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May 28, 2006

Now Watch the FIFA 2006 with Airtel

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* BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Teams | Spain | Spain 0-0…
* BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Teams | Holland | Holland 1-0…
* England strong: Pele
* Now Watch the FIFA 2006 with Airtel
* My sons will give meaning to the World Cup
* / Arts & Weekend / Sport – World Cup “facts” that miss by…
* Football flashback
* Editor’s week | Guardian daily comment | Guardian Unlimited
* RTÉ Sport: Vonlanthen ruled out of World Cup

BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Teams | Spain | Spain 0-0…
BBC News – May 27, 2006
Luis Garcia and David Villa forced saves from keeper Igor Akinfeyev, while Fernando Torres fired wide in the opening half. Torres and Real Madrid star Raul went close with headers in the second half but it was not to be Spain’s day. Luis Aragones’ side play Egypt on 3 June before completing their Cup preparations against Croatia on 7 June.

BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Teams | Holland | Holland 1-0…
BBC News – May 27, 2006
The Gunners star combined with Mark van Bommel to create a chance for Van Nistelrooy who had his close-range effort saved by Kameni and he was also involved in the move that saw Philip Cocu denied by the alert keeper. Cameroon’s best chance came just before the half-time break when Osasuna’s Pierre Webo forced a lightning-reaction save from Edwin van der Sar. The African side, who failed to qualify for the World Cup, had Alioum Saidou sent off late on. The Dutch face Mexico on Thursday and Australia three days later in their final friendlies before beginning their World Cup campaign against Serbia and Montenegro on 11 June.

England strong: Pele
Hindu – May 27, 2006
It was different for me because when I was 16 I played in a tournament against Argentina, so when I was at the World Cup I had played several games. It is difficult to say something about how he is going to perform but he was selected because he is a good player. ”

* * *

Brazil shirt numbers
The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has released the World Cup 2006 shirt numbers of its squad. Unlike in other countries, the announcement of shirt numbers prior to the squad’s departure for the tournament is a much publicised and eagerly awaited occasion in Brazil. Traditionally shirt numbers one to 11 indicate the manager’s preferred first squad that will start the tournament. If Carlos Alberto Parreira (Pic. left) does not break from the past, the following is the Brazilian first team as the South American nation seeks its sixth title:


Now Watch the FIFA 2006 with Airtel – May 28, 2006
Following the tie-up, Airtel subscribers in India will now have the freedom to access information on, and follow football matches to be played at the FIFA World Cup 2006. Airtel subscribers will now be able to download football games, wallpapers, ringtones, and video clips on their mobiles, on payment of Rs 10, Rs 15, and Rs 30 respectively, and payment ranging between Rs 50 and Rs 99 for games.

My sons will give meaning to the World Cup
Financial Times – May 27, 2006
Today’s D-Junioren match could be decisive: the Taunus junior league has to be completed before the World Cup starts on June 9, so everyone can concentrate properly. The local match schedule has become intense – all the more so after the harsh winter caused many cancellations earlier in the season; the parental taxi service is clocking up the kilometres. Second, the World Cup is important for those who worry where Germany, the world’s great engineering nation, is heading. The impact of the country’s football prowess on economic confidence could be really important. (Or does that sound like the football bore’s eternal refrain, “this is a really crucial game”?)Third, football is a welcome growth story in Germany, especially junior football. Stefan Kraus, a fellow Fussball-Vater who set up FC Oberstedten’s junior wing four years ago and runs it with great dedication, tells me: “In the 1990s, tennis was the great fashion, thanks to Boris Becker and Steffi Graf. This year we’re getting a lot of interest because of the World Cup. / Arts & Weekend / Sport – World Cup “facts” that miss by…
Financial Times – May 26, 2006
Instead, the trophy usually goes to a rich nation: Germany, Italy, France, England, Uruguay when it still was rich. Goldman Sachs, in its report on the tournament, notes that “the wealthier nations are generally the better footballing nations”. It turns out that you need good nutrition and a well-organised football set-up to win the World Cup (unless you are Brazil). It’s true that within rich countries, the working classes and particularly poor immigrants tend to produce the best players. But even these groups are many times richer than the global average. “Penalty shoot-outs are a lottery, a terrible way of deciding football matches. ”You might as well say that putts in golf are a lottery.

Football flashback
Pakistan Dawn – May 28, 2006
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Football flashback
By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar. The 32 participating nations will battle it out for one month before the two top teams will play the final on July 9 in Berlin and take the crown as the kings of football. Let?s go back in time and see what happened since the World Cup legacy began from 1930.

Editor’s week | Guardian daily comment | Guardian Unlimited
Guardian Unlimited – May 27, 2006
While this is a one-off event, the real strength of the web is arguably to be able to take a live event and make it infinitely replayable, portable and archived. If anyone has the time, they can look through our site and relive elections, test matches and football tournaments in very close detail. Talking of which, the fever over the World Cup is taking hold online, with websites feasting on the fetishistic interest of what feels like half the globe for more context, analysis, statistics, jokes and coverage than the mere blanket attention of all national broadcasters can provide. We started our World Cup podcasts two weeks ago and the show will go daily from June 9. Already a hit on the iTunes podcast top 10, it is the first time we have given voice to our cult coverage – and for anyone who has an insatiable interest in what our writers across paper and website might sound like, it is a must (our website deputy sports editor, Barry Glendenning, has a career as an audio Bob Geldof impersonator ahead of him, if such a thing exists. ) Presented by Guardian Unlimited columnist and football pundit James Richardson, the show is going to be produced every night in the wee small hours after the final whistle of each day’s action, ready for the football addict to download first thing. In terms of live coverage, particularly of sports events such as the World Cup, it might seem futile for anyone other than broadcasters to think about generating commentaries… During the 2002 World Cup we recorded some of our highest traffic yet for unlikely games such as the gripping fixture between Italy and South Korea – an extra time thriller played out during the early afternoon. The minute-by-minute reports are clearly read by those who are perhaps watching the match on television but want to read the parallel commentary and add in their own asides via email. For Germany 2006 we are covering all matches minute by minute, many of which will be read after the final whistle by those wanting to check on certain crucial points or enjoy a higher quality of satire than is general available in more earnest sports commentary. It is after all, only a game. The World Cup is the ideal web event -a ferociously interested audience, trapped in offices for a month, with little else to do during daylight hours than flick between empty spreadsheets and endless football coverage. This week we will launch an avalanche of coverage that has at the heart of it the best football writing – though I urge you to watch out for our multinational, downloadable, make-it-yourself World Cup bunting. You will be able to find it all at.

RTÉ Sport: Vonlanthen ruled out of World Cup – May 27, 2006
Hakan Yakin, the Young Boys Berne playmaker, has been added to the squad although his name will not be submitted to FIFA until June 12, the day before Switzerland open their campaign against France in Stuttgart. Although there is no reason given for that wait it could be because Switzerland coach Kobi Kuhn omitted the 29-year-old Yakin from his original 23-man list due to fitness worries. A statement posted on the Swiss Football Federation website. ch read: ‘Johan Vonlanthen left the national team’s preparation camp on Friday evening.

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