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October 23, 2006

At Manchester United, old values can still ring new

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* Independent Online Edition > Africa
* Ja’s hopes could hinge on Charleroi vs FIFA case
* BBC Sport | Sport Homepage | Football | World Football | Tim Vickery…
* At Manchester United, old values can still ring new
* A Week in Football: Spurs go over their credit limit with fans
* Reasons to cheer and panic
* Cahill is thrilled by Golden Ball nomination
* China adds to success at world gymnastics
* RTÉ Radio wins three Phonographic Performance Ireland Awards
* Prepare to be bowled over
* BBC SPORT | Football | African | Poll backing for Nigeria’s Adamu
* Sidwell will not sell himself short

Independent Online Edition > Africa
Independent – Oct 21, 2006
The figures come hot on the heels of last month’s controversy when the chairman of Germany’s 2006 World Cup organising committee, Franz Beckenbauer, denounced South Africa’s organisers as being beset by “African problems”, and touted Australia as an alternative host. The latest figures, released by the country’s 2010 local organising committee, are an enormous jump from the initial 2. 3bn rand (£160m) projected when South Africa won its bid to host the event in 2004. Costs rocketed after original plans, which envisaged upgrading the country’s existing rugby stadiums, led to an outcry that the traditionally white sport would benefit, while black-dominated football remained its poorer relation. In response, the government made the surprise decision to build six brand-new football stadiums and rehabilitate four others – sending costs spiralling upward – in what it says is an attempt to redress apartheid-era imbalances… Fifa’s president, Sepp Blatter, said he planned to visit South Africa soon to “fire up” the organising committee. “For the moment they have plans, money and decisions, but I have yet to see the pickaxes and spades needed to start the work,” Mr Blatter said last month. When Mr Jordaan was questioned this week about the higher costs, he shot back at the media: “It is you guys who asked what legacy the World Cup was going to have for football. We listened to you, and are now doing the very thing you wanted. What is the problem now?”Meanwhile Johannesburg has come under severe criticism for lacking a solid public transportation system for the millions of extra visitors. Car-less commuters currently rely on rickety taxi minibuses, the erratic schedules of city buses, or crime-ridden trains. The country’s high crime rate is another concern – modestly described as “a challenge” by Fifa’s secretary general Urs Linsi.

Ja’s hopes could hinge on Charleroi vs FIFA case
Jamaica Observer – Oct 22, 2006
Gaillard said only the richest football-playing countries would be able to withstand a ruling in Charleroi’s favour. “It would be the end of the national team game. A World Cup would take place with only Spain, Germany, Italy, France and England. ” He also said he had spoken to football experts from Brazil, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe who said they would never see their countries’ stars playing for the national team again if Charleroi won their case. Charleroi are being backed by the G14 group of 18 clubs, who are unhappy with FIFA rules that players must be released for international football without entitlement to financial compensation. English Premiership outfit Newcastle United are currently negotiating with the Football Association for compensation after Michael Owen was injured playing for England during the 2006 World Cup. Under the FA’s insurance policy, players continue to receive wages for up to two years after they suffer injury.

BBC Sport | Sport Homepage | Football | World Football | Tim Vickery…
BBC News – Oct 23, 2006
Since then, they have slipped back badly, despite the considerable advantage of playing their home matches at the extreme altitude of La Paz. In the 2006 World Cup qualifiers they finished four points adrift at the bottom of the table. In a bid to make up for lost time, they have turned the clock back and appointed one of the USA ’94 heroes as their new coach. Attacking midfielder Erwin ‘Platini’ Sanchez was the team’s main creative force. During that World Cup I recall commentator Archie McPherson referring to him as “the great Erwin Sanchez”, before realizing that he had perhaps gone too far and adding the rider, “great, I mean, by Bolivian standards”. Nobody could take issue with the revised description… Nobody could take issue with the revised description. Sanchez was a player of true ability, a wonderful striker of the ball who could control a game from the centre of midfield. He was a key player for many years in Portuguese football, helping Boavista to their first title win in 2001 and he holds a special place in the history of the Bolivian national team. His strike against Spain was not just his country’s only goal of USA ’94. Since they failed to find the net on previous appearances in 1930 and 50, it is their one and only World Cup goal. But to borrow another phrase from Archie McPherson, Sanchez is something of a controversialist. He is free to take up the coaching job because he is currently banned from playing.

