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March 24, 2006

Head-to-head: Curbishley-McClaren

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* Deals allowed at World Cup
* BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Klinsmann under pressure
* BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Who is going to get Sven’s…
* Head-to-head: Curbishley-McClaren
* BBC SPORT | Football | FA Cup | FA Cup flashback
* FA interview ‘Big Phil’ Scolari
* Robson backs O’Neill for England
* Soccer: O’Neill gets Robson backing for England job

Deals allowed at World Cup – Mar 16, 2006
“I am in a similar situation!” said Eriksson, who looks for new employers this summer. Speaking at the Schloss-hotel, England’s Black Forest hideaway, Eriksson agreed that Steven Gerrard had been badly affected at Euro 2004 by all the uncertainty over his Liverpool future. “I was aware of that, and I spoke to him many times during Euro 2004, but that was a very special case with a lot of things going on in Liverpool,” Eriksson said. “Normally, a transfer doesn’t have that many complications… “It should be good if every deal could be done before the World Cup, but it probably will go on,” Eriksson added. “I will not put a rule on that. If a player is going to be transferred, that is his life, his work. If he changes club, city or country I can’t, as an international manager, say ‘No, you can’t discuss that during the World Cup. ‘ It is too important. I am in a similar situation!”But I don’t want to see agents in this place.

BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Klinsmann under pressure
BBC News – Mar 20, 2006
There are murmurings of discontent over his decision to remain based in California while coaching the national team. Klinsmann insists he will return to Germany for the two months leading up to the World Cup. But that may not reverse the damage caused by his decision to be based overseas for so long. That is not his only worry. He is also embroiled in a player selection row which is threatening to further damage his relationship with the fans. Klinsmann told Borussia Dortmund’s Christian Worns he would not play in the World Cup after the 33-year-old centre-half voiced his disapproval at being left out of the squad for the Italy match. The coach’s policy of favouring youth backfired as his inexperienced backline – in which no-one was over 24 – was torn apart by the Azzuri… ”

In addition, Chapman says the DFB will monitor fans’ placards and posters to make sure anti-Klinsmann banners are kept to a minimum. But if Germany lose to the USA, it may prove difficult to placate a public which is undeniably losing faith. He was a welcome appointment when he replaced Rudi Voeller after the Germans’ disastrous Euro 2004 campaign. His decision to clear out the old guard in favour of youth was applauded – but there is a fear that he has gone too far and that his team is too inexperienced. “Two years ago, the consensus was that Germany would win the World Cup,” said Chapman. “Now I think a lot people would be happy for Germany to get as far as the semi-finals. “Having followed German football for 30 years, I think this is a terrible team.

BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Who is going to get Sven’s…
BBC News – Mar 24, 2006
“Because I have been around there for five years, in two different spells, I would have been quite surprised if they hadn’t asked my views. ”

“My meeting was about the role, but I’m sure Alan Curbishley’s meeting would have been for the role. ”

Fabio Capello has admitted his dream is to manage England – just not yet. “Within three years I will pack in coaching at club level,” the Juventus coach revealed in an interview with Italian magazine L’Expresso. “And then I want to realise the dream I have always had inside me – England. “After that I might get away from it all. I’ve bought a house on (the island of) Pantelleria for that reason… Pearce should be in there as an assistant learning the international ropes. Scott,

There is no question in my mind that the most qualified person for the job is Luiz Felipe Scolari. He won a World Cup in 2002 with a Brazilian team that was literally one loss away from not qualifying for the World Cup for the first time in their history with several games to go during the qualification stage and you could see Portugal steadily improve with each successive game during Euro 2004. He has proven his ability to bring talented players together and make them play effectively as a unit, which is exactly what England needs. I am not concerned about his commitment to England being a foreigner. He is a proud, professional man who likes to win. No one out there can match his pedigree as an international manager.

Head-to-head: Curbishley-McClaren
BBC News – Mar 23, 2006

McClaren’s claim to succeed Eriksson is helped by the groundwork he has done behind the scenes. The Boro boss is in his second spell as part of Eriksson’s coaching team. He has juggled a part-time position under Eriksson with his full-time role at the Riverside and went to both the 2002 World Cup and Euro 2004 with England. Curbishley has no European or international experience but is widely regarded as one of the most talented English coaches in the Premiership – having learned his trade during 15 years as Charlton boss. He has guided Charlton from a club in financial crisis and without a home to a well-established, top-flight outfit on limited resources. Curbishley has also confirmed he has held talks with the Football Association in relation to the England post. BACKGROUND

McClaren started his coaching career at Oxford United after finishing his career as a player – following spells with Hull, Derby and Bristol City… FA CUP RECORD

Winning the FA Cup would be the highlight of either Curbishley or McClaren’s career – and could only help to push their England claims. Unfortunately neither manager can boast much success in the competition in recent seasons. McClaren, who took Boro to the semi-finals in his first season, has not made it past the fourth round in the last three seasons after a semi-final appearance in his first year. Under Curbishley, Charlton, who have not made the semi-finals since winning the Cup in 1947, can boast only three fifth-round appearances in 11 seasons.

