public life must get used to, but now it is having a serious effect upon my home life,” Vogts said.

Anelka in with shot at redemption – Nov 2, 2004
This is the only way for me to come back to play for France. Anelka felt he had been “mistreated and even insulted” by the way he was considered and it appeared a straightforward situation, with Anelka free to arrange his summer holidays. But then came the five-game suspension for Djibril Cisse for a red card he received while playing for the under-21s in a stormy match against Portugal. So, suddenly the debate was reopened. Will the call go out for Anelka? And would he accept the invitation?While the two obvious choices to play up front are Thierry Henry and David Trezeguet, there is space in the squad for a “supersub”… An answer will soon be provided as, tomorrow morning, Santini will announce his squad for France’s game against Belgium next Wednesday. Last weekend, Claude Simonet, chairman of the French FA and his counterpart at the league, Frederic Thiriez, publicly asked Santini to forgive Anelka, a move which was unlikely to have been appreciated by the France coach. Euro 2004 will be a moment of truth for France. Everyone in the squad will want to sweep away the painful memories of the last World Cup. Bixente Lizarazu, the Bayern Munich defender, said: “I am a member of the old generation. We have won everything with this team but we still feel bitter about what happened in Korea. For some of us, we are wanting to finish our international careers with a win.

Lazio hit by arrest of former president – Nov 2, 2004
“Rudi Voller and I come from a generation that knew what it wanted,” said Klinsmann, 39. “We would do anything to edge someone out of the team whether they were a foreigner or German. Unfortunately not many German players of today’s generation have this determination. “Despite his pessimism on Germany’s upcoming youngsters, the former national captain believes Voller’s side still hold a psychological edge in the 2004 European Championship in Portugal. “At big tournaments all the other teams are still wary of us and this myth lives on,” explained Klinsmann. “But it is important we do not lose the first match against Holland. “Germany have been paired with the Czech Republic, Holland and Latvia in the so-called Group of Death in Euro 2004, opening the campaign against the Dutch on June 15 in Oporto… “At big tournaments all the other teams are still wary of us and this myth lives on,” explained Klinsmann. “But it is important we do not lose the first match against Holland. “Germany have been paired with the Czech Republic, Holland and Latvia in the so-called Group of Death in Euro 2004, opening the campaign against the Dutch on June 15 in Oporto.

Vogts had to pay price for failure
BBC News – Nov 1, 2004
The German promised much when appointed ahead of the Euro 2004 qualifying campaign, but the general consensus is that he failed to deliver. What is not yet clear is the extent to which he failed because of a lack of ability on his own part, or as a result of the dearth of talent available to him. Few would dispute that the pool of players Vogts was able to pick from was as weak as any the Tartan Army has felt obliged to follow. But while even the best of those players – Barry Ferguson to take an obvious example – were publicly supportive of Vogts, reports of bafflement in the dressing room did not go away. Certainly members of the media were left wondering if their questions had actually been answered by the German, whose level of English, at news conferences, seemed to vary depending on how keen he was to respond.

Wenger acts as Pires peacemaker
BBC News – Oct 31, 2004
It’s like I’m 20 years old and playing football for the first time. ”

The Arsenal winger was angry at being taken off and replaced by three-cap Daniel Moreira at half-time in a 2-0 win against Cyprus. He said: “If that match had been at Stade de France, I would not have stuck around. “I would have run away. I was vexed, annoyed, shaken. When the coach (Domenech) said: ‘Daniel, you replace Robert’ I could not believe it. It’s the first time I’ve
ever experienced a feeling like that… “Domenech chose to restructure everything, to destroy the affection which
linked the French team together. ”

After taking over from Jacques Santini, Domenech stated his desire to rebuild and dispense with the old generation. But he then attempted to persuade Lizarazu out of retirement, along with Zinedine Zidane and Lilian Thuram – who all stepped down after Euro 2004. “These are his choices, but I don’t understand why he
should call me. And I think the others felt the same way,” added Lizarazu. “There is a big difference between what things are really
like and how they appear. I met him (Domenech), I also observed him in the media and finally this comforted me in my choice to stop.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
Daily Times – Nov 2, 2004
Germany, the host nation and the seeded team in Group A, will play Australia, the Oceania champion, in the second match of the opening day of the June 15-29, 2005 event. Argentina will play in Cologne and Germany in Frankfurt. Brazil, the reigning World Champion, is the seeded team in Group B and will open its campaign June 16 against Greece, the surprise winner of Euro 2004, in Leipzig. Asian champion Japan and Gold Cup winner Mexico are also in Group B. The seventh edition of the FIFA?s Confederations Cup will be played in five German cities: Cologne, Nuremberg, Leipzig, Hanover and Frankfurt, at stadiums that will also be used for the World Cup one year later. The competition brings together winners of continental championships. Although Argentina lost the Copa America final to Brazil, it got a place because of the World Cup champion?s automatic qualification… The competition brings together winners of continental championships. Although Argentina lost the Copa America final to Brazil, it got a place because of the World Cup champion?s automatic qualification. France, winner of the last two tournaments, did not qualify to defend its title. Other past winners are Mexico, Brazil, Denmark and Argentina. The last tournament, in 2003 in France, was marred by the death of Cameroon midfielder Marc-Vivien Foe, who collapsed on the pitch in the semifinal against Colombia and later died. France beat Cameroon in the final. Tickets for the tournament go on sale online on www.

Sports Briefs: Purdue guard’s hand broken
Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Nov 2, 2004
More college basketball

Beginning in 2006, the 64-team field for the NCAA women’s tournament will be announced on ESPN on Monday, a day after the men’s field is revealed. “The committee feels the move to Selection Monday will create enhanced exposure and serve as a growth agent for women’s basketball as a whole,” Lynn Parkes, the chair of the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Committee, said in a statement. The selection show’s move will not affect the tournament’s schedule. The first round still will begin Saturday. Tennis

French teen Gael Monfils improved to 3-1 as a pro by upsetting 1999 Australian Open runner-up Thomas Enqvist, 1-6, 6-4, 6-3, in the first round of the Paris Masters. Monfils, 18, won three junior Grand Slam titles this season. His next match is against former No… Scotland lost, 6-0, to the Netherlands in the second leg of a Euro 2004 playoff. “I must say that the major factor in this decision has been the disgraceful abuse that I have suffered, especially of late,” Vogts said. “It has degenerated into a physical nature, especially on recent occasions where I have been spat upon. ”

He coached Germany to the 1996 European title. Olympics

Part of a doping sample taken from the horse that won Ireland’s only gold medal at the Athens Olympics was stolen, the International Equestrian Federation said.

Soccer off-pitch
Kathimerini – Nov 2, 2004
Besides, the ease with which parties switch their patronage of high-ranking soccer officials ? and with which the latter change party allegiance ? leaves no room for one to believe that the target is reliability, transparency and other fine-sounding matters intended for pre-electoral consumption. If only footballers played soccer, all would be fine. But others also play, not in sports uniforms but in those of power and money. No matter how brightly the Euro 2004 trophy glowed, the web of entanglement and bartered favors ran no risks, nor will it ever. The big game will still be played outside the grounds. One regime will succeed another and those accused of shiftiness will get the support of their accusers and so can act as the angels of catharsis.

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