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November 14, 2004

Baros saves Liverpool blushes

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The News Review:

* ‘Enthralling’ England score well in popularity poll
* Reliable Allback steps up to cover for missing Larsson
* Baros saves Liverpool blushes
* Owen proving doubters wrong
* / Today / Sport / Soccer
* The gear box | Have To Have | Regulars | Motoring | Telegraph
* Left foot forward
* Tigana opens the door to Premiership return
* Arjen Robben and Peter Houseman
* England’s safe bet
* The top 10 dazzling young teams
* Canyon News

‘Enthralling’ England score well in popularity poll – Nov 14, 2004
Roxburgh eulogised particularly about the emergence of Wayne Rooney, who leads England’s attack against Spain in Wednesday’s friendly, and the “enthralling” nature of some of England’s Euro 2004 games. In an analysis of Euro 2004 published in UEFA’s latest newsletter, the widely respected Roxburgh enthused that it was “good to see a few young talents blossom on the Euro stage – Wayne Rooney, of England, Cristiano Ronaldo, of Portugal, and Arjen Robben, of the Netherlands”. The dynamic contributions of Rooney and Lampard to Euro 2004 made England a massive draw, on television as well as at the sold-out stadiums in Lisbon and Coimbra… )Roxburgh also highlighted UEFA’s alarm at the sad sight of exhausted stars running on empty in Portugal. Beckham and Zinedine Zidane were just two of the oft-celebrated players who underachieved at Euro 2004 following draining domestic seasons, something that UEFA’s technical director insists must be looked at. “There was some concern that a few top players did not perform to their potential due to `burn-out’ – physically or mentally or both,” added Roxburgh. “This is an area which must be addressed because the best events should have the best players in the best form and in the best condition. It is a question of recovery and regeneration and that needs time. “Sven-Goran Eriksson, whose winter-break plans are on hold, has been campaigning for his England players to have four weeks’ respite before kicking off at the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany. This would mean changing the climax of the Premiership, FA Cup, Champions League and UEFA Cup competitions.

Daily Express – Nov 13, 2004
I was feeling well in the game. And then the injury came,” he said. But Cisse said his fracture was not as painful as his absence from Euro 2004 because he had been sent off in an under-21 international against Portugal. “The injury hurts less than the red card. To miss Euro 2004 over such a thing.

Reliable Allback steps up to cover for missing Larsson
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Nov 14, 2004
While Larsson, Ibrahimovic and Ljungberg are clearly on a different technical plane to those available to Scotland, Allback is not. He is a hard-working, diligent professional with a nose for goal. Not dissimilar to Paul Dickov. Yet the injured Ibrahimovic was hardly missed in last month’s double header with Hungary and Iceland. Sweden scored seven in two wins that put them top of Group 8, with Allback claiming one of four first-half goals they scored in Reykjavik and creating one for Larsson with a perceptive pass. It is hard to reconcile such form with the player who struggled at Aston Villa and is now at Hansa Rostock, who prop up the Bundesliga. Yet throughout the vagaries of his club career, Allback has never stopped scoring vital goals for his country… Glenn Hysen, the legendary Swedish centre-back, recently said that Antonsson has the potential to be the best defender they have produced for years. Allback, meanwhile, will just enjoy another chance to add to that excellent strike rate. Tommy Soderberg stepped down as Lagerback’s No2 after Euro 2004, but used to say that Allback has “fur that shines” when he is on form. Scotland must hope not to see its sheen on Wednesday.

Baros saves Liverpool blushes – Nov 13, 2004
The Czech striker, now with 10 goals for the season in 18 matches, is doing his level best to not only make up for the sale of Michael Owen but also the season-long loss of Djibril Cisse. The front man may have his critics for a inability to see colleagues in better positions, while opponents rage about the speed he hits the deck under a challenge – not least Palace and their boss Iain Dowie. But Baros, the leading scorer at Euro 2004, is now showing that level of form for Liverpool. He scored early on from the spot, stabbed Liverpool back into the lead on the stroke of half-time after Joonas Kolkka’s equaliser, and then won and scored another spot-kick in the dying seconds. That robbed the hard-working, well-organised Palace of a point they thought they had secured following Michael Hughes’ close-range header. But Liverpool had so much of the ball, so much of the play they deserved this victory – even if their efforts were being clouded by frustration long before the end.

