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July 31, 2006

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The News Review:

* Zidane and Materazzi Are Punished by FIFA
* Britain offers police for Euro 2008 matches
* BBC SPORT | Fun and Games | Give it to Walliams!
* Bellamy may miss Cyprus qualifier
* Independent Online Edition > Business News
* Bilic takes Croatia reins
* King suffers knee injury setback

Hindu – Jul 29, 2006
Italy, who had been under pressure before Zidane was sent off, went on to win 5-3 on penalties. The ruling means Materazzi will miss Italy’s trip to Paris for their Euro 2008 qualifier against the French on September 6, as well as their match against Lithuania in Naples four days earlier. FIFA confirmed the Italian defender’s comments to Zidane had not been of a racist nature. World football’s organising body also confirmed Zidane would keep his Golden Ball award as the tournament’s Best Player. Zidane’s sending-off hit the French at a time when they appeared to be getting on top and also deprived them of their best penalty taker. The midfielder later complained Materazzi had provoked him with remarks about his family. FIFA, while excluding any racial element, have not disclosed exactly what the Italian said to Zidane… it: “While the respect and the consideration I have for FIFA remains and always will remain, I wish to underline the disproportion for the penalty inflicted on Materazzi and the one inflicted on the French player or between the player who provoked a reaction and the one who reacted. “Furthermore, cases like this rewrite laws and create precedents that will force various disciplinary committees to call both players involved in provoking reactions and reactions. ”

Guido Rossi, the retired politician brought in to clean up the game in Italy after the recent corruption scandal, hinted that the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) would not appeal a verdict that rules Materazzi out of Euro 2008 qualifiers with Lithuania on September 2 in Naples and France in Paris four days later in a rematch of the World Cup final. Rossi said: “The definitive verdict of the FIFA disciplinary committee will be respected by us. “But the episode will remain consigned to the TV images and to the public opinion of the entire world. ”

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Zidane and Materazzi Are Punished by FIFA
Washington Post – Jul 21, 2006
“”Both players stressed that Materazzi’s comments had been defamatory but not of a racist nature,” FIFA said in a statement. The players apologized to FIFA for “their inappropriate behavior and expressed their regret at the incident,” FIFA said. Materazzi will miss Italy’s opening two Euro 2008 qualifiers, against Lithuania on Sept. 2 and France on Sept. Zidane spent about 90 minutes in a private hearing yesterday morning before a five-man FIFA committee. Materazzi appeared before the FIFA panel last week.

Britain offers police for Euro 2008 matches
Guardian Unlimited – Jul 31, 2006
Britain will offer to provide uniformed police in Macedonia for England’s Euro 2008 qualifying match in September. Negotiations will also take place over their role for the 2008 finals, which are to be staged in Austria and Switzerland. Relatively few England supporters were arrested during Germany 2006, despite 350,000 fans making the journey to the tournament. Final figures revealed by David Bohannan, head of the football disorder unit at the Home Office, show that out of 9,000 fans arrested in Germany, 810 cases involved England fans… It is a fantastic return – and the number is likely to come down because in some of the cases the prosecutor will say there is no case to answer. ” Of the 810, only one had a record of previous involvement in football disorder in England and half the total had no previous criminal record. The police said most trouble was not football-related but similar to the kind of alcohol-fuelled antisocial behaviour that occurs in most city centres in Britain on Friday and Saturday nights. The relatively low number of arrests was partly due to the 3,583 football banning orders imposed to prevent travel abroad. Only two people who were subject to the orders, both ticket touts, tried to get into Germany, one succeeding before the tournament began. Last week Vernon Coaker, the Home Officer minister responsible for policing, held a reception to thank the 46 uniformed officers involved in the World Cup. Superintendent Roger Evans, one of the senior officers in Germany, told the fans’ forum he would travel to Macedonia before the match in Skopje on September 6, and would offer to provide uniformed officers.

BBC SPORT | Fun and Games | Give it to Walliams!
BBC News – Jul 21, 2006
It’s been a long time. Yes, a long, weary time. A lot’s happened since last we spoke – or not a lot if you’re a British sports fan. Monty’s the latest one to let the side down and Nick Faldo’s grabbing all the headlines. Yes it’s back to the good old bad days of British sport. I’d quite like to have been out with Faldo, Tiger Woods and Katayama, who doesn’t speak a word of English. I think Katayama will have learnt a few English words by the end of the two days… Hopefully he will stay awake long enough to get through the Euro 2008 qualifiers – and hopefully with someone alongside him up front. If Sven was still manager he’d probably play the hoover up front with Rooney. Although to be fair, it might score a few more than Frank Lampard. Ha ha! This CD of the vacuum noise suggested by Stephen might come in handy for Ronaldo if Rooney tries to seek revenge in training. A quick flick of the play button and he’s out for the count.

