Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

October 25, 2006

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan

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The News Review:

* Petrov quits Bulgarian team unhappy with Stoichkov
* Putin defends Hiddink, says too many foreign players in Russian league
* Henry’s booking stands, say Uefa
* Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
* Uefa charges Croatian and English FAs
* Materazzi unfazed about meeting Zizou
* Celtic boss Strachan is full of optimism

Petrov quits Bulgarian team unhappy with Stoichkov
Sofia Echo – Oct 23, 2006
“I do not want to play on the national team under the management of coach Hristo Stoichkov,? the 27-year-old Aston Villa and former Celtic midfielder said on October 12. “I realise this comes unexpectedly for the Bulgarian football community, but it is not on the spur of the moment. Just the contrary – I have thought over my decision quite well. ” Petrov has won 66 caps for Bulgaria, scoring seven goals.

Putin defends Hiddink, says too many foreign players in Russian league
International Herald Tribune – Oct 25, 2006
Putin, speaking Wednesday in his annual televised question-and-answer session, said the Dutch coach had a proven record. “It’s not about the new coach, it’s about the way soccer is organized in Russia,” Putin said. “The coach that came to Russia to work on contract basis is a good specialist and he proved it in practice by working in various countries in the world. ” Hiddink, who was hired in April to coach Russia even though he was still the coach of Australia, has led both the Netherlands and South Korea to the World Cup semifinals. This year, he took Australia to the second round, where it lost to eventual champion Italy on a late penalty. Russia qualified for the 2002 World Cup and the 2004 European Championship but failed to advance to the second round… This year, he took Australia to the second round, where it lost to eventual champion Italy on a late penalty. Russia qualified for the 2002 World Cup and the 2004 European Championship but failed to advance to the second round. The team failed to reach this year’s tournament in Germany and has one win and two losses in three Euro 2008 qualifiers under Hiddink. Putin suggested that the Russian league was the problem, and that it should impose a quota on foreign players. “This number should be limited, because when a national team is being composed, there is nothing to compose it from,” Putin said. “This excessive quantity of (foreign) players suppresses the growth of young and talented players. ” Precise figures were not immediately available, but several Russian clubs have experienced an influx of foreign players.

Henry’s booking stands, say Uefa – Oct 20, 2006
However, Spanish referee Manuel Enrique Mejuto Gonzalez disallowed the goal and booked the player after saying that Henry had in used his arm to control the ball. “I am more than angry,” Henry said. “If you look at the replay, you will see that it is not handball. I was shocked the referee gave me a yellow card. It was a good goal. “However, Uefa rejected Henry’s version of events and said they would not be looking into the incident. A spokesman said: “It is the decision of the referee… “Steve McClaren has his own thoughts and everyone is entitled to their opinion and how they run the team but in my opinion I think he is still good enough to play for England. “Northern Ireland have moved into the top 50 of Fifa’s world rankings for the first time in over 10 years. Victories over Spain and Latvia, plus a draw away to Denmark, in the recent Euro 2008 qualifiers have lifted Lawrie Sanchez’s side to 45th. After rising 13 places since September’s rankings were issued, they are now four places above the Republic of Ireland, who have slipped down six places to 49th following a miserable start to Steve Staunton’s managerial career. England slipped one place since last month’s rankings to fifth in the world. Scotland climbed nine places to 25th place after their win over France earlier this month, which followed victories over the Faroe Islands and Lithuania. However, any joy from Scotland fans may be tempered by the news that they are now level with Egypt.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
Daily Times – Oct 20, 2006
With their side dearly missing the suspended captain on their way to a second consecutive home defeat, against Greece, desperate fans felt it was time for Barbarez to speak up. The experienced Barbarez duly obliged the following day. Fans were disappointed to hear him confirm his expected international retirement but listened intently when he finally spelled out what was wrong with the game. He said what the media and supporters have been saying for a long time: soccer in the ex-Yugoslav republic cannot hope to move ahead as long as its Football Association (NFSBIH) is set up on ethnic, not professional, criteria… Coach Blaz Sliskovic, one of Bosnia?s finest players ever, has built during his four-year reign a team that almost qualified for Euro 2004 and this year?s World Cup, keeping their hopes alive until the final matches. International retirements: In a country where half the population supports the national teams of either Serbia or Croatia, the team led by Barbarez, son of a Serb father and a Muslim mother, came to symbolise the ideal future of Bosnian soccer. The ageing players could not last forever, though. Barbarez?s decision came after the international retirements of long-time stalwarts such as the national team?s all-time top scorer Elvir Bolic and Bayern Munich?s Hasan Salihamdizic in the last two months. They were the most prominent of a group of players who emerged before the war and went on to have big careers abroad. It is hard to imagine replacements emerging from cash-strapped league clubs struggling to stay alive. ?The situation in domestic soccer has always been bad but it was until recently masked by the relative success of the national team,? said Jasmin Ligata, soccer writer for Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje.

