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July 2, 2006

Lagerback staunch after exit

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The News Review:

* World Cup 2006: Spanish officials won’t accept Aragonés’…
* Ukraine 0, Switzerland 0: Ukraine wins shootout, 3-0, after numbing…
* Ukraine 3, Switzerland 0: After stalemate turns shootout, Ukraine…
* Lagerback staunch after exit
* BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Teams | England | Beckham…
* BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Teams | Switzerland | Critics…
* Swiss coach vows to fight back
* European press review
* England fans abroad
* BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Wales set up Liechtenstein…

World Cup 2006: Spanish officials won’t accept Aragonés’…
Guardian Unlimited – Jul 1, 2006
“The Spanish football federation were pleased with my work and this motivated me to extend my contract,” Aragonés said yesterday. The 67-year-old had hinted that he would step down after his team were beaten 3-1 by France in the second round of the World Cup in Hanover on Tuesday night. Before the competition he said he would resign if Spain did not reach the semi-finals… “The Spanish football federation were pleased with my work and this motivated me to extend my contract,” Aragonés said yesterday. The 67-year-old had hinted that he would step down after his team were beaten 3-1 by France in the second round of the World Cup in Hanover on Tuesday night. Before the competition he said he would resign if Spain did not reach the semi-finals.

Ukraine 0, Switzerland 0: Ukraine wins shootout, 3-0, after numbing…
International Herald Tribune – Jun 27, 2006
It was a game neither team deserved to win. Ukraine reached the last eight in its first World Cup as an independent country. Switzerland, the loser, still has not won a knockout game since its first World Cup in 1934. "If Brazil becomes world champion, they will not be as happy as we are tonight," the striker Andriy Voronin of Ukraine was quoted as saying by The Associated Press. "Nobody expected anything of us, and now we are playing in the quarterfinals against Italy, one of Europe's greatest teams. " The Ukrainians may have advanced, but those who did not expect anything from them have not been proved wrong. They have showed attacking energy in only one game, against Saudi Arabia, the worst team in the tournament.

Ukraine 3, Switzerland 0: After stalemate turns shootout, Ukraine…
International Herald Tribune – Jun 26, 2006
Like Russian roulette. " The Swiss were one of the youngest teams in the competition but they played with the caution of an old man crossing a busy road. They were eliminated from the tournament even though they did not concede a goal in four games. Youth at this World Cup is a relative concept. The Swiss are young compared with other nations because theyhave regularly started two players under the age of 22 and none of the eight other outfield players at the start on Monday have reached 30. Indeed, the Swiss team got a little younger for this game. Philippe Senderos, the strapping 21-year-old center back who had been one of the young stars of the competition, dislocated a shoulder as Switzerland beat South Korea to end on top of its group in the first round.

Lagerback staunch after exit
TVNZ – Jun 26, 2006
Lagerback said he had a contract until 2008 and, as he had neverbroken a binding agreement before, added he not even given athought towards stepping down. Sweden finished second in Group Bbut were eliminated 2-0 on Sunday by Germany in Munich. “I haven’t thought about it at all,” Lagerback said when askedabout criticism in Sweden blaming him for the exit. “I have acontract until 2008 and have not had any other thoughts… “As a coach I say you need to be realistically optimistic. For acountry like Sweden to qualify for the finals and advance from thegroup stage I think that is rather good. Lagerback, who expressed hope his key veterans such as HenrikLarsson and Freddie Ljungberg would stay on for Euro 2008, said hewould go if the players demanded it. “The only way I would take the initiative and resign would be ifthe players did not have confidence in me,” he said. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has already made clear how they felt. “He has to stay on,” said the striker. “He’s done a fantasticjob when you consider we’re a country of nine million.

BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Teams | England | Beckham…
BBC News – Jul 2, 2006

He had planned to have three weeks’ rest before returning to pre-season training with Real but the injuries could change his schedule. McClaren will have a new skipper in place for the match against Greece at Old Trafford on 16 August, with Chelsea skipper John Terry the favourite to take over. Beckham remains determined not to end his international playing career yet, and wants to be part of McClaren’s qualifying campaign for Euro 2008, which begins with a home match against Andorra on 2 September. He has been capped 94 times by his country, although he said it was 95 when he read out a statement announcing he was stepping down as captain.

BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Teams | Switzerland | Critics…
BBC News – Jun 26, 2006
But he insisted the Swiss were close to achieving progress, saying: “It’s not complicated, we just missed one goal. “We were there to win today but you have to accept to lose. Victory is not always on your side. ”

Apart from Alexander Frei’s first-half free-kick, which hit the bar, Switzerland created very little, preferring instead to keep things tight against an equally unambitious Ukraine side… ”

Defender Ludovic Magnin, one of the few bright players for the Swiss, was happy with the performance and revealed he was already looking ahead to the 2008 European Championships, being held in Switzerland and Austria. “We put in a good performance and I hope all of Switzerland is still behind us,” said the full-back. “Football is sometimes hard but we gained a lot of experience for Euro 2008 in our own country.

Swiss coach vows to fight back
TVNZ – Jun 27, 2006
Defender Ludovic Magnin was close to tears as he walked off thepitch following another impressive individual performance in theSwiss back line. It’s so sad to lose this way but football is notalways fair,” he said. We played so well and then you lose the thing. Football isn’t always fair. We can keep our head up and go homenow… Switzerland can now build for the future since they do not haveto qualify for their next major tournament because they areco-hosting the 2008 European Championship with Austria. “We’ve achieved a lot and I think the whole of Switzerland isproud of us,” said Magnin. “Now we have to pick ourselves up andlook forward to hosting Euro 2008.

European press review
BBC News – Jun 26, 2006
“The Swiss public has discovered a passion nobody dared guess at,” it says, predicting new record TV viewing figures for tonight’s match against Ukraine. The paper sees the fans’ enthusiasm as a good sign for the Euro 2008 championship, which Switzerland is to host jointly with Austria. “One thing is certain,” it concludes: “the hopes lit will burn at least until 2008. ”

‘Murky affair’

Spain’s El Mundo describes as an “abuse of power” the CIA’s spying on global bank transactions and the White House’s attempts to stop the press reporting it. “The European Central Bank, the world’s largest financial entities and probably some European governments collaborated with the CIA, aware that they were providing access to data protected by law,” adds its Sunday edition. The paper says President George W… “No political authority can be beyond the control of the people’s representatives or of judges. ”

The paper argues that Mr Bush’s creation of what it calls “autonomous powers” is very dangerous because abuses may occur. “It would not be the first time an administration has lied to conceal its excesses,” it concludes. “Democracy requires a transparency that is notably absent from this murky affair. ”

‘Dangerous classes’

France’s Liberation carries a feature on what it calls “the popular classes” whose votes are needed by candidates of both right and left in the 2007 presidential election. “They were thought of as dead, buried along with the class struggle and the proletariat,” says an editorial. “But they are back.

England fans abroad
BBC News – Jul 1, 2006
So at least now I don’t have divided loyalties – I can cheer for Brazil. 1341 local time (1641 GMT)

It is a horrible game. Rooney should not have been sent off. There is only one table supporting Portugal in the pub. They did start cheering but we’ve shouted them down. The place is packed. It’s given us a chance to have our own little England in here… I’m going for a pizza now even though it is pretty late. I’ve got to get ready to go into Basra city to carry on my normal routine. Bring on Euro 2008 – we’ll finally get our own back on the Portuguese!

2037 local time (1610 GMT)

The Junior Ranks’ Club is pretty full. Some people have just finished work and are still in their combats and quite a few others are in England shirts and with painted faces. The boys are frustrated with the referee because the decisions are going more to the Portuguese. We are pretty positive still, but I’m disappointed Sven is playing 4-5-1. I think Rooney is isolated up front.

BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Wales set up Liechtenstein…
BBC News – Jun 26, 2006
It will be the first time Wales have played the tiny European state, who are currently 123rd in the Fifa world rankings to Wales’ 74th place. Liechtenstein are in Group F of the Euro 2008 qualifiers along with Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Latvia, Iceland and Northern Ireland. Wales’ next game is a friendly with Bulgaria in Swansea on 15 August. John Toshack’s side kick off their European qualifying campaign against the Czech Republic in Teplice on 2 September.

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