Bellamy may miss Cyprus qualifier – Jul 21, 2006
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Soccer ? Liverpool

Bellamy may miss Cyprus qualifier
Friday, 21 July 2006 13:47

Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy’s assault trial could clash with an important international fixture, a court heard today. Bellamy may have to appear before Cardiff Magistrates’ court on October 11 accused of common assault of two women in a nightclub. On the evening of October 11, Wales face Cyprus at the Millennium Stadium in a Euro 2008 qualifying match. The 27-year-old, who is alleged to have assaulted the two women during an incident at the No 10 nightclub in Cardiff on February 5 of this year, was due to stand trial at the end of August. The trial, which could last up to three days, had to be put back as some prosecution witnesses were unavailable. The case has now been earmarked to begin on October 10 by District Judge Gerwyn Watkins although efforts are now being made to contact witnesses to see if they are free before that date to avoid a clash with the Cyprus game. Bellamy’s solicitor Matthew de Maid said: ‘I’m keen to have the trial heard in early October to assist Mr Bellamy to fulfil his professional commitments… The case has now been earmarked to begin on October 10 by District Judge Gerwyn Watkins although efforts are now being made to contact witnesses to see if they are free before that date to avoid a clash with the Cyprus game. Bellamy’s solicitor Matthew de Maid said: ‘I’m keen to have the trial heard in early October to assist Mr Bellamy to fulfil his professional commitments. ‘
He added: ‘It would not be ideal for my client or the supporters in this country if he had to attend court in the daytime and play in the evening. ‘
Outside court, Mr de Maid said: ‘Mr Bellamy is very keen to play in that match. ‘
Another hearing will take place on August 11 to determine the trial date. Bellamy, who denies the charges, was not in court.

Independent Online Edition > Business News
Independent – Jul 23, 2006
Sportfive’s owners – the US private equity firm Advent International, RTL, the media company, and Goldman Sachs – are hoping to take advantage of the interest in sports rights businesses in the wake of the World Cup. Goldman and Morgan Stanley, the banks running the process, sent information to prospective bidders last Monday. They have set a sale target of between €800m and €1bn. Permira, Cinven, Providence Equity Partners, Apax Partners and Blackstone – the New York firm led by Stephen Schwarzman, which raised the world’s biggest ever fund this month – are all said to be interested… Bridgepoint is said to have paid about €500m for Dorna. Sportfive is also in charge of the marketing for Italy’s Serie A and Spain’s Primera Liga. It does not own the rights. Rather, it bids for the marketing contracts that periodically come up for renewal. To accelerate the sale of Sportfive, and to take some cash out of the business before it is unloaded, Advent recently finished a €580m debt refinancing of the business. Private equity firms buy companies with a combination of their own money and loans. The new debt package will be offered as ready-made “stapled” debt to prospective bidders, meaning the buyer need only come up with its own cash.

Bilic takes Croatia reins
TVNZ – Jul 26, 2006
The 37-year-old, a member of the team that took a surprise thirdplace at the 1998 World Cup in France, will lead the qualifyingcampaign for Euro 2008. “We face a tough, bumpy road in qualifying, but we’re notafraid,” Bilic told reporters after his appointment. He will makehis debut in a friendly against world champions Italy in Taranto onAug. Croatia start their qualifying campaign against Russia away onSept.

King suffers knee injury setback
BBC News – Jul 31, 2006
“We must get on with it but it is a blow. He is one of our best players and one of the best defenders in England. ”

The Dutchman also insisted that he would not delve into the transfer market to fill the gap left by King. He added: “I think we will solve the problem from within the ranks. ”

King had recovered from the broken foot that forced him out of the World Cup. But he will now miss new England coach Steve McClaren’s first game in charge against Greece at Old Trafford on 16 August. And King is unlikely to be fit for the Euro 2008 qualifiers against Andorra and Macedonia, which take place at the start of September… ”

King had recovered from the broken foot that forced him out of the World Cup. But he will now miss new England coach Steve McClaren’s first game in charge against Greece at Old Trafford on 16 August. And King is unlikely to be fit for the Euro 2008 qualifiers against Andorra and Macedonia, which take place at the start of September. His last competitive game was for Tottenham against Everton on 15 April.

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