Uefa charges Croatian and English FAs
Independent Online – Oct 25, 2006
The charges relate to incidents inside and outside Dinamo Zagreb’s Maksimir Stadium where Croatia beat England 2-0 in their Group E qualifier. The charges will be heard by Uefa’s Control and Disciplinary Body at Uefa’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, on November 9. ‘We are extremely surprised to have been charged by Uefa’William Gaillard, Fifa’s director of communications told Sky Sports News: “The charge against the Croatian FA is that they mishandled the entrance procedure and there was crowd misbehaviour. ”

He said the charge against the English FA related to fans’ behaviour… We will contest this and request a personal hearing and seek to call up as many witnesses as we require. “We have had a vast amount of communication and correspondence from English supporters who were in Zagreb who faced difficult situations during the game. ”

Bevington said the English FA were not responsible for policing outside the stadium where a major incident was caused when a number of turnstiles were suddenly closed without warning as fans were entering the stadium creating a serious bottleneck. ‘It’s true that such events do not go in favour of our bid’The Croatian FA said they had received a request from Uefa to provide information on several flares that were lit up and problems that occurred at the entrance to the stadium. “We will soon respond to Uefa’s questions,” FA’s Secretary-General Zorislav Srebric said. Croatia is bidding with Hungary to co-host the Euro 2012 Chamnpionship and any crowd trouble involving local fans or stadiums may cast a cloud over the bid. “It’s true that such events do not go in favour of our bid, but I don’t believe they will seriously put it under jeopardy,” Srebric said.

Materazzi unfazed about meeting Zizou
Independent Online – Oct 25, 2006
Zidane lost his cool after provocation from Materazzi in the dying minutes of the World Cup final in Berlin resulting in a red card for the French veteran in his last appearance as a player. ‘I’ve already said sorry, now we wait’”I’ve already said sorry, now we wait. ”

Zidane saw red after Materazzi – who had levelled the match at 1-1 after Zidane had opened the scoring with a penalty – riled him five minutes from the end of extra time in an altercation that left an indelible mark on the 2006 final won on penalties by Italy… “Sometimes when you’re playing you have the urge to talk, that’s what’s happened with Zidane. “I’m sure that in another context and with less tension around he’d never have had the same reaction. ”

Materazzi praised the French fans for the reception they’d given the world champions when they played Les Bleus at the Stade de France in a Euro 2008 qualifier last month and won by France 3-1. “All my team-mates were treated impeccably, the national anthem was applauded as was the minute’s silence for (Giacinto) Fachetti (former Inter Milan president), to the honour of the French public.

Celtic boss Strachan is full of optimism – Oct 21, 2006
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Soccer ? Scotlandsoccer

Celtic boss Strachan is full of optimism
Saturday, 21 October 2006 13:08

Celtic boss Gordon Strachan believes Scottish football must make the most of its recent upturn in fortunes. The Hoops added to the feel-good factor with a 3-0 Champions League triumph over Benfica on Tuesday. Scotland moved to 25th in the FIFA rankings this week after winning three of their first four matches in the Euro 2008 qualifiers, including the famous 1-0 win over France. The Celtic boss was even pleased to see Rangers become the first Scottish club to win in Italy on Thursday – when they beat Livorno 3-2 in the UEFA Cup. With Scotland Under-19s reaching the finals of the European Championships in July, Strachan hopes the celebratory mood can continue. He said: ‘I hope Scottish football is on the up. I hope we are all adding to it… The under-19s did well recently, so it’s healthy. We should promote it. Whether we do that or not is debatable but I think it’s healthy. ‘We should forget about the negative things. But it’s like life in general – people would rather listen to negative things rather than a positive.

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