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January 18, 2007

German Deisler forced to retire

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* Passing Comments of the State of the Games and The Games of the State
* Simon says it works
* German Deisler forced to retire
* UAE, Oman to Open 18th Gulf Cup Extravaganza
* – NCF – Hawaii’s record-setting QB Brennan goes pro, for…
* – NCF – Ex-Penn State DB arrested, charged in stabbing death
* – NCF – Louisville quarterback Brohm to return for senior…
* – NCF – Nebraska tailback Jackson makes beeline for NFL draft / Sports / Soccer / Worldcup 2006
Irish Times – Jan 16, 2007
The 2006 World Cup has a rich stable of players whose arc of achievement touches upon greatness. But it is the smiling Brazilian number 10 who has been distinguished as the brightest of his generation and a man whose intuitive and joyful brand of unrivalled excellence on the football field now leaves him poised to join the immortal role call of Pele, Cryuff and Maradona as a player capable of defining a World Cup tournament through skill and personality alone. “Watching him is a sheer delight,” praised the rehabilitated Argentinian hero Maradona after attending a Barcelona match. “He wants to touch people through his play, inspire them.

Passing Comments of the State of the Games and The Games of the State – (subscription) – Jan 16, 2007
But some have stated that he was never the player he once was – and that’s just plain wrong. This is typical of revisionist-type history. A poor 2006 World Cup (although one can argue that the English attack completely ignored Beckham) does not white-wash a superb career with Manchester United. He was one of the best strikers in the world and deadly on the set pieces. His teams won plenty of trophies as its captain. Enough with the bashing. There may be plenty to bash as his Hollywood career plays out… Becks is turning his back on European football for a taste of American fame and fortune – a little Posh on the side. The English papers are already questioning the curious move and have concluded it a Real (Madrid) Mistake. But at 37 and having his captaincy stripped following England’s inglorious exit from World Cup play, I don’t see it as a mistake at all. We can be cynical and claim that he’s setting up his post-football career, but so what? Nothing is wrong with that. Los Angeles is a soccer haven and the United States will be inundated with Becks on the pitch and pitching whatever product he wants.

Simon says it works – Jan 16, 2007
Dubai-based Simon quickly became acquainted with the local passion for Australian football and decided that Emirates should become a part of the code. "Collingwood was the first sponsorship we did in Australia. We came here and said: ‘What do Aussies like?’ and we were told Aussie rules football. So we asked which was the team people either loved or hated the most and they told us Collingwood was the one they hated the most, so we did a sponsorship deal. "Then we sponsored the Australian cricket team which eventually won the World Cup. The more we got involved with sponsorship, the more we became involved in the community. We’re probably the only airline in the world which spends so much on sponsorship… "We’re the third-most profitable airline in the world and we’re one of the largest. We have over 100 aircraft – large ones – but it takes time to create a brand. "We were part of the FIFA World Cup in 2006 with McDonalds, Coca-Cola – all these major global brands – because we want to become a global brand. We haven’t quite reached that goal yet but we’re spending a lot of money to do it. We will become a global brand eventually. "
Simon says that while the company has mainly tapped into the Australian obsession with sport, it also has put money into the arts. "We do have a cultural side as well," he says defensively.

German Deisler forced to retire
BBC News – Jan 16, 2007
Deisler missed the 2006 World Cup after undergoing a fifth operation on his knee and he has also suffered from depression throughout his career. “I no longer have any real faith in my knee. It’s been an ordeal,” he said. “I can no longer play with the right level of enjoyment and I don’t do anything by halves. ”

Deisler’s combination of speed, dribbling and crossing ability meant he was tipped for greatness after making his Bundesliga debut as an 18-year-old for Borussia Moenchengladbach in 1998.

UAE, Oman to Open 18th Gulf Cup Extravaganza
Arab News – Jan 17, 2007
In 2002, Hani Al-Noubi, who scored five goals, was awarded best player award. The same award went again to Imad Al-Housani who scored four goals in 2004. Qatar (Ranked 53)It was the best treat ever for the Qatari football team when they won the 15th Asian Games held in Qatar. Qatar beat Iraq 1-0 in the finals with striker Bilal Rajab scoring in the 63rd minute. Qatar has been trained by their Yugoslavian coach Dzemaludin Musovic, who has succeeded in helping them perform well in past Gulf Cups. The team won the tournament in 1974. In 1976 they came 3rd… They came 2nd in 1979 but came first in 1982, 1986, 1990, 1996 and 1998. Their last victorious achievement was in 2002 when they came 3rd. Romanian coach Mihai Stoichita took charge of Kuwait in July 2005, becoming their third coach during the World Cup 2006 qualifiers after Mohamed Ibrahim and Slobodan Pavkovic. Despite failing to lead the team to