Owen proving doubters wrong – Nov 14, 2004
With 28 in 65 matches for England, and not 25 years old until next month, he has a fabulous chance of breaking Sir Bobby Charlton’s all-time record of 49. It would be an incredible achievement, but for those of us who have watched his career develop at Liverpool it comes as no surprise. People always used to say to me last season that Owen’s body language at Anfield was wrong, that he had lost his appetite for playing for Liverpool, that he was going through the worst spell of his career. What had happened to Owen was that he was simply no longer getting the service he deserved and, after 90 minutes without a decent chance, it was hardly any surprise that he looked disenchanted… He looks sharper and more fresh at the moment than he did for most of last season. He is a great asset for England, and his country should regard him as a player who will only get better. Remember that he came through for England against Portugal in Euro 2004 with that spectacular goal. He doesn’t let people down. Fitness permitting, he will have a chance to remind England and Spain of that fact on Wednesday night. / Today / Sport / Soccer
Irish Times – Nov 13, 2004
Especially when it came to transfer policy where we could never reach agreement. Santini made specific reference to the purchase of Michael Carrick from West Ham – a move he opposed. “I wanted an attacking midfielder not a holding midfielder – we already had four of them. Santini, 52, agreed to take the Spurs job shortly before Euro 2004 where he led defending champions France to the quarter-finals where they were beaten by eventual winners Greece. He has been replaced at Tottenham by Dutchman Martin Jol. At the time of his resignation as Spurs boss he cited personal reasons for his decision to stand down… Santini made specific reference to the purchase of Michael Carrick from West Ham – a move he opposed. “I wanted an attacking midfielder not a holding midfielder – we already had four of them. Santini, 52, agreed to take the Spurs job shortly before Euro 2004 where he led defending champions France to the quarter-finals where they were beaten by eventual winners Greece. He has been replaced at Tottenham by Dutchman Martin Jol. At the time of his resignation as Spurs boss he cited personal reasons for his decision to stand down.

The gear box | Have To Have | Regulars | Motoring | Telegraph – Nov 12, 2004
comEvery Christmas, the Government wheels out another blood-soaked advertising campaign to underline the merits of abstemiousness when driving. Nothing wrong with the basic message, of course, but the fact remains that pubs are open 365 days a year, rather than 31 (the consumption of Warninks Advocaat seems to be reserved exclusively for late December in many households, but other tipples have all-year-round appeal). If you have sipped a beer and haven’t been smart enough to arrange alternative transport home, this simple-to-operate breath-testing pen will tell you whether your blood alcohol content exceeds the legal limit: if a red LED glows when you blow in one end, the only prudent course of action is to phone for a cab (or walk, if you are still able to do so in a straight line). Recommended: setting your own zero-tolerance policy – one alcoholic drink might not take you beyond the UK’s legal limit, but it will still impair your judgment… Recommended: setting your own zero-tolerance policy – one alcoholic drink might not take you beyond the UK’s legal limit, but it will still impair your judgment. Go Car KettlePrice: £17. 99From: Halfords (stores nationwide or at.

Left foot forward
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Nov 14, 2004
He was on full alert, and indeed he got to Robben. But the Dutch brain was working faster than his feet; not only did Robben sense where Bramble was trying to block him off, not only did he show no fear of the tackle, he saw where the goalkeeper Shay Given was positioned and, with accuracy and composure, he picked the opposite corner of the net. Such class, balance, awareness and finesse, all at the age of 20. Like dominoes three in a row, CSKA Moscow, Everton and Newcastle fell to his guile. He was at it again yesterday, too, scoring against Fulham… He knew how much Fergie coveted Robben, he knew the price, and he knew the PSV president. Within days of Kenyon’s new deployment, he visited Eindhoven and, with Chelsea’s then coach Claudio Ranieri, convinced the Dutch that there was a switch in the balance of power in England. Nine months on, and after the stunning performances Robben produced in place of Overmars for the Dutch at Euro 2004, the proof is visible. Mourinho believes Robben brings a different dimension to his squad; Robben has licence to be more than a winger, a player who can fit anywhere across the front line. “Arjen’s a very exciting player,” says Frank Lampard. “He’s a good lad, he wants to work for the team, and now he’s been let off the leash we have two world-class left-footed attackers. ” And England has none.

Tigana opens the door to Premiership return – Nov 13, 2004
If it was possible, one day I would like to go back and thank them personally. “However, the shaky form of France’s national side could yet hand Tigana a route back into management at an even higher level. France coach Raymond Domenech, who took over from Jacques Santini after Euro 2004, is still awaiting his first home win. The build-up to Wednesday’s encounter with Poland has been overshadowed by this statistic, as well as his public row with Arsenal’s Robert Pires, who he has dropped. Anything less than victory this week could open the door to discussions about a new coach. Although Claude Simonet, the president of the French federation, is known to be keen on appointing Laurent Blanc in the future, Tigana is the favoured candidate of the influential Michel Platini. New guidelines restricting the coverage of Under-16 games have been put in place by the Premier League amid increasing concerns over child abuse… The issue came to light in yesterday’s Charlton v Norwich match programme which questioned the justfication of Under-16s being starved of publicity: “Here at Charlton, the success of the club’s youth set-up means that the club and its supporters are justifiably proud of the number of players produced for the first team over the years. Yet the club is now in a position where it is harder to report back about the impact of that contribution. “A Premier League official stressed the restictions did not constitute a ban but that they were necessary to “ensure that clubs are beyond reproach when it comes to child protection”. Keith Weller, the former England, Leicester City and Chelsea forward, has died after a long illness aged 58. Weller, remembered fondly by Leicester fans for wearing a pair of white tights in an FA Cup tie, won four England caps in the 1970s, scoring one goal. “Keith was one of the club’s all-time playing greats and he will be sadly missed,” read a Leicester statement.

