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June 27, 2005

Heartbroken Klinsmann prefers to look ahead

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The News Review:

* Animal magic
* Brazil reaches Confederations Cup final
* BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Celtic | Dellas agent makes Celtic…
* Heartbroken Klinsmann prefers to look ahead
* Passion play gives Eriksson unwelcome exposure
* UEFA EURO 2008™
* Gulf Times – Qatar’s top-selling English daily newspaper – Sport

Animal magic
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 27, 2005
That gave us the suggestion to make a curved surface to complete the ellipse. And as the trees outside were in a position that avoided making a rectangle, we decided to make the four faces curved. The curves are not symmetrical because of the position of these trees, so they adapted to these accidents. Also the roof began suffering accidents. It’s like a vault but it comes down approaching the gallery, like a compliment. Architecture is often developed through such accidents and difficulties. In the end that gives character to the buildings… It consists of little more than concrete planes and platforms defining a group of tidal pools, but with minimal intervention they create a space that relates to both the natural rock formations and the concrete seawalls of the decidedly un-picturesque Altantic coastline. From a similar school of thought, the younger Eduardo Souto de Moura worked in Siza’s office during the 1970s before branching off on his own. At least one of his projects is arguably more famous in Britain than any of Siza’s: the Braga Stadium, which hosted football matches during Euro 2004 – it was the one with a sheer granite rock face at one end of the pitch. The two architects have collaborated before, on Portugal’s flagship pavilion at Expo 98 in Lisbon, but that was formal and monumental, in marked contrast to the casual, playful building at the Serpentine. “We worked at the same table, sometimes both writing in different corners of the same piece of paper,” says Siza. “It’s a work of friendship and amusement. It’s like a holiday, because one of the attractions of this work is that there is no bureaucracy, no need to know about regulations.

Brazil reaches Confederations Cup final
Newsweek – Jun 25, 2005
“More than technical and tactical it was about their attitude and it showed. My players showed a lot of confidence and courage and that’s why I am very proud. It’s not easy to beat Germany here… We have been on the right path for the past 10 months. ”Germany, a three-time World Cup champion, has had a bad run the last two years. Last summer in Euro 2004, it failed to advance past the group stage. But Klinsmann is rebuilding, drawing on a swift style on offense that has won over fans. “We are taking a lot of good things from this tournament,” he said. “We learned a lot from this experience. ”A fan ran onto the field for the fourth time during the tournament, a concern for organizers as they prepare for the World Cup.

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Celtic | Dellas agent makes Celtic…
BBC News – Jun 27, 2005
“It is important the player knows his team-mates and has a chance to train before the season gets going. “There is interest in him from Germany and France, but his main priority is that he goes to a club who will be playing in Europe. ”

Dellas, who was outstanding when Greece triumphed at Euro 2004, claimed Rangers made him an offer in May and has been linked with several other clubs. The 30-year-old centre-half was with Sheffield United for two seasons before spells with AEK Athens and Perugia. He moved to Roma in 2002 but never established himself as a first-team regular. However, Dellas caught the eye with a number of impressive displays as Greece were crowned European champions in Portugal last year.

Heartbroken Klinsmann prefers to look ahead
The Standard – Jun 27, 2005
“But we can
take a lot from this tournament and perhaps it will all come together in 12
months’ time. ”

Germany hosts the 2006 World Cup, and Klinsmann believes his team is on target
to make a tilt at the title. “It is a shame we did not manage to beat Brazil or win the Confederations Cup
but you have to swallow defeats in football,” said Klinsmann. “But I am still delighted with the performance and it shows we are up there
alongside the top teams. ”

Germany twice came from behind to level the scores with Lukas Podolski and a
Michael Ballack penalty offering hope, but Adriano broke German hearts,
powering past Robert Huth before rifling in the winner. “We went forward and showed we can come from behind,” added the 1990 World Cup
winner. “We never let our heads drop but you cannot switch off against the
world champions… “We have played Argentina and Brazil, who I regard as the two best teams in the
world, in four days and that can only be good for us with the World Cup coming
up,” he said. “We have a lot of work to do but we are getting closer to the top sides. ”

Since taking over from Rudi Voller after the disastrous Euro 2004 finals,
Klinsmann has introduced a more attacking brand of football. His side has been
beaten just twice – the loss to Brazil and the 3-1 reverse to South Korea –
during the past year. “Germany have only lost twice in the past year so they are making good progress
under Klinsmann,” said Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Parreira. “I am certain they will be a contender for the World Cup with home support and
a good young team. ”

Of his two-goal hero Parreira said: “People in Brazil have been asking for
Adriano for three years and he has had good and not-so-good moments but he has
always had my trust.

