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January 26, 2006

Sven’s swansong

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The News Review:

* Eriksson ‘plans to walk out on England job after the World…
* Cypriot giant-killer fells No.7 seed
* Sven in more hot water with FA
* Sven’s swansong
* Kashtan confirmed as Israel coach
* Why FA had to get rid of Eriksson
* Baghdatis bags it for his fan club
* BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Fans pick successor for…
* Brooking doubts winter break

Eriksson ‘plans to walk out on England job after the World… – Jan 16, 2006
If I just walk out and the next day I work for Aston Villa then they will ask for money. “He also said he would want to take the FA’s director of communications, Adrian Bevington, with him to Villa Park. It is not the first time the England manager has hit the headlines. Before the 2002 World Cup it was revealed he cheated on his partner, Nancy Dell’Olio, with the television celebrity, Ulrika Jonsson. He later admitted having meetings with the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich but said that he had no intention of leaving the England team for the Premiership. England qualified for Euro 2004 but only after drawing 0-0 with Turkey. Weeks before the game, Mr Eriksson was pictured leaving a meeting with the Chelsea chief executive, Peter Kenyon… Before the 2002 World Cup it was revealed he cheated on his partner, Nancy Dell’Olio, with the television celebrity, Ulrika Jonsson. He later admitted having meetings with the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich but said that he had no intention of leaving the England team for the Premiership. England qualified for Euro 2004 but only after drawing 0-0 with Turkey. Weeks before the game, Mr Eriksson was pictured leaving a meeting with the Chelsea chief executive, Peter Kenyon. In the run-up to Euro 2004 he had been having an affair with Faria Alam, a secretary at the FA. In the undercover interview, Mr Eriksson is said Wayne Rooney was a good player because of his temper. He said he came from a poor family and was very rough.

Cypriot giant-killer fells No.7 seed
The Age – Jan 25, 2006
In scenes surely unprecedented in championship tennis, butreminiscent of a darker side of football, police were called to RodLaver Arena early in the match to help ushers and security staffdisperse a crowd of Croatian fans who had gathered on aconcourse. There was no violence, though momentarily raised voices jarredin the silence of one rally. The apparent problem was not that theylacked tickets, but that they wanted to sit together, as were theGreeks, in seats once the preserve of the Swedes. It was a moment that passed. The stadium was flecked with theblue and white of Greece (other than the bravehearts who weretopless), and the red and white checks of Croatia, but theirsinging and chanting for the most part added to the theatre of thenight. Umpire Jake Garner had to ask for silence occasionally, butnever more than once at a time. The Greeks had arrived early – their chanting could be heard offstage even before the preceding women’s match – and establishedtheir bona fides with the non-partisan crowd when challenged by alone chant: “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… In matches against top-10 players, he now leads4-3 – and the three were all Roger Federer. That might be Sunday’sbusiness. If that seems improbable, so did Euro 2004.

Sven in more hot water with FA – Jan 15, 2006
Eriksson reportedly told an undercover News of the World reporter – posing as a rich Arab – that he would quit as England coach if they win the World Cup this summer, and suggested he would be prepared to become manager of Aston Villa as part of a takeover bid. Athole Still, Eriksson’s agent, confirmed the England coach spoke about the possibility of managing Aston Villa, but described the News of the World article as ‘disgraceful entrapment’ and said much of it was ‘sheer fantasy’. He insists Eriksson, whom he described as being ‘really angry’, did not talk about breaking his England contract. An FA spokesman said: “We want to reflect on the article in full before we make any formal comment. ”
Eriksson was contacted by the undercover News of the World reporter to see if he would be interested in coaching at a new football academy based in Dubai at some point in the future. It is believed the Swede travelled to Dubai with the FA’s approval. The newspaper claims Eriksson, Still and lawyer Richard Des Voeux met the reporter, posing as an Arab, at an exclusive hotel in Dubai… ”
Eriksson’s reign as England coach has been blighted by controversy since he took charge in January 2001. His preparations for the 2002 World Cup were disrupted by revelations of his affair with TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson. During the qualifying campaign for Euro 2004, Eriksson admitted meeting new Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich but claimed the occasion was purely a social one. The build-up to the decisive match in England’s qualifying group, against Turkey in Istanbul, was overshadowed by a row between the players and the FA over a drug test involving Rio Ferdinand. Eriksson refused to comment on speculation that he was prepared to quit over the affair. In March 2004, Eriksson was pictured in a national newspaper attending a meeting with Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon, fuelling speculation he was next in line for the manager’s job at Stamford Bridge. But the next day he agreed a two-year extension with the Football Association, taking him up until 2008.

