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May 20, 2006

UEFA Champions League – News & Features – News specific

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The News Review:

* Skipper Giggs commits to Wales for the long-term
* Bulgaria to keep faith in under-fire Stoichkov
* Exocet blows away dream-Sport-Football-TimesOnline
* UEFA Champions League – News & Features – News specific
* Now DNA detectives are set to discover lost roots of world’s…
* Barca ready to bite-Sport-Football-TimesOnline
* UEFA Champions League – News & Features – News specific
* FIFA World Cup – News & Features

Skipper Giggs commits to Wales for the long-term – May 19, 2006
Nothing surprises me and you just have to handle it. ‘He added: ‘I have enjoyed being captain, but it is something I have done froma very young age really. It is not as new to me as people think. ‘I was captain of Salford Schools, then Manchester United’s youth team and Ihave captained the senior side many times. ‘When I did first get into the side at Old Trafford there have been somepretty special captains to work under. ‘Giggs is backing Toshack’s tenure and is involved in a low-key two-game summertrip, unlike many who had previously shunned such internationals. But the 32-year-old Giggs is not doing that as any sort of opposition to theprevious Wales regime… He has been the ultimate professional, father figure, inspiration and evenunion rep for a young brood of Welsh players who must make him feel more ancientevery time he joins up with his country. There are 16 and 17-year-old players now involved with the Wales squad. And if there was any need for a further statement of intent for theforthcoming Euro 2008 qualifiers and the next World Cup campaign, it is thatGiggs plays in an away friendly for his country for the first time. His withdrawals from anything but qualifiers were legendary. But Giggs will bethere in Bilbao’s San Mames Stadium, without even a cap to win for a game notofficially a full international. Giggs spent time this week at the Welsh team HQ outside Cardiff negotiatingthe bonuses for next season’s Euro ties, and then had to nurse 16-year-oldGareth Bale and 17-year-old Lewin Nyatanga through training with their moresenior colleagues. Giggs said: ‘I have learned from all my captains.

Bulgaria to keep faith in under-fire Stoichkov – May 14, 2006
‘Hristo has all our support,’ said BFU’s vice-presidentLechkov, after returning from the exhibition tournament inJapan. ‘No one doubts that Stoichkov is the right man forBulgarian team. ”The result in the match against Scotland is not the mostimportant thing, it happens so often in football,’ addedStoichkov’s team mate Lechkov. Former European Footballer of the Year Stoichkov succeededPlamen Markov after Bulgaria’s poor performance at the Euro2004. But despite his boundless energy Bulgaria failed toqualify for World Cup finals in Germany. Stoichkov, who as a player inspired Bulgaria to thesemi-finals of the 1994 World Cup in the United States said hehas no plan to resign. ‘I’m not going to make a step back,’ he said… ‘The matches we played in the tournament were useful. I hadthe opportunity to draw some conclusions and I tested someplayers who I will rely on in the coming qualifiers,’ saidStoichkov. ‘Our main goal is to qualify for the Euro 2008 finals but weneed to work in a calm atmosphere. ‘Your views on this story?.

Exocet blows away dream-Sport-Football-TimesOnline
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – May 15, 2006
West Ham United had been a minimum of 240 seconds away from winning the FA Cup for the first time since 1980 when Gerrard unleashed his Exocet from 35 yards. All those forever blowing bubbles, the jubilant West Ham fans, fell silent, shattered. It was not enough to win an exhilarating FA Cup Final, which ebbed and flowed in manic fashion and will rank, if not technically, as one of the best in modern times. What it did — and pray that Gerrard repeats the trick in the World Cup finals next month — was reignite the Liverpool fire that had just about burnt out. It gave them another chance that they possibly did not deserve. Not that they grasped it immediately. In a painful-to-watch closing half-hour of last-man standing, as the teams tired and the players toppled like ninepins, Liverpool were the first to appear to settle for penalties.

UEFA Champions League – News & Features – News specific – May 15, 2006
Wenger is attempting to ease the burden on his prolific striker, explaining: “Thierry has a responsibility in these kind of games that he certainly will not deny and he has an advantage in that he knows Paris and the Stade de France. The big players will be under pressure to perform but personally, I don’t want too much pressure on Thierry; if we play well as a team, he will be automatically good. If we do not play well as a team, Thierry will suffer. My main concern is that the team plays its game and then I’m not worried about Thierry.

Now DNA detectives are set to discover lost roots of world’s…
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – May 19, 2006
The theory about his possible Jewish origins relates to his will, in which he left money to “a Jew who lived at the entrance to the Jewish Quarter in Lisbon”. Columbus was mysterious about his origins, insisting “I come from nowhere”. Of the official documents in the Spanish archives, not one alludes to Columbus’s nationality; indeed, the first mention of the explorer refers to “Cristobal de Colomo, foreigner”. He died in poverty aged 55, believing that his achievements had not won the acclaim they deserved. Half a millennium later Christopher Columbus is, in a sense, coming home: wherever home turns out to be.

Barca ready to bite-Sport-Football-TimesOnline
Sunday Times – The Sunday Times – May 14, 2006
All the same, Puyol versus Henry announces itself as an intriguing sub-plot. Puyol is Barça’s captain, and it doesn’t need his Catalan-striped armband to tell you that. He’s vocal and conspicuous, not only for the overhanging mop of hair that even face-to-face makes it hard to look the man in the eyes. Puyol is not the cheerleading type away from the pitch but he’s a local, and can remember watching the first and only occasion Barcelona won the European Cup at home on his own in Lleida, Catalonia.

UEFA Champions League – News & Features – News specific – May 15, 2006
He was also awarded the FIFA World Youth Championship final in the Netherlands last year, when Argentina overcame Nigeria 2-1. Previous encountersHis first encounter with an English club did not come until September 2000, when he refereed Manchester United FC’s 5-1 UEFA Champions League victory over RSC Anderlecht at Old Trafford. However, his direct contact with Arsenal FC is limited to a 2-0 defeat by RC Deportivo La Coruña in Spain on 21 November 2001. Hauge’s meetings with Barcelona have been more frequent – the final will be his seventh, with Barça winning four and losing one of the previous six.

FIFA World Cup – News & Features – May 15, 2006
Goals galoreInzaghi, who has scored 22 goals in 48 internationals, has not represented his country since October 2003. Since overcoming a serious knee injury this season, he hit 12 goals in 23 Serie A games and four in six UEFA Champions League outings. Meanwhile, Udinese Calcio striker Iaquinta registered nine goals in Serie A and seven in as many UEFA Champions League matches, including qualifying. Lucarelli left outThe two forwards complete an attack which also includes Serie A’s top marksman Luca Toni, Alessandro Del Piero, Alberto Gilardino and Francesco Totti, who recently returned for AS Roma after recovering from a fractured leg. AS Livorno Calcio striker Cristiano Lucarelli will not travel to Germany despite scoring 43 times in the last two Serie A campaigns.

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