Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

December 5, 2005

So much for the image of lazy, rich players as Farmer James cultivates…

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The News Review:

* Sanchez relishes the role of underdog
* TSN : SOCCER – Canada’s Sports Leader
* He paid the price physically for making people look like fools-Sport…
* So much for the image of lazy, rich players as Farmer James cultivates…
* UEFA Cup – News & Features – News Specific
* The entertainer-Sport-Football-TimesOnline
* The foul price of fame: how football’s hard men left a genius black…
* UEFA Women’s Cup – News – News Specific

Sanchez relishes the role of underdog – Dec 3, 2005
An away win to Estonia in the next game and Irish eyes were smiling more broadly than they had done in two decades, since the halcyon days of Billy Bingham’s team that Sanchez accepted were never to return. Sanchez, of course, is under no illusions about the task that confronts his team now. He reckons he will have just three Premiership players in his starting line-up, but warns that in addition to Roy Carroll, the Manchester United goalkeeper, he will have four in his squad who started their careers at Old Trafford and, hopefully, should not feel out of place there. When Wales played England in October, Sanchez thought they made the mistake of going for “damage limitation and ended up a goal down after two minutes with no back-up plan”. The Sanchez philosophy won’t allow him to do that. “Life’s too short to be happy with just making up the numbers, it’s about having a go,” he said. Ever since he left Wimbledon he has been expected to knock over the giants of the game and on many occasions he’s obliged, but replicating what the Dons did, either at club or international level, just isn’t realistic… I’ve got an honest group of players who I have no doubt will perform on the day. We’ve nothing to lose. “Sanchez will see out the course of his new contract, which will take him to the end of the Euro 2008 qualifying campaign when, providing Ireland haven’t qualifed, he expects to part company and return, hopefully, to club management – “that’s the way of things in this job. ” He loves it, though, being an international manager. He even enjoys the loneliness of it, for although he was a fully paid-up member of the Crazy Gang he was never party to the group’s more outrageous behaviour. His was the one voice of sanity and maturity that probably prevented the rest of them from going completely crazy. In the meantime, he hopes to be given the chance to study close-up the work of Jose Mourinho, Arsène Wenger and Alan Curbishley “to find out what the best are doing and bring it into the Northern Ireland situation”.

TSN : SOCCER – Canada’s Sports Leader – Dec 5, 2005
Southampton is reportedly seeking 220,000 pounds ($444,000 Cdn). ”This is the first official written offer of compensation we have received from Portsmouth and we have turned it down,” Lowe said. ”Until we reach agreement, Pompey do not have permission to speak to Harry, who is still in our employment. ”
Dave Bassett took charge Saturday in Southampton’s 1-1 draw with Burnley. Redknapp, who took Pompey up to the Premiership in 2003, apologized to Portsmouth fans Monday for quitting and joining Saints. ”I had some of the best times of my life with Portsmouth and I cannot think what possessed me to leave,” he told the Portsmouth News. ”After about a week (at Southampton) I thought to myself, `What am I doing here?’ I didn’t realize the rivalry was so strong… I was wrong and I regret it, but show me somebody who never makes a mistake and I will show you a liar. ”
Meanwhile, the Irish Football Association said it would give Sanchez permission to talk to Mandaric about the Portsmouth job. Sanchez would like to remain in charge of Northern Ireland for the Euro 2008 qualifying campaign while serving as Portsmouth manager. ”I’m committed to the European Championship with Northern Ireland, and I’m looking forward to those games,” Sanchez said. ”But if a situation came along where it would be a step up professionally, and the IFA said that they would be happy to combine the two, then it might happen in the future. ”
Also mentioned as contenders for the Portsmouth job are Rangers manager Alex McLeish and former Ireland manager Brian Kerr.

He paid the price physically for making people look like fools-Sport…
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Nov 27, 2005
It was 1963 and I’d only just signed for Matt Busby. I was a young man myself, 23, but George was just a kid. He was 16 or 17, and already doing things on the pitch I could not believe. Because of his performance United won 4-1 and I went to Jack Crompton, one of Matt’s coaches, and said: “Tell me about that lad, he’s unbelievable. ” Jack didn’t reveal too much. He said the staff wanted to keep George a secret, but keep genius secret? How do you do that? Within a few months the whole world knew about George Best. By Christmas he was beside me in the United first team.

So much for the image of lazy, rich players as Farmer James cultivates…
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Nov 29, 2005
Keane’s four-letter reaction to such vanity, even from a player of the Brazilian’s undeniable talents, can only be imagined. Wherever Keane ends up — and his advisers are understood to be weighing up Celtic and Fiorentina rather than Real — let us hope that his new team-mates are not afraid of a bit of mud. It does not matter whether it is a minute’s silence or a minute’s applause. A more important consideration for football’s authorities is how often respect is paid. There appears to be a minute’s recognition every other week. If the majority of spectators need telling who the minute’s silence is for, you probably should not be having one.

UEFA Cup – News & Features – News Specific – Dec 5, 2005
The seven regulars rested in Sofia last Thursday all returned, with goalkeeper Fabien Barthez remaining in the lineup despite being troubled by an elbow problem. Samir Nasri has also an arm injury, but came on for former SL Benfica defender André Luis at half-time as Fernandez sought to inject some energy into his team. The change had an effect, but not immediately a positive one as an error by the depleted Marseille back line saw Monsef Zerka give Nancy the lead four minutes after the restart. Mamadou Niang equalised just before the hour, turning in Franck Ribéry’s cross, but a second goal proved elusive. “We suffered from a lack of efficiency at Nancy,” said Fernandez. “We got in position to take the points but making chances is not enough. ” FC Dinamo Bucuresti 1-0 FC Politehnica AEK TimisoaraDinamo finished the first section of their league season on top of the Romanian First Division table following a 1-0 victory against Poli AEK on Sunday.

The entertainer-Sport-Football-TimesOnline
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Nov 27, 2005
But it lasted only two games, after which Bobby Campbell, the manager, decided that somebody had to do the running. “I think most Fulham fans thought of me as a complement to them,” Mitchell recollects. “I was their workhorse, not a bad centre-forward, not a great one. “I used to go in where they wouldn’t often go,” he adds, laughter bringing the memory to life. “I’d knit things together, but with those two around you, there would be times when they wouldn’t give the ball back. ” It was circus time at the Cottage. The old ground was declared a listed building by the Department of the Environment and, to Mitchell, playing a season and a half with George Best was well worth preserving.

The foul price of fame: how football’s hard men left a genius black…
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – Nov 27, 2005
MUST BE IN THE HEAD. getTime()); The foul price of fame: how football’s hard men left a genius black and blue | Football – Times Online.

UEFA Women’s Cup – News – News Specific – Nov 28, 2005
But 22 minutes into the return they had conceded twice, were 3-1 down at half-time and were never again to level the aggregate score. Home coach Benny Persson, whose team will not be back in this competition next year after conceding the Swedish title to two-time European champions Umeå IK, said that Potsdam had been clinical. Clinical”Turbine Potsdam were very aggressive from the start of the game and were strong inside both penalty areas, but in truth they didn’t create that many chances apart from the ones they scored,” Persson said. “In the end they proved very effective and used their counterattack to full effect. We struggled to cope with their pace, but in some funny way it felt as though we were still in with a chance. ”
Fagerström absencePersson refused to allow the absence of midfielder Linda Fagerström, in Thailand on a pre-booked holiday, as an excuse.

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