Sven’s swansong
BBC News – Jan 24, 2006
If England lost he would leave with a small measure of gratitude and a large dose of relief. Now thanks to the England coach’s loose-lipped revelations, which have expertly managed to alienate managers and players alike, the FA was presented with the perfect opportunity to bring order to an increasingly chaotic situation. It was a chance chief executive Brian Barwick did not miss, and for that he deserves huge credit. Eriksson may have been tricked in Dubai, but he equally naively and stupidly provided one bad headline too many for the FA to tolerate. The Sheikh saga presented Barwick with the chance to clear the increasingly poisoned air surrounding Eriksson – and clear the decks for a united assault on Germany. The late-night confirmation that Eriksson’s days are now officially numbered was not how he or his FA paymasters may have planned his abdication, but it is clearly the most desirable conclusion. Eriksson’s future will have hung over every moment of preparation for a World Cup England have a genuine chance of winning while the whispers and conjecture continued… The background to the announcement of his departure also underscores that Eriksson is a flawed individual who appears able to resist anything except temptation. The test for him now is purely a football one. He has questions to answer about his managerial ability at the highest level, having suffered from tactical paralysis in crucial games against Brazil in the 2002 World Cup and Portugal in Euro 2004. Eriksson has one last chance to put those criticisms to bed. And Monday’s missive from Soho Square means he can tackle that task with a clear head and with all speculation removed. The credits started rolling on Eriksson in Dubai, and the news of his departure concluded the latest messy episode of an England career that will leave behind mixed memories. It may just be that the FA’s decision to draw a line under the Eriksson era could be a force for good as the countdown continues to the kick-off in Germany.

Kashtan confirmed as Israel coach
CNN International – Jan 24, 2006
The following year the disciplinarian was earmarked for the Israel job but lost out to the more media savvy and easy-going Grant after he could not agree personal terms with the IFA. Grant, 50, had held the job since May 2002 when he left Maccabi Haifa to replace Richard Moeller Nielsen. The Dane quit after Israel just missed out on a playoff place for the World Cup in Japan and South Korea. Israel did not play at Euro 2004 in Portugal and will not be at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Why FA had to get rid of Eriksson – Jan 25, 2006
Eriksson’s offer was made after the first of the revelations in the News of the World when Eriksson, mistaking an undercover reporter for a real Sheikh, had made indiscreet comments about England players and had also speculated on managing Aston Villa and even getting David Beckham to Villa Park. It was clearly designed by Eriksson and Still to try to see if they could engineer the sort of extension they got just before Euro 2004 when rumours of Eriksson going to Chelsea led to his contract being extended by two years to 2008 and increased his salary to £4 million net a year. But by the time Still made the comments the Football Association were making their minds up to let Eriksson go. He also told them that Brian Barwick, the chief executive, and Noel White, the chairman of the international committee, the FA body who are responsible for the England manager, were dealing with the matter Indeed they were… The FA were also keen to wrap it up quickly. The draw for Euro 2008, the championships which were meant to be Sven’s swan-song, is on Friday and there was no way Sven could have avoided the media and further embarrassment. Coral have opened betting on who will be England’s next full-time manager and make Middlesbrough’s Steve McClaren, Bolton’s Sam Allardyce and Alan Curbishley of Charlton the 5-1 co-favourites. Martin O’Neill is an 8-1 chance along with Phil Scolari, while Gus Hiddink and Stuart Pearce are 10-1 chances. “The betting on who will be the next England manager could not be more open,” said Simon Clare, a Coral spokesman. BETTING ON NEXT ENGLAND MANAGER: 5-1 Steve McClaren, 5-1 Sam Allardyce, 5-1 Alan Curbishley, 8-1 Martin O’Neill, 8-1 Phil Scolari, 10-1 Gus Hiddink, 10-1 Stuart Pearce, 16-1 Jose Mourinho, 16-1 Paul Jewell, 20-1 Steve Bruce, 20-1 Bryan Robson, 25-1 Marcelo Lippi, 25-1 Otmar Hitzfeld, 25-1 Arsene Wenger, 33-1 Steve Coppell, 33-1 Peter Taylor, 33-1 David O’Leary, 40-1 David Moyes, 40-1 Sir Alex Ferguson, 40-1 Glenn Hoddle, 50-1 Terry Venables, 66-1 Bobby Robson, 100-1 Kevin Keegan, 100-1 Harry Redknapp.

