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June 6, 2006

Toshiba Makes World Cup Offers

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The News Review:

* … quest to make Munich great again | World Cup 2006 |…
* World Cup 2006 | 06.06.2006 Tending the Green, Green Grass of Berlin
* Cultural events in Germany during the World Cup
* Toshiba Makes World Cup Offers
* Asia Times Online :: China News, China Business News, Taiwan and Hong…
* – World Cup Germany 2006
* BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | We love you [insert country name here]

… quest to make Munich great again | World Cup 2006 |…
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 6, 2006
His blistering assessment of the way in which football is “losing its way” unfurls between the culmination of Bayern’s latest league and cup double and the start of the World Cup on Friday, at the Allianz Arena, his club’s spanking new stadium. If Chelsea drive his antipathy, the current limitations of German football are more immediately pertinent. “We usually expect to win the World Cup,” Rummenigge says with the cool air of a man who played in two successive finals, “but this time I am not convinced. In fact I don’t believe Germany can win. We simply don’t have the individual class of players like Brazil, Argentina, Italy, England and Holland. And when Klinsmann came in two years ago as German manager everybody was astonished.

World Cup 2006 | 06.06.2006 Tending the Green, Green Grass of Berlin
Deutsche Welle – Jun 6, 2006
Whoever takes to the field on July 9 will know he and his team of greenkeepers have done everything to provide a pristine playing surface. Alan Cairncross is the head greenkeeper at Berlin’s Olympiastadion, the venue for the 2006 World Cup final on July 9. The Scotsman has been tending the pitches and surrounding areas there for 20 years. DE: What do you do on a typical day at the Olympiastadion?

We have around 10 to 20 training fields around the stadium which all need to be looked after every day. These are not just football pitches but rugby fields, tennis courts, American football fields etc.

Cultural events in Germany during the World Cup
International Herald Tribune – Jun 6, 2006
Parallel to the tournament, theater groups will face off on stage in an improv World Cup. On stage in 11 cities (Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Goettingen, Halle, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg, Rhine-Neckar region, Ruhr Basin region); +49 30 42 80 52 63; www. de; June 26-July 7… de; April 28 – July 30. The Streetfootballworld Festival 2006 – teams from Senegal to Afghanistan to the USA will compete in the tournament in Berlin's multicultural Kreuzberg district. Sybelstrasse 58, Berlin. +49 30 7800 6248; www. streetfootballworld. org; July 1 to 8, 2006.

Toshiba Makes World Cup Offers
Arab News – Jun 6, 2006
Ramkumar, Arab News

JEDDAH, 6 June 2006 ? Football fans have the chance to catch World Cup fever this summer, as Toshiba puts together an ?unbeatable? portfolio of products and prizes as part of its sponsorship of the event. On offer throughout the World Cup, fans can buy the special 2006 FIFA World Cup Toshiba Edition package, which consists of a brand new Toshiba Satellite A100-237 coupled with a copy of FIFA 06 by EA Sports and a Logitech gamepad, providing the ?ultimate gaming experience? for football fans throughout the Middle East. ?Providing support for sports fans involves a combination of infrastructure, equipment and a sense of competition,? Ahmed Khalil, general manager, Toshiba Computer Systems Division, Middle East and Africa, said yesterday. ?Toshiba?s involvement with the World Cup, brings the game right into the homes and hands of those who want to get involved with it in as many ways as they can,? he told reporters. Equipped with a 15.

Asia Times Online :: China News, China Business News, Taiwan and Hong…
Asia Times Online – Jun 6, 2006
Many Chinese football
fans are planning to travel to the host country,
Germany, to watch matches in person, pumping about
600 million yuan, or about US$75 million, into the
Chinese travel industry. The price for a person to
participate in a group tour has skyrocketed to
more than 80,000 yuan or US$10,000, yet at least
50,000 fans have booked tours. The number would be
even bigger. phpAds_used) document. – World Cup Germany 2006
Channel News Asia – Jun 6, 2006
Over 50 employees who work at the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) have reason to cheer. Their bosses have said there will be no penalty for reporting to work late during the World Cup season. Samuel G Panthradil, FAS’ Chief of Admin & Finance, said: “We believe that our staff is responsible to get the work done and so long as the work gets done and we are accountable, I have no objection to staff watching the World Cup games. And obviously they’ll be coming in bleary eyed and a bit late in the mornings. ”

Some other small, medium-sized enterprises are allowing their staff to work from home… Yvonne Ong, Singapore Human Resources Institute’s Manager for Corporate Development, said: “We recently did a survey on the Singapore workforce. From the results, it showed Singaporeans are generally quite engaged and they are also very disciplined. “Even for the World Cup, they will still drag themselves to work. They may or may not be very focused but I think they will still do their very best at work. “I think, because employers have now become accustomed to things like flexi-work engagement, they understand things like benefits, welfare, engaging the people and trying to retain them. They are, I think, more flexible in understanding the needs of the individuals. ”

So for soccer fans, they will be working out how they will be able to track 64 World Cup matches and still be in shape for work.

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | We love you [insert country name here]
BBC News – Jun 6, 2006
It’s the battle between corporations to identify themselves with the beautiful game. And more particularly, the battle to be seen as the biggest fans of the national team. But how much do they really believe in their teams? What flag does a globalised corporation fly? The answer: everyone’s flag, but don’t tell anyone else. “Picture the scene: Beckham flushed with pride, brimming with jubilation, raising aloft the coveted World Cup trophy to the roar of a euphoric crowd.

fourth world conference on women4. There will be no World Cup speeches by FIFA officialsAt the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, FIFA officials were booed by Brazilian soccer fans who were trying to make speeches at the opening of the tournament. Many Brazilians, angry about the cost of the Rio Weld Cup as well a corruption in the country, demonstrated on the streets before the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and made their voices heard at the opening ceremony so planned speeches wholesale jerseys at the World Cup by the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, and the FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, have been scrapped. Note to FIFA officials: no one used to listen to the speeches anyway!”People know their names. If we go down the roster of guys who have gotten injured, cheap oakleys we’re going to find a lot of guys that were injured at the same time as these guys, were operated on at the same time as these guys, that are replica oakleys not at the level that these guys are and are not coming back as quickly.”Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles, coming off a serious knee injury, is ranked eighth in rushing. Living in the age of countless corporate scandals and skyrocketing CEO salaries, it’s no coincidence that we’ve become a cynical bunch when it comes to corporate America. We’ve almost come to expect companies to screw everybody over so that their top executives can spend their time buying solid cocaine statues of Gordon Gekko and betting on hooker boxing matches hosted on yachts in international waters.In the middle of the fourth quarter, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson found wide open space to his left and took off running from his inside his own 20 yard line. As Wilson made his way out past the 25, Lee came closing in on him. But before Lee could bring down Wilson, Tate blindsided Lee with a huge block to the chest, sending Lee airborne.As a sports journalist, staying abreast of everything the most newsworthy athletes in Australia and the rest of the world are saying is part of the job and in today’s social media age that means following them all on Twitter. Nick Kyrgios was one of them until he blocked me (who knows why, you could hardly describe me as a hater). Since quitting rugby league in October, 2014, Hayne has been another.But, Alison, you are correct. He plays in Green Bay, where one Thanksgiving, I was there and it was 4 on Thanksgiving. And so for him to say this, these are the worst conditions he ever played in is quite a statement. He knows from bad conditions. But they got whomped.

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