Arjen Robben and Peter Houseman
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Nov 13, 2004
Used on article pages to rotate the images of a story. The casual viewer did not have to spend too long watching Holland to see that Claudio Ranieri had pulled off a considerable coup in snatching Arjen Robben from under the noses of Manchester United. And so it has proved. Injury meant that supporters had to suppress their excitement for a few weeks, but Robben’s delayed arrival in the first team has been sensational. In the past three matches he has scored three contrasting goals that have shown him to be a finisher of much class, as well as a winger capable of making elderly men go misty-eyed in nostalgic reverie for the days when the flanks were where games were won and lost. Aged only 20, Robben has it in his power to become one of the world’s great players and to win many prizes at Stamford Bridge.

England’s safe bet
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Nov 14, 2004
It is more than three years since this affable, mountainous Midlander became, at 20, England’s most expensive goalkeeper (he still is) when he moved here from Coventry for an £8m fee. It is more than two years since Eriksson, after the World Cup exit against Brazil, cited the youngster as one reason England should be optimistic about the 2006 World Cup. Kirkland might have expected to have 21 caps by now. As it is, he has just 21 Premiership appearances to his name… Harry Kewell hit a shot from about 10 yards and the ball’s moved in the air. I’ve gone the other way and I just stick me hand out. ” Kirkland went home with his arm in plaster and hopes of making Euro 2004 in ribbons, having broken a wrist. Like the knee damage, and the splintered pinkie (which he still can’t straighten properly) there was a random quality about the injury. All could have happened to anybody at any time, but all happened to Kirkland. “That’s what makes me laugh. I’m called injury-prone and I could cope with someone calling me that if I kept doing my hamstring or my thigh.

The top 10 dazzling young teams
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Nov 14, 2004
Somewhat shocked at this news, the swimming authorities decided to raise the age limit for subsequent adult competitions to 14. In 2002, by then an economics student, Fu married Antony Leung, 50, financial secretary of Hong Kong 3 Portugal’s Golden Generation When Portugal — international also-rans since Eusebio — won the world under-21 championship in 1991, a bright Iberian dawn beckoned. If their collective potential remained unfulfilled, culminating in defeat to Greece in the final of Euro 2004, individually Rui Costa, Fernando Couto, Joao Pinto and Luis Figo thrilled both Europe and their bank managers. Now it’s time for an overhaul. Enter Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco, Ricardo Pereira, Ricardo Carvalho, Ricardo Quaresma and Nuno Gomes. Their sobriquet? The Platinum Generation4 Wenger’s boy wonders Everton fancied their Carling Cup chances at Highbury on Tuesday. Especially when they named a full-strength team and Arsène Wenger picked Edu, Jermaine Pennant, Robin van Persie and some kids… Johan Djourou, Daniel Karbassiyoon et al will soon be household names. Be very frightened5 The Baby Blacks In 1986, several All Black players showed they were not ashamed to take the apartheid rand and toured South Africa as part of the not-so-laughing Cavaliers. Their decision saw them banned from the New Zealand team, albeit for just two Tests. As a result, the so-called Baby Blacks (most of the youth team, captained by Cavaliers refusenik David Kirk and including Sean Fitzpatrick, right) briefly became the All Blacks in Tests against France and Australia. France were beaten 18-9, and then the Babies were squeezed out 12-13 by bitter rivals the Wallabies. Moral victory, though, moral victory.

Canyon News
LA Canyon News – Nov 14, 2004
Kelly, the war of the ?Worlds? continues. No, I?m not talking about the movie starring Tom Cruise. Kelly and Jay-Z?s tour has come to an end. Kelly and Jay-Z, ?Unfinished Business,? CD is climbing up the charts… Congratulations to the band from Star Gazing! In soccer news, Cristiano Rinaldo, 19, (who was named after the late President Ronald Reagan) plays for Manchester United and continues to be one of the years exciting, popular stars in soccer. Cristiano is already a star, and soon to be a legend. At the tender age of 19, he has won an FA Cup with Manchester United and played for Portugal at the Euro 2004 championships. Rose?s Scoop: Jamie Foxx plays the late musical legend Ray Charles in Taylor Hackford?s (?An Officer and a Gentleman?) biopic. Insiders are buzzing ?Oscar? for Foxx?s performance because of his emotional triumphs over blindness, segregation and drugs. Did you know that Jamie had his eyes glued for the filming of “Ray?” Condolences go out to the Foxx family for the loss of Jamie?s grandmother last week in Texas. Finally, you?ve heard of Bowling for Soup? Lazy Boy? They are burning up the airwaves.

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