Baghdatis bags it for his fan club
The Age – Jan 23, 2006
“I left home at 14 to become a champion,” hesaid after one. It is not quite all, but it might be all that matters. InBaghdatis’ young and uncluttered mind, yesterday was always coming;it was his short life’s work. He preferred soccer as a child, butwas guided into tennis by his father, Christos, who had visions ofa son as world champion. It took several attempts. At 14, Baghdatis left school and was packed off to Paris, toboard and learn tennis… After an even third set, an increasingly puzzled Roddick becameragged in one service game and Baghdatis seized his moment. His cheer squad grew with him. They knew this storyline; it wasEuro 2004 all over again. Roddick changed shirts, reversed his cap, but remainedconfounded. Trailing 0-40 on serve in the fifth game of the fourthset, he double-faulted. It remained only for Baghdatis to serve out the match. But hewas panting, and it was problematic whether it was because ofpounding in his lungs or in his heart.

BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Fans pick successor for…
BBC News – Jan 25, 2006

Alan Curbishley stands out, not just for his shrewd and ambitious management on the pitch but perhaps as importantly for the fact that he is wise enough to know when to keep his mouth shut off the pitch in his dealings with the media. Chris Russell, England

Alan Curbishley all the way. He has done a brilliant job over the years with Charlton with very little money. I’d like to see what he could do with a squad of world-class players… Richard Wood, England

Scolari turned possibly the most unfancied Brazillian team ever into 2002 World Cup winners and led Portugal to the Euro 2004 final – he has already stated he will be leaving the Portugal job after the 2006 World Cup, ideal successor surely. Andy Reed, Somerset, UK

Scolari will get the lads playing atrractive stylish football. Jordan,

Scolari. His contract is up after the World Cup and he has all the credentials needed to coach top players. He is also attracted by English football.

Brooking doubts winter break
BBC News – Jan 16, 2006
Despite repeated calls from major figures in the English game – including England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson – the Premiership, unlike France’s Championnat, Spain’s La Liga or Italy’s Serie A, does not go on hold in December. And the recent this year saw a number of managers complaining about the number of games over the holiday period, which for many clubs totalled four matches in eight days. But Brooking said that to have a “little flurry of matches over the holiday period” is the only way of keeping the current number of clubs in the league – and that since clubs will never agree to a reduction in the number of Premiership sides, a winter break is highly unlikely. “You don’t want to miss out,” he told BBC World Service’s World Football programme. “The fact is, something does have to give, and at present, primarily, it’s the risk of player tiredness and injury that has to give… ”

Brooking said that having been a director of West Ham United, he could understand why clubs wanted the number of Premiership sides to remain at 20. But he also agreed that on occasion, a break may be beneficial to players. In particular, he said a number of bigger international sides had underperformed at the last two major tournaments – Euro 2004 and the 2002 World Cup – and many managers had blamed this on their players being tired from a draining season. Nicolas Anelka, the Fenerbache striker who has played in France and Spain as well as England and experienced both sides of the debate, said he felt a spring break was the best solution. “When you play for the national team and you have a lot of games in the summer, it’s better to have a break before,” he said. “You can get injured before a big tournament, so I think that’s better. “But it’s also better to continue to play, because in the summer, if you don’t have international games, you game more break – you have maybe two months.

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