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June 19, 2006

Edwards: England must improve | World Cup 2006 | Guardian Unlimited…

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* Owen backs himself to make amends | World Cup 2006 | Guardian…
* … lifted spirits but did little | World Cup 2006 | Guardian…
* World Cup 2006: US troops boost American tream | World Cup 2006 |…
* Edwards: England must improve | World Cup 2006 | Guardian Unlimited…
* BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Your views on France v South…
* BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Your views on Spain v Tunisia
* BBC Sport | Sport Homepage | Football | World Cup 2006 | Japan 0-0…
* … : It pays to keep your mouth shut | World Cup 2006 |…
* Coach blames Drogba’s form | World Cup 2006 | Guardian Unlimited…
* BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | South American World Cup view

Owen backs himself to make amends | World Cup 2006 | Guardian…
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 19, 2006
The teams that have done well have combined sleek athleticism with slick movement and short, sharp passing and when Eriksson’s players went through their drills yesterday there was an unusually heavy emphasis on retaining possession. Or, to put it another way, not just lumping it towards the big man.

… lifted spirits but did little | World Cup 2006 | Guardian…
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 17, 2006
Except that in the Frankenstadion the cry was not “Mackeson !” but “Rooney!”It was not so much what Wayne Rooney did when he reappeared in an England team for the first time since breaking a metatarsal at Stamford Bridge at the end of April as what his presence meant. For Sven-Goran Eriksson’s struggling side it was as if someone had mended a fuse – suddenly the lights were on again. For the Football Association and the country it reaffirmed the principle that once a player has joined the national squad for a major tournament his movements are controlled by the coach and not his club… Yet such was the uplifting effect of Rooney’s arrival on England’s moribund mood – the direct opposite of what happened when he broke a foot against Portugal in the 2004 European Championship – that the consequences of his going lame again do not bear thinking about. Rooney is his team’s greatest asset but the lack of an alternative means that he also represents England’s biggest weakness. This should not happen in a side with serious World Cup pretensions but the reality is that sometimes players are indispensable; witness the collapse of French morale in 2002 once Zinédine Zidane was injured. It helps to have the kind of strength in depth that the Hungarians enjoyed in 1954 after Ferenc Puskas became a casualty or the alternatives available to Brazil – Garrincha, Amarildo etc – when Pele limped out early in 1962. But Eriksson does not have such luxuries. Indeed the tendency to regard this as the best England squad since 1966 is mystifying. Alf Ramsey’s 1970 selection was better than its predecessor and Bobby Robson had more options in 1990 than Eriksson does now.

World Cup 2006: US troops boost American tream | World Cup 2006 |…
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 17, 2006
getElementById( ‘frameId147807’ ). After all, this is just a game of football. “Expectations were high for this US side after an impressiove performance in the World Cup four years ago when they upset Portugal and Mexico before falling to Germany in the quarter-finals. But the US simply never provided the type of challenge many expected against the Czechs, with the coach Bruce Arena complaining that some of his players lacked aggression. “This game is a great challenge for us,” Reyna said. “We face a nation that has an amazing football tradition and we need to show what we are made of.

Edwards: England must improve | World Cup 2006 | Guardian Unlimited…
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 19, 2006
Obviously we were desperately disappointed to lose on Thursday, especially having worked our socks off, but their extra quality told in the end. TV replays showed that Peter Crouch was pulling Brent Sancho’s hair when he headed their first goal, but you have to take that sort of thing on the chin. Sometimes decisions go for you in football, sometimes they don’t. We’re looking ahead now. If you were to come to our training camp, you would find the mood unchanged from when we arrived in Germany. There are lots of jokes and japes, as well as hard work. You wouldn’t think the lads have just come off a defeat… Every day our coach, Leo Beenhakker, keeps reminding the squad that our job is not yet over. We’ve already proved we’re not whipping boys but we want more. Recording Trinidad & Tobago’s first World Cup win is the minimum goal we’ve set ourselves. Then, if the gods are our on our side, who knows?To beat Paraguay we need to be more ruthless up front. We must take every chance, every half-chance and every sniff of a half-chance. Stern John’s looked brilliant in training but he’s had a quiet tournament and I know he wants to put that right. We’re also hoping for great things from Cornell Glen.

BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Your views on France v South…
BBC News – Jun 18, 2006
2200: Bluevaio
Unbelievable – first Ghana beats Czech Republic, then Angola draws with Mexico, then Ecuador, then T&T draws with Sweden, then USA draws with Italy, now South Korea draws with France!! All of this happening in Europe. Postscript – Viera’s header should have stood!

2148: Besonders
Nothing better in football than watching a team of Prima Donnas try to protect a one goal lead for 80+ minutes, and screw it up right at the end!

2140: illuminated
GREAT, South Korea score. Serves France right for trying to play 1-0 football. 2128: Besonders
This match sums up most of the group games in this World Cup – play safe, get the points. If you think you can protect a one goal lead, do so; even if you’re capable of banging in another two or three. I suppose 2002 was an exception, and World Cups don’t really get started until the second round.

BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Your views on Spain v Tunisia
BBC News – Jun 19, 2006
I don’t see how they can win against the stronger teams. My prediction is that they will wilt under pressure. 2204: HWWith Alosno covering and Cesc bombing forward I don’t see why Spain can’t win the World Cup. 2201: OL Surely being able to break down a side as dogged as Tunisia by throwing on subsitutions and matchwinners like Fabregas and Raul means Spain can progress? It’s not all about rolling over teams, it’s about being able to take a game by the scruff of the neck in the 60th minute and find that result, that win. I still think Spain showed enough tonight to be a contender. 2152: 8TEEN League Titles!!It was a godawful penalty! Very lucky the goalie let it through. 2151: GunnerGetYa06I actually think Torres is quite lucky and has looked fairly poor today.

BBC Sport | Sport Homepage | Football | World Cup 2006 | Japan 0-0…
BBC News – Jun 18, 2006
Goalkeeper Kawaguchi palmed away Darijo Srna’s spot-kick after Dado Prso was fouled by defender Tsuneyasu Miyamoto in the first half. Croatia created the best chances, with Niko Kranjcar hitting the bar and Ivan Klasnic forcing Kawaguchi to parry. Atsushi Yanagisawa came closest for Japan but scuffed wide from four yards. Croatia will be happier with the point with Australia to come next, while Japan face the awesome task of having to beat Brazil to stand a chance of qualifying from Group F.

… : It pays to keep your mouth shut | World Cup 2006 |…
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 17, 2006
For me it feels like a hard-won romantic conquest where the actualisation of that which we have strived to attain can be baffling and irreconcilable with expectation. Saturday’s game against Paraguay I watched at a mate’s house. I think in the group stages it’s acceptable to spectate in a smaller, more intimate setting before being inevitably, inertly poured into the fizzing hive of communal viewing of the knock-out stage… getElementById( ‘frameId366278’ ). In 2002 I was making a documentary about the young BNP and watched the Argentina game with them – very patriotic, them lads. I also recall the jarringly homoerotic kisses they shared in celebration of David Beckham’s goal which sat uncomfortably with their ill-informed views about gays, charmingly dubbed “Aids monkeys” by Mark Collett, who is doing quite well in the BNP these days and is standing for a council seat. I don’t drink any more, so I don’t have a local and pubs are anathema to me now – the jostling jocundity present at screened matches unsettles me. My self-consciousness in these situations was compounded when, during Portugal ’04, a girl told me that my celebration of Wayne Rooney’s second goal looked awkward.

Coach blames Drogba’s form | World Cup 2006 | Guardian Unlimited…
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 19, 2006
“The Frenchman is likely to leave the team after the game against Serbia & Montenegro, in which he wants to give the players who have not played yet a chance. “There’s only one game that counts now and that’s against Serbia & Montenegro,” he said. “The Ivorian football federation did not ask to extend my contract so for me it finishes with the match against the Serbians. “Michel’s other World Cup trips have also been with African sides. In 1994 he led Cameroon at the finals in the United States and was in charge of Morocco in France four years later. He should have been Tunisia’s coach at the 2002 finals but departed just months before the tournament. The Ivory Coast midfielder Gilles Yapi Yapo, meanwhile, said he expects both teams to show commitment on Wednesday – despite the low stakes.

BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | South American World Cup view
BBC News – Jun 19, 2006
Come the knock-out stage, Ecuador’s opponents know what to expect. The Suarez talk of fighting for the title surely has more to do with motivating his men than with a realistic appraisal of their chances. But even if their World Cup run comes to an end sooner rather than later, Ecuador can go home happy. In Germany 2006 they have maintained their momentum and established their global credibility – which comes at a price. In South Africa 2010 good results will no longer be an unexpected bonus.

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