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December 27, 2004

Soccer has own labor problems

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* Bridging the gap | Chelsea | Premiership | Football | Sport |…
* SA on top as Madiba weaves magic
* Hao Does a Runner to the Blades for ?1
* Soccer has own labor problems
* Triumph and despair
* BBC SPORT | Tennis | Aussies name new Fed Cup captain
* Beckhams hold star-studded christening
* Mourinho takes on Fergie in word war
* Grip tips Johnson for England honours

Bridging the gap | Chelsea | Premiership | Football | Sport |… – Dec 26, 2004
Gazza was a great talent but a greedy player who just wanted to dribble all day; Rooney has far greater awareness and is unselfish. The only threat than I can see to his future development is from himself, if his own indiscipline were to get the better of him. Although England’s performance at the European Championship finals was ultimately disappointing – and only after Rooney had been sidelined by injury – enough players reached a world-class level this year to suggest that England will be a major force at the 2006 World Cup finals should they qualify. A team needs seven or eight to win a World Cup and I believe England have got them. It was a year in which United’s Rio Ferdinand lost eight months out of his career as punishment for missing a drugs test but played as if he had never been away on his return. John Terry’s continued improvement means England are now spoilt for choice at centre-back and suddenly there are options everywhere for Eriksson following the emergence of players such as Jermain Defoe and Shaun Wright-Phillips. During the last few months the England coach has even found a possible answer to his nagging left-sided problem in Middesbrough’s Stewart Downing.

SA on top as Madiba weaves magic
Independent Online – Dec 24, 2004
It was second time lucky for the Rainbow Nation after being controversially pipped by Germany for the 2006 tournament when Oceania octogenarian Charles Dempsey abstained from the decisive third round of voting. Last May it took just one round with South Africa winning 14 votes, Morocco 10 and Egypt 0. Tunisia withdrew at the last minute when co-hosting was barred and Libya were disqualified for technical reasons. Nigeria were the other original contenders only to pull out early in a bidding race that turned ugly as D-day approached with South Africa and Morocco trading verbal blows.

Hao Does a Runner to the Blades for ?1 – Dec 25, 2004
Known as one of the best forwards in Asia, Hao, four times the best striker of China’s Serie A Football League, has led Dalian Shide to seven national league championships and three runners-up at the Asian Clubs League. He has played 102 International A-level matches for China’s national football team, scoring 37 goals. He also acted a key role in the Asian qualifiers in the 2002 Korea and Japan World Cup, helping millions of Chinese football fans realize their World Cup dreams. Hao’s move is seen by the club more as a bid to gain access to the Far East’s lucrative market. “He is so well known that he can undoubtedly be a prominent force for Sheffield United’s profile in China, and will be involved in marketing opportunities, sponsorships and tours,” said Robinson. Hao had trained with United four years ago but the club could not accept the eight million pound (US$15. 2 million) transfer fee… “Sheffield have been in contact with me since 1999. It’s a great chance at the end of my career. ”
Hao acknowledged his decision had been partly due to China’s shock exit from the Asian 2006 World Cup qualifiers last month. “China’s failure was very upsetting and a factor in my decision to try something new. “But I am not going for a vocation at Sheffield, I will try to do my best in the new team. ”
Having worked as an assistant coach as well as a player in Dalian Shide, Hao is expected to join the Blades initially as a player but then as part of the club’s training staff, according to the website. “It is so great to start as a player then a coach in Sheffield,” said the Chinese veteran.

Soccer has own labor problems
St. Petersburg Times – Dec 24, 2004
soccer team made a new proposal that the U. Soccer Federation called inadequate, and it remains uncertain whether untested players will be used instead of the regulars for a World Cup qualifier in February. USSF spokesman Jim Moorhouse said Thursday that his organization calculated the union plan at a 108 percent increase, saying players on the national team earned $10. 4-million from 1999-2002 and are asking for $22-million. Moorhouse said management’s latest proposal would earn players $14… Roenick suffered multiple concussions last season, and the club believes he would still have been out injured had there not been a lockout, Knight Ridder said. Ron Ryan, the Flyers’ chief operating officer, would not comment on a deal, but said Roenick has been feeling healthy. OLYMPICS: Turin needs money Organizers of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, said they are negotiating a transfer of funds from a public agency to cover a budget shortfall estimated to be more than $243-million. The transfer would be from Sviluppo Italia, an agency linked to the Economy Ministry that promotes business development and investment. Under its charter, the organizing committee is not allowed to receive money directly from the government to deal with a budget gap. ET CETERA HIGH SCHOOL: William McGregor of Dematha Catholic in Maryland is the 2004 NFL High School Football Coach of the Year. In 23 years at Dematha, eight of his teams have been ranked nationally by USA Today and 275 of his players have attended college on full football scholarships.