BBC SPORT | Football | FA Cup | FA Cup flashback
BBC News – Mar 22, 2006
Started out in management with Northern League Division One side Brandon United last summer but has won only three games all season and they are bottom of the table. Nicos Dabizas
Centre-back who spent seven years with the Magpies before joining Leicester in 2004. Moved back to his homeland with Athlitiki Enosi Larisa in 2005 after moves to Celtic and Anderlecht broke down. In Greece’s squad for their Euro 2004 triumph but did not feature. Nolberto Solano
‘Nobby’ was sold to Aston Villa in 2004 because of his commitments to the Peru team, then retired from international football, before rejoining Newcastle at the start of this season. Now he is considering a return to action with Peru. Has his own postage stamp in his homeland.

FA interview ‘Big Phil’ Scolari – Mar 18, 2006
Few in the crowd caught the significance of the revelation. Certainly Scolari, 57, is one of the best qualified of national managers, having led Brazil to victory in the tournament in Japan and South Korea, where they beat England in the quarter-finals on their way to winning the trophy. He was the coach of Portugal during Euro 2004 where, again, his side beat England in the quarter-finals on the way to the final, where they lost to Greece. The man known affectionately as ‘Big Phil’ was also a successful club coach in Brazil and will be leaving his job with Portugal after this year’s World Cup finals. He has hinted that he would be interested in the England job… “It is difficult now, but I know in two or three months I need to learn more and it is no problem for me. “He said he did not think he would have any problem communicating with the players: “It is not a problem for the job, but it is important for communication with the media. ” Scolari also said that he would consider the Newcastle job. “After I finish my contract with Portugal I consider all offers,” he said. He has never made any secret of his desire to work in England. “I get happy when my name is mentioned for a job with a club or the England team, but we must respect our fellow professionals.

Robson backs O’Neill for England
BBC News – Mar 22, 2006
He said: “Stuart is gathering experience and might in time be the England manager, but maybe he should be the England manager after the next one. It is a job for an experienced man. ”

Curbishley has not won a trophy or taken Charlton into Europe during his 15 years in charge at the club, but Robson insisted: “You can’t please everybody. “I was 14 years at Ipswich before I got the England job so Alan Curbishley is in a very similar position to me. ”

The former Newcastle manager, now a consultant with the Republic of Ireland, is confident England will have a good World Cup under the tutelage of the departing Sven-Goran Eriksson… We haven’t got another Wayne Rooney. “He is absolutely crucial at the moment. We saw two years ago, in Euro 2004, when he was injured we weren’t the same side. “So we have to have our fingers crossed that Wayne keeps out of the way of the heavy wagons and stays on course. If he does that and everybody else plays well then we will have a shot. “My honest opinion would be don’t be afraid of anybody, play to your potential and you’ve got every chance. ”

Sir Bobby, speaking at The British Sports Book Awards, where his autobiography Farewell But Not Goodbye was runner-up to Frank Bruno’s, said: “We shouldn’t be afraid of anyone.

Soccer: O’Neill gets Robson backing for England job
Channel News Asia – Mar 23, 2006
“I would like to see an English manager get the job because he will have the fervour and passion from within, but that also applies to Martin O’Neill,” Robson said. “He is a good manager and in the equation. I’m not on the selection committee but we need the best we can get. Martin is a good, intelligent man. “He did very well at Celtic – although that is not the Premiership, I have to tell you that. ”

Manchester City manager Stuart Pearce, an England regular at left-back during Robson’s time in charge of the national side, has also been touted as a replacement for Eriksson. But his former England boss added: “Stuart is gathering experience and might in time be the England manager, but maybe he should be the England manager after the next one… We haven’t got another Wayne Rooney. “He is absolutely crucial at the moment. We saw two years ago, in Euro 2004, when he was injured we weren’t the same side. “So we have to have our fingers crossed that Wayne keeps out of the way of the heavy wagons and stays on course. If he does that and everybody else plays well then we will have a chance. “We shouldn’t be afraid of anyone. The dangers to England – and you don’t have to be mastermind for this – are Brazil, because they have some outstanding players and great forwards, and Argentina.

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