Passion play gives Eriksson unwelcome exposure
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Jun 26, 2005
Of much greater significance than the kiss-and-tell testimony of Faria Alam, the secretary who had affairs with Eriksson and the Football Association’s chief executive, Mark Palios, is the suggestion that the coach misled the FA on the subject, avoiding the charge of gross misconduct which would have led to his dismissal. It is easily forgotten that they were different times last summer. Eriksson had been caught on camera meeting Chelsea officials to discuss the job that subsequently went to Jose Mourinho and England under-achieved at Euro 2004, going out in the quarter-finals. After that, disenchanted FA councillors were looking for an excuse to get rid of their coach without honouring his ruinously expensive contract, believing they had one when it was revealed he had been having an affair with a junior employee at Soho Square. Eriksson got off the hook by confusing David Davies, the FA’s executive director, when questioned about his liaison dangereuse. As a result of their conversation, and Davies’s interpretation of it, the coach was found to have “no case to answer”. It was against this backdrop that it emerged on Friday, during the tribunal, that Davies briefed the FA board on the basis of information provided by Eriksson that was at best disingenuous, at worst untrue… Describing a phone call he made to the coach on July 17, Davies said: “I believed quite clearly at the end of that conversation that he was not having an affair with my personal assistant. ” Questioned about Eriksson’s conduct last summer, Davies added: “I’d have preferred that there had been greater frankness all round. ” Had Eriksson lied? “The question has to be put to Mr Eriksson, not to me. ” It is, of course, the £ 4. 2m-a-year question, and some at the FA believe they already know the answer. So close to the 2006 World Cup, the Swede is just about bullet-proof, but had Friday’s evidence come to light 12 months ago the hawks on the FA board would surely have had their day.

Redissue – Jun 26, 2005
The Chairman, John Vickers said then that “before the OFT began its investigation, it was very difficult to buy an adult short-sleeved England shirt for less than ?39. By the time of Euro 2004, England shirts were widely available for as little as ?25. That’s a real saving for fans. ” Commenting on this, Professor Oughton stated:”Fans do not have to buy a shirt to watch the match but they do have to buy a ticket. Most fans are unlikely to buy more than one shirt in a season, so the OFT action, while welcome, gave fans a saving of around ?15 a year. “Having acted correctly in this case, it would be bizarre if the OFT failed to act to protect fans from next season’s price increase and planned future price increases on which the Glazer bid is built.

UEFA EURO 2008™ – Jun 25, 2005
The media value of UEFA EURO 2008™ (both countries combined) is estimated at EUR 400m at least. Facts and figures from UEFA EURO 2004™ The figures from the last final round show the scale of the event: some 600,000 foreign fans travelled to Portugal, 81% of whom were men of an average age of 32, who stayed an average of seven days and spent an average of EUR 1,320. UEFA EURO 2004™ was broadcast on television in more than 200 countries, amounting to total broadcasting time of 28,378 hours and total viewing figures of 7. 9 billion, meaning that each of the 31 matches was followed live by at least 150 million TV viewers. Interest in the competition extends far beyond Europe: viewing figures of 446m were recorded in America, 986m in Africa and no less than 1. Internet records were also broken… General response to security questions The governments of both countries guaranteed during the bidding process in 2001 and 2002 that public safety would be assured – the top priority is a trouble-free European Football Championship final round. Troublemakers and hooligans will be dealt with severely. The conditions for hosting UEFA EURO 2008™, not only in the safety area, but also in general, are laid down in UEFA’s corresponding staging agreement. The crucial points are coordinated public and private security procedures in Switzerland on the one hand, and equal security standards in both countries on the other. Responsibility for public safety lies with the host cities and with the different places where the teams are staying and training. The tournament organisers, Euro 2008 SA guarantees order and safety in the stadiums, team hotels and at the training grounds, as well as in the so-called security zones outside the stadiums, on behalf of the two host associations, but only within the scope of its possibilities. Security restricts everybody’s movements.

Gulf Times – Qatar’s top-selling English daily newspaper – Sport
Gulf Times – Jun 27, 2005
On Saturday Ballack scored his third penalty of the tournament in stoppage time just before the intermission ? after being fouled by Emerson inside the box. His confident shot into the upper right hand corner gave Germany a 2-2 draw at halftime before Adriano scored his second goal of the game in the 76th minute to send Brazil through to Wednesday?s final against Argentina or Mexico. ?We?re not lacking very much at all,? said Ballack, who also drew a penalty and converted it himself to break open a 0-0 second half draw against Tunisia in a group match that Germany won 3-0. Germany also drew 2-2 against Argentina last week. ?It depends a lot on how you lose to a team like Brazil. I think we had a very good match. That the crowd gave us a standing ovation at the end despite the defeat shows we did well… I think we had a very good match. That the crowd gave us a standing ovation at the end despite the defeat shows we did well. ? Just a year ago, success-spoiled Germany fans were booing their team off the pitch after they were eliminated in group stage of Euro 2004 ? especially after they were beaten by a reserve Czech Republic side in their final group match. The deep discontent of the fans and heavy media criticism ? not only over the quick Euro exit but also over embarassing struggles in qualifying matches against Iceland and the Faroe Islands ? prompted coach Rudi Voeller to quit.

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