Triumph and despair
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Dec 26, 2004
Most important of all, as the tale of the two Greek sprinters, Kostas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou, spiralled from Greek tragedy to Whitehall farce in the opening days in Athens, the pair celebrated winning and losing with dignity. We were blessed in 2004, cursed as well. Both at the same time, in the case of the beleaguered England football team. Blessed by the international birth of Wayne Rooney, another unremarkable kid born with extravagant gifts, and cursed by the inability of his teammates to plug into their one-man national grid. Once Rooney had limped out of the European Championship quarter-final against Portugal, the lights went out on England’s challenge. Not for the first time in recent decades, we were left blaming everyone — mostly the Swiss referee, Urs Meier, for disallowing Sol Campbell’s goal — except ourselves, as if the founders of the game had retained a divine right to rewrite the rules in their favour. Name me any other time when a continental goalkeeper has been knocked over by a hulking great opponent and not been awarded the foul… Given that the coach who had worked with Thanou and Kenteris also worked with the national football team for a spell, question marks over the Greeks’ prodigious workrate were inevitable, but the insipid challenge of the powerhouse teams was less open to chemical interpretation. Spain, France, Italy, Germany, England — none in the last four? If the gold-embossed trumpets have been placed in the right ears, the alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear at the headquarters of Fifa, the world governing body. The semi-finalists in the World Cup and the European Championship over the past two years have been South Korea, Turkey, Brazil and Germany, Greece, the Czech Republic, Holland and Portugal. In these celebrity-conscious times, sponsors love minnows, if they vacate the arena in time for the big money to be made. The more promising news for the future of international football is that a Brazil side including Adriano, Kaka and Ronaldinho should be in its prime for the German summer of 2006. The rest will make up the numbers.

BBC SPORT | Tennis | Aussies name new Fed Cup captain
BBC News – Dec 24, 2004
The 53-year-old, who replaces Evonne Goolagong Cawley, is the first man to take on the captaincy since Neale Fraser in 1978. “It’s an exciting time to become part of the Australia team,” said the former world number eight. “We have a great group of players to forge our way back into the World Group where we feel Australia belongs. ”

He added: “Our team is very much like when John Newcombe took over the Davis Cup team when it was at rock bottom. “Maybe we’re at rock bottom right now for various reasons but, strangely enough, we can look at our players and our team would be capable of beating any team in the world.

Beckhams hold star-studded christening – Dec 24, 2004
After the birth of his first son, David Beckham confided: “I definitely want Brooklyn to be christened, but I don’t know into what religion yet. ”
Beckham is ranked in this month’s issue of the FourFourTwo magazine as Britain’s richest footballer, with an estimated personal fortune of £65-million ($125-million). Last month he scotched rumours that he intends the 2006 World Cup to be his last for England, saying: “Playing for England is an honour that any player would give his right arm for.

Mourinho takes on Fergie in word war
Irish Independent – Dec 24, 2004
Round one saw the Chelsea manager strike back at Ferguson over his doubts that the Premiership leaders will be capable of sewing up the title in the north of England. The Manchester United manager pointed out last week that Chelsea have yet to visit either of the Merseyside clubs, Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers or Old Trafford itself. Chelsea finish their campaign at St James’s Park which, although on current form is no fortress, is not a place any side would want to go to win the title. At the back of Ferguson’s mind could well have been Arsenal’s fateful trip to Bolton in April 2003 when they threw away a two-goal lead and lost their title within a month… Hopefully we can have him ready for the Milan games. ” On a positive note, Ferguson has been boosted by Roy Keane’s recent resurgence and the United manager isn’t surprised that his captain is thinking of extending his Manchester United career. Keane, 33, revealed on Wednesday that he had not yet given up the idea of earning himself another Red Devils contract when his current deal expires in 18 months’ time, having previously suggested that he would bow out of the game in 2006 – hopefully after a World Cup Finals swansong. However, the ultra-competitive Irishman is now having second thoughts on the back of a long-awaited return to form that culminated in a superb performance in last weekend’s 5-2 win against Crystal Palace. As the club’s biggest earner, on more than £3m a year, the prospect of signing Keane beyond his 35th birthday would not necessarily elicit automatic approval from the United board. It was hardly surprising, then, that Ferguson opted not to offer a view as to whether his long-term captain would be worthy of the one-year extension which would be the maximum a player of Keane’s age could expect under United’s current wage negotiation scheme. But he did acknowledge the influence Keane has on his resurgent team and jokingly suggested that, if he was playing as well as the midfielder, he would ask for a new contract too.

Grip tips Johnson for England honours – Dec 25, 2004
‘To play 4-5-1 you need to be very strong to play up front there on your ownand he’s that type of player. He’s causing a lot of problems for theopponents. ‘Grip also expressed a desire to have more time between the end of the domesticseason and major summer tournaments, with the World Cup coming up in 2006 inGermany. ‘What we would like to change is to have more preparation time,’ said theSwede. ‘We have talked about that since we came here and they are talking about itnow in UEFA and FIFA because the best players seem to be tired when these bigtournaments are coming up and that’s not good for football. ‘Your views on this story?.

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