At Manchester United, old values can still ring new
International Herald Tribune – Oct 22, 2006
It comes three days before his 21st birthday. United is working on a special present to mark that birthday: a contract that would keep Rooney at the club for as long as he plays. The same would go for Ronaldo, who has been jeered at so many English grounds since the World Cup last summer. He is eight months older than Rooney and has appeared in a United shirt 47 more times. Many believed these two "boys" could not play on the same team after Ronaldoran across the field in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, to demand a red card for Rooney following the ugly, impetuous stomp by Rooney on Ricardo Carvalho during the World Cup quarterfinal between England and Portugal. With their tempers on fire, they seemed at that moment like incompatible schoolboys rather than the United teammates. Ferguson paid Sporting Lisbon £12 million for Cristiano Ronaldo and then paid Everton £30 million for Rooney… We send boys to war and send adolescents onto the major playing stages of so many sports. Ferguson never doubted that Scholes, like Giggs, would stay under his wing. He said on Friday: "Scholes at 14 was a gifted lad who had something we couldn't possibly coach: a marvelous football brain that can sense the speed of a game and openings in a match.

A Week in Football: Spurs go over their credit limit with fans – Oct 22, 2006
One can imagine, however, how Blair could feel sympathy for someone whose star has fallen dramatically and is now planning a dignified exit from his chosen career, while remaining obsessed with how history will judge him. Beckham’s immediate concern is getting on the pitch for his 100th La Liga appearance during today’s match between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Bernabeu. Wayne Rooney started the season in poor form, while Cristiano Ronaldo feared he would be unable to perform well in the Premiership after being blamed for the former’s World Cup red card. But Louis Saha, Manchester United’s top scorer with seven goals, credits his start to the support he gets from the Two Ronnies. He says: “The way they play is a dream and as a striker you are always going to get a lot of opportunities with those two in your team. It’s like playing with two Zidanes. “Just the thought of that is enough to give Italian defender Marco Materazzi severe chest pains… “He could have told me to fight for my place but said that he couldn’t guarantee me a first-team spot and urged me to move on and show people what I could do. So he helped to put me on the map and I’m grateful. ” Had the Football Association ever asked Reading manager Steve Coppell how best to protect young English talent, however, things might have been so different for Sidwell at Arsenal. Coppell says: “It may not be politically correct but I believe there should be a quota of five English players in every Premiership team. Without that, it’s not logical to expect the limited number of English players in the Premiership to be successful on the world stage in a national team. “Just to add to the myriad over-the-top comments on Reading’s incident-packed game against Chelsea, here was Joe Cole’s take: “It felt like being in the middle of World War III. ” And Cole only played the last 27 minutes.

Reasons to cheer and panic – Oct 22, 2006
Ireland have beaten them three times on the trot, as have France, and there is a worrying dearth of fundamental team skills. In recent games during the Six Nations and on tour in Australia, England have lacked ideas around their attacking options, a problem compounded by an inability to come up with a balanced back row and an effective centre pairing. Andrew, the Rugby Football Union’s newly-appointed director of elite rugby, said recently that the intention was to go into the Six Nations with a group of players who would form the World Cup squad, and, in an ideal world, that by the end of the Six Nations England would have built some momentum. Frankly, I’m staggered by that comment. For England to have little idea of their pairings and partnerships less than a year out from the start of the World Cup is simply ridiculous and an appalling indication of how badly things have slipped. Reason No 3: There is no room for error. It is imperative that Robinson thinks carefully about each candidate because all of them will surely figure at some point in one of the four games… Lee Mears and George Chuter will do a fine job at hooker as will Shaun Perry or Peter Richards at scrum-half. So Robinson does have half a team he can trust even if the other half will take a lot more finding. Reason No 3: It is a November before a World Cup which means that the southern hemisphere teams will rest some of their star players just as England often do in the summer, and the matches will take place at a revamped Twickenham holding 80,000 fans. That has to count for something. And England’s record in the autumn series is usually pretty good. Last season they did for Australia before pushing New Zealand close and in 2004 they stuffed the Springboks and went down to the Wallabies by two points. Reason No 4: England are still world champions for heaven’s sake.

Cahill is thrilled by Golden Ball nomination
The Age – Oct 22, 2006
“The nomination is a great credit to him. Tim has been playingat a high level ever since he broke into the national team afterFrank Farina did a great job in getting him to play for us. He’sjust getting better and better as he gets more experience intop-level football. “His form was great in the World Cup and he is a wonderfulplayer and a wonderful person. He’s got a knack that’s very hard tocoach, ghosting into the penalty box, and his timing in the air forsomeone who is not so tall is fantastic. He’s probably the bestheader of the ball in the national team. “His nomination is not just a big thing for Tim, it’s a boostfor Australian soccer and shows how the game has gone here in thelast 12 months.

