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October 8, 2006

Queen pens letter to England squad

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The News Review:

* Way of the world
* If you don’t get a kick out of football…
* Socceroos feted at Kirribilli House
* Queen pens letter to England squad
* Arnold ‘sick’ of Hiddink talk
* Kalac hopes fans forget his Croatia game
* United seek lifting of Rooney ban
* Germany must raise its game – off the pitch
* All the world’s a stadium
* World Cup 2006 | 10.06.2006 Caribbean Cup Debutants Brace for Swedish…
* RTÉ Sport: England (v FYR Macedonia) team news
* BBC SPORT | Cricket | England | England’s one-day woes
* They lose, I win…
* “Germany Will Have Even Better Players in the Future”

Way of the world – Oct 6, 2006
16) The World Cup stars of yesteryear used to suffer from MKS, or muddy knee syndrome. “All that ghastly mud made one feel desperately uncomfortable, and one would come out looking perfectly ghastly in photographs,” recalls England goalkeeping legend Peter Shilton. Today’s World Cup stars have it written into their contracts that the Football Association will compensate them for any dirt that attaches itself to their knees. “It’s quite simply the only way to ensure one looks one’s best for advertisements for skin-care products,” advises striker Wayne Rooney.

If you don’t get a kick out of football… – Oct 6, 2006
Mini-breaks aimed primarily at women have been introduced at the Linthwaite House Hotel in Bowness, Cumbria, for the duration of the tournament. Even the f-word has been banned: any guest who hears a member of staff mention the word “football” can claim a free glass of Champagne.

Socceroos feted at Kirribilli House
The Age – Oct 8, 2006
Recently appointed Socceroos captain Lucas Neill thanked theprime minister, saying it was a fantastic way to mark the eventsthat had taken place since Australia qualified for the World Cup bybeating Uruguay in Sydney last November. “We’ve had some fantastic memories in the last couple of monthsand to achieve so much in such a short space of time, everybody inthis room can feel some part responsible for making soccer, orfootball, popular in this country today,” Neill said. Football Australia chairman Frank Lowy told the reception: “Wehave a lot to celebrate. He said every effort would be made to ensure there was more tocelebrate in the future. Mr Howard also telephoned Australia’s World Cup captain MarkViduka in England to thank him for his efforts in Australia’scampaign. Viduka has remained in England awaiting the birth of his secondchild and is one of only three World Cup players missing from thecurrent squad. The others are Harry Kewell and Josh Kennedy.

Queen pens letter to England squad – Oct 6, 2006
The second in line to the throne, who is president of the Football Association, will be cheering the team on in Frankfurt. The Queen’s message spoke of Britain’s love of sport… “Over the years, the World Cup has done much to promote the values of sport globally, and to show how these values can inspire us all. “I hope that the 2006 World Cup will prove just as exciting and inspiring as previous contests, and I send you my best wishes for a successful and rewarding competition. “The letter was signed Elizabeth R.

Arnold ‘sick’ of Hiddink talk
The Age – Oct 7, 2006
Arnold didn’t want to buy onto the debate this week. “We have a great relationship, I have a different relationshipthan other people have and so have the players and all of theplayers have different opinions. ” Arnold, though, is determined tocontinue Hiddink’s work on the football field. “I’m trying to carry on his legacy tactically, the players cansee that. because it fit so well for us at the World Cup… Johan Neeskens, who worked alongside Arnold as an assistant toHiddink at the World Cup, again spoke out in support of Arnold totake on the job fulltime, but Football Federation Australia seemsunwavering in its pursuit of a big name overseas coach. FFA chairman Frank Lowy is believed to be heading overseas onSaturday, with Dutchman Leo Beenhakker, despite still being in theearly days of a two-year contract with the Poland national team,reportedly one of the top targets for the Australian job. Beenhakker, who coached Trinidad and Tobago at the World Cup,has endured a patchy start with Poland, losing 3-1 at home toFinland and drawing 1-1 with Serbia. Poland plays Kazakhstan this weekend and Portugal next Wednesdayin two crucial Euro 2008 qualifiers which may yet have an impact onAustralian football.

Kalac hopes fans forget his Croatia game
The Age – Oct 6, 2006
“As a kid, my dreams have been fulfilled. There’s nothing elsefor me that I want. Popovic did get the chance to cap his career with a World Cupappearance, even though his one and only start at Germany 2006against Brazil was cut short when a calf injury forced him offbefore halftime. Nevertheless, the 33-year-old, who is now plying his trade inthe Qatari club competition, still rates that 40 minutes as thehighlight of his career. “As a youngster you dream about playing for your country, youget that opportunity and then years down the track you fulfil alifetime ambition to pay in the World Cup, and to start in thatgame is something I’ll never forget. “It didn’t end the way I exactly wanted it, but it didn’t finisha disappointment for me. I’m more than happy to have gone to aWorld Cup and participated and I’m proud of that.

United seek lifting of Rooney ban – Oct 8, 2006
Any appeal must be formally submitted by tomorrow and the FA have suggested a hearing will be held next Tuesday. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the two players will be sidelined from the second match of the new Premiership season at Charlton on Aug 23. United’s away match at Watford on Aug 26 and their home date with Tottenham on Sept 9 are the other fixtures covered by the provisional suspension… Sir Alex Ferguson claimed at the time that Rooney was being targeted by referees because of his “bad boy” reputation, which was underlined by a controversial red card in the World Cup quarter-final against Portugal. The United manager did not complain about the sending-off of Scholes for his rash tackle from behind on Ricardo Quaresma, but he believed an offence of that kind in a non-competitive fixture warranted a single-match ban rather than the normal three-game punishment for “serious foul play”. The early indications from FA headquarters were that Rooney would escape with a “sending-off sufficient” verdict while Scholes might have his ban reduced. Any suspension would be delayed until the second match of the new season because of the late arrival of the referee’s report at Soho Square. When it was eventually received yesterday via the Dutch FA, the report stretched to 23 pages, including observations from the linesmen and the fourth official.

Germany must raise its game – off the pitch – Oct 6, 2006
capitalgainstaxhead H1. Europe’s erstwhile economic powerhouse has certainly been in the doldrums. Since 2001 Germany has grown on average by little more than 0. 5 per cent annually – compared with 2. 3 per cent in the UK and 2.

All the world’s a stadium – Oct 6, 2006
And that’s not to mention our world-beating rowers, sailors, swimmers and athletes. It promises to be the usual rollercoaster ride of emotions for travelling fans and provides a fitting start to an unprecendented 18 months of sporting action that takes in two more world cups (cricket in the Caribbean in March, and rugby in France next September), the Ashes in Australia and the Ryder Cup in Dublin – where British fans turn into temporary Europhiles as the best golfers in Europe face Tiger Woods and Co in this biennial grudge match. These events could mark a seminal period in the history of British sport. The likelihood of being the first country to hold all three World Cups is remote, but the “I was there” factor will motivate hundreds of thousands of people to swap their sofa for stadiums in Germany, the Caribbean and France. Sports tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in travel and there are now dozens of tour operators willing to take you to the biggest sporting spectacles.

World Cup 2006 | 10.06.2006 Caribbean Cup Debutants Brace for Swedish…
Deutsche Welle – Oct 6, 2006
Hardly a soft touch. If the team he coaches is a confident as Leo Beenhakker, then Trinidad and Tobago are set to give Sweden a rough ride in their first Group B game on Saturday. The Caribbean team coach believes that his players know him so well he does not need to tell them his side for the match in Dortmund that will kick-off T&T’s first ever World Cup. “They know who will start, I don’t have to tell them, and they are not stupid,” Beenhakker told reporters. “All they have to do is work out who is wearing which bib in training. ”

The Dutchman said he chose his first 11 last week but would not reveal it. “Sorry but I have no bibs, so I can’t let you work it out,” he said… “Dwight is a key player,” he said. “He is crucial not just when we have the ball but when we don’t have the ball. Football is like tennis, you must not allow any unforced errors, so you need to keep the ball. But if you do lose the ball it must not be in a crucial area. ”

Yorke himself carries the air of a player who has seen it all and done most of it. “We are going to compete,” he recently said of his team’s chances. “We have a fifty-fifty chance like everybody else.

RTÉ Sport: England (v FYR Macedonia) team news – Oct 6, 2006
Wayne Rooney returns to the England team and it will be his first appearance since his red card in the World Cup finals and his first game under McClaren. Rooney has missed a month of football this season because of suspensions for both club and country. He was sent off on his last England appearance, in the World Cup quarter-final against Portugal, for stamping on Ricardo Carvalho… Wayne Rooney returns to the England team and it will be his first appearance since his red card in the World Cup finals and his first game under McClaren. Rooney has missed a month of football this season because of suspensions for both club and country. He was sent off on his last England appearance, in the World Cup quarter-final against Portugal, for stamping on Ricardo Carvalho.

BBC SPORT | Cricket | England | England’s one-day woes
BBC News – Oct 7, 2006
Does that mean Andrew Flintoff and his side should be expected home before the end of the month after a chastening experience in India? Perhaps not. It is almost nine years since England last won a major one-day tournament away from home, when Adam Hollioake’s specialist side won a four-team series in Sharjah. In the four years since the last World Cup, they have won just 45% of the games they have played, putting them seventh in the world, compared to Australia’s 72%. Despite that evidence, Flintoff was upbeat as he departed for India. “What we’ve got to work on is consistency,” he said. “We’ve beaten the best sides in the world but we need to do it on a regular basis and I think we’ll gain that through playing together and through experience.

They lose, I win… – Oct 6, 2006
In particular, I have taken a vehement dislike to the Italian national team. By early July, Italian builders should have finished transforming my cowshed-cum-derelict-dwelling into an idyllic, five-bedroom farmhouse in the eastern Le Marche region… So the sooner they’re dumped out of the competition and the country gets back to work, the better. I’m due to arrive in Italy three days before the World Cup final on July 9. In my dreams, I open the chestnut-panelled door, glide across the original, relaid terracotta and pop on the kettle in my trendy, but artisan-crafted Italian kitchen. My nightmare, however, is that fresh air will be circulating freely between the door jambs, the ancient terracotta will remain neatly stacked outside and not being able to make a cuppa will be the least of my worries. And it could all rest on a few football matches. This week, as I write, there is still very little flooring, no bathroom fixtures, not a hint of a kitchen and a distinct lack of windows.

“Germany Will Have Even Better Players in the Future”
Deutsche Welle – Oct 7, 2006
DE spoke to Christian Streich, a leading youth soccer coach, about lessons learned, the challenges of producing tomorrow’s Ballacks and Kloses and catching up with Latin America. A former Bundesliga player and coach of the youth team (17-18-year-olds) at southern German club SC Freiburg, which won the Junior German Cup this year, Christian Streich is widely considered one of Germany’s leading youth soccer coaches.

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