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February 3, 2005

Newcastle need Faye’s tenacity

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The News Review:

* BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Swiss play down Euro 2008…
* New cash worry over Austria 2008
* EURO 2008™ board takes shape
* Newcastle need Faye’s tenacity
* Work in progress
* Score one for The Beautiful Game
* Gambler Benítez loses game of probabilities-Sport-Football-The Fink…

BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Swiss play down Euro 2008…
BBC News – Jan 12, 2005
“We do not think there is any problem,” said Switzerland’s tournament director Christian Mutschler. “A contract has been signed guaranteeing that the stadium will fulfil its requirements. Uefa spokesman William Gaillard said European football’sgoverning body did not believe it would impact on Euro 2008. “The stadium has already been built, so as long as it is maintained properly, it wouldn’t be a problem if no games were being played there on a regular basis,” said Gaillard. “It’s quite common to have stadiums that are not linked to a football club, such as Wembley or the Stade de France. ”

The Swiss have been racing to provide an adequate stadium in Zurich, though the local government said on Wednesday it would fund the upgrade of the city’s Letzigrund athletics stadium. Austria is facing a headache over the rebuilding of the Klagenfurt stadium, with the regional government threatening to withdraw funding following a dispute about building contracts.

New cash worry over Austria 2008 – Jan 13, 2005
“It’s quite difficult to analyse what’s happening (withServette) as nobody knows what will happen there in the next fewdays, weeks and months. “However, a contract has already been signed between thestadium and the tournament organisers, guaranteeing that thestadium will fulfil its requirements for 2008, regardless of whois operating the stadium by then. UEFA spokesman William Gaillard said European football’sgoverning body did not believe it would affect Euro 2008. “The stadium has already been built, so as long as it ismaintained properly it wouldn’t be a problem if no games werebeing played there on a regular basis,” said Gaillard. “It’s quite common to have stadiums that are not linked to afootball club, such as Wembley or the Stade de France, where youonly have matches when the national side are playing there. The Swiss have also been racing to provide an adequatestadium in Zurich, although the local government said onWednesday it would fund the upgrade to the city’s Letzigrundathletics stadium for the tournament. Eight stadiums will host Euro 2008 matches with Basel’s StJakob stadium already in use while Bern’s new Stade de SuisseWankdorf ground is due to open later this year.

EURO 2008™ board takes shape – Jan 28, 2005
board in Nyon, Switzerland. Letzigrund proposedIn addition, it was announced on Friday after the initial meeting of the new body that the Letzigrund stadium in Zürich had been confirmed as the Swiss city’s proposed ground for the finals. Switzerland’s other UEFA EURO 2008™ venues are Basel, Berne and Geneva, while Vienna, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt and Salzburg will stage games in Austria. ‘Great progress’UEFA said: “A great deal of progress was made on a number of key issues that will allow the planning of UEFA EURO 2008™ to now move ahead quickly. ”
Board membersThe members of the Euro 2008 S. board are Swiss Football Association president Ralph Zloczower, who will be the board’s president until the end of 2006; Austrian Football Association president Friedrich Stickler, who will take over the board’s presidency from 2007 to 2008; Swiss FA and Austrian FA general secretaries Peter Gilliéron and Alfred Ludwig; UEFA Chief Executive Lars-Christer Olsson; UEFA deputy CEO Markus Studer; UEFA honorary treasurer and executive committee member Mathieu Sprengers; UEFA national teams committee chairman Lars-Åke Lagrell; and UEFA’s director of professional football Giorgio Marchetti… “Following today’s meeting we can continue moving forward confidently. All the stadium contracts in Switzerland have now been signed and I can confirm that in Zurich, the stadium will be the rebuilt Stadion Letzigrund. ”
Zurich newsThe news that the Letzigrund stadium is Zurich’s proposed venue follows last autumn’s announcement that the planned new Hardturm stadium in the city would not be ready for the finals. Residents and environmental groups appealed against planning permission, on the grounds that the construction would lead to traffic congestion. Preparation processMr Olsson welcomed the latest developments, which will accelerate the preparation process involving UEFA, the two host countries and the Euro 2008 S. body being set up to organise the tournament.

Newcastle need Faye’s tenacity – Jan 22, 2005
Souness confirmed the clubs had entered talks over the Senegalese player, 27, whom he described as a “long-term” target and not merely a reaction to the hamstring problem that continues to afflict England midfielder Nicky Butt. “We have fantastic midfielders who all like running forward and are capable of creating things and scoring, but we need to be a bit more solid in that area,” Souness said… The Switzerland international, whose contract was due to end in June, has attracted interest from a number of continental clubs and is expected to join up with one in the next few daysLawrie Sanchez is ready to extend his spell in charge of Northern Ireland by two more years. Sanchez, who marked his first anniversary in the job yesterday, was due to quit at the end of the World Cup qualifying campaign. However, he now wants to take charge of the province’s attempt to reach the Euro 2008 finals. “I feel we can give qualifying a real go in the European Championships,” he said.

Work in progress – Jan 24, 2005
“The year will be just as eventful off the field. In the first quarter alone, a conference of the presidents and general secretaries of UEFA member associations is being organised in February, and the UEFA Congress takes place in Tallinn in April,” Mr Olsson said. “Apart from these two large gatherings, there will be all the usual committee and panel meetings, as well as events like European club and élite club coaches’ forums, not to mention all the various competition draws,” he added. 2008 in view”EURO 2004™ may still be fresh in our minds, but UEFA EURO 2008™ is already under preparation and, given the complexity and scale of the event, already requires close attention,” Mr Olsson commented. Licensing and EU matters”On top of that, if you add in UEFA’s ever-crucial relations with the European Union, the monitoring of the club licensing system, the protection of locally trained players, as well as refereeing matters, calendar issues and marketing business, it is not hard to see that, even without European Championship or World Cup finals, 2005 is not going to be an idle year, far from it!”©uefa. All rights reserved.

Score one for The Beautiful Game – Jan 15, 2005
The channel is available to about 20 million households (mostly on digital cable systems) and has exclusive North American rights to the English Premier League, English F. Cup and England’s home World Cup qualifying matches; it also carries games from the German, Dutch, Argentine, Brazilian, and?French Leagues, qualifying matches for Euro 2008, and live coverage of MLS games. Sternberg says the channel wants to capitalize on the growth of the MLS (attendance was up in ’04 thanks to Mr. Freddy Adu) and the success of the men’s and women’s national teams. It will debut a new weekly program starting in April titled Fox Soccer USA, which will focus on news at all levels of soccer in America. FSC should also think about adding programming that augments its live coverage, whether that’s SportsCentury-style programming of soccer immortals, or a show with the same spirit as Fox Football Friday, which is a wacky but winning Wayne’s World-ish show hosted by uberfans Steven Cohen and Nick Geber… Still, the channel’s strength is that it’s the only place to see European soccer. That’s where many of the giants of the sport play and any network that has the top talent in a sport has a chance to succeed. At the moment, Fox Soccer Channel does not show games from Spain’s La Liga (featuring Real Madrid’s David Beckham and Ronaldo) and Italy’s Serie A but Sternberg says the channel will look at those properties when current agreements expire with Gold TV. "European Leagues remain important and we’re always looking for new ones that have the right balance between affordability and interest to the audience," he says. What could put the Fox Soccer Channel on the map on a larger scale is a stake in the coverage of future World Cups, one of the few soccer events that has the potential to draw the casual sports viewer. "We definitely want to be a player in the World Cup once the current arrangements [ABC and ESPN are the broadcast home through 2006; Univision holds the Spanish-language TV rights] lapse after the ’06 World Cup," says Sternberg. "Whether we do that on our own or in partnership with others is an open question.

Gambler Benítez loses game of probabilities-Sport-Football-The Fink…
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Jan 29, 2005
None of this, of course, means that Benítez made a mistake. Not even the result. The Fink Tank’s work shows that managers are playing a game of probabilities, taking actions to increase the chances of a good outcome. The fact that a bad outcome results does not mean for certain that they made a mistake. Careful analysis is required to establish that. So this week we’ve been running the Fink Tank slide- rule over Benítez’s decision. Not just because it is interesting in itself, but because it sheds light on the increasingly common tendency for big teams to field weakened sides in cup competitions.

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