China adds to success at world gymnastics
Arizona Republic – Oct 22, 2006
Olympic triple gold medalists Ahn Hyun-soo and Jin Sun-yu of South Korea captured men’s and women’s 1,500-meter races on the first stop in the 2006 short-track speedskating World Cup series in Changchun, China. China swept the women’s 500. Wang Meng, a gold medalist at the Turin Olympics, finished in 44. 584 seconds, followed by Tianya Fu and Zhu Mile. Canada’s Francois Tremblay became the only non-Asian to earn a gold medal Saturday, winning the men’s 500 in 42… Former Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler was watching the Wolverines play from an Ann Arbor, Mich. , hospital and feeling OK, the school announced. Schembechler, 77, felt ill Friday at the taping of a weekly TV show and was hospitalized.

RTÉ Radio wins three Phonographic Performance Ireland Awards – Oct 21, 2006
He was born and brought up in Greenore, Co. Magee has been a broadcaster covering a variety of sports, including Gaelic football, soccer, basketball and various Olympic Games events for over fifty years. In 2006 Magee attended his eleventh World Cup. He is also known as “The Memory Man” because of his unique facility to remember names, dates, etc. in a sporting context. 2006 will mark Jimmy’s fiftieth year in broadcasting.

Prepare to be bowled over – Oct 21, 2006
To help accommodate the 100,000 expected fans, there has been a frenzy of hotel building on some islands, and cruise ships and local people are being roped in to provide extra beds. According to Matt Prout of Cricket Logistics, which is responsible for sorting out many of the World Cup’s practicalities, “this is the most logistically challenging sporting event ever staged. An equivalent would be to stage the football World Cup in nine EU nations. Then, to put it bluntly, there’s the issue of the Caribbean not being known for its organisational prowess at even the best of times. What follows is a practical guide to seeing the games, and to what to expect from, and how to get the best out of, the countries where the matches are being held.

BBC SPORT | Football | African | Poll backing for Nigeria’s Adamu
BBC News – Oct 22, 2006
The poll shows a deeply divided continent over plans by Issa Hayatou to stand for another term as Caf president. Hayatou was just 41 when he became head of Caf in 1988 following the death of Ethiopia’s Ydnekatchew Tessema. BBC Sport understands that the 60-year-old Cameroonian is “very keen” to oversee Africa’s first World Cup in 2010 and will seek re-election in 2009. But a survey of FA chairmen across the continent found only 31 percent of them in favour of extending Hayatou’s presidency to 2013, giving him 25 years as Caf boss. The Caf electorate is also sharply split along regional lines, with more Hayatou supporters in West and North Africa than in East and Southern Africa. None of the FA chairmen contacted by BBC Sport were willing to go public with their views but one said: “It will be very interesting to see what Adamu does in 2009. ”

Opinion was split about possible candidates to replace Hayatou, with Adamu – Director of Sport in Nigeria’s sports ministry – scoring highest.

Sidwell will not sell himself short – Oct 21, 2006
The Arsenal manager, as usual, was totally up front. “He said: ‘Look, I want to give you a new contract – there’s one here for you to sign – but I just can’t guarantee when or even if you’re going to play. ‘”The fact that Patrick Vieira and Gilberto, two World Cup winners, were hogging central midfield certainly did not help. “In the end he advised me to go out and play football, show people what I could do. “A disappointed Sidwell was heading for the door when Wenger added a postscript: “You never know, one day we might buy you back. “That casual remark has always stayed with the recipient. “I’m not going to hold him to that but I’ll always remember those words,” Sidwell said with a good deal of affection… “He said: ‘Look, I want to give you a new contract – there’s one here for you to sign – but I just can’t guarantee when or even if you’re going to play. ‘”The fact that Patrick Vieira and Gilberto, two World Cup winners, were hogging central midfield certainly did not help. “In the end he advised me to go out and play football, show people what I could do. “A disappointed Sidwell was heading for the door when Wenger added a postscript: “You never know, one day we might buy you back. “That casual remark has always stayed with the recipient. “I’m not going to hold him to that but I’ll always remember those words,” Sidwell said with a good deal of affection. “Leaving was probably one of the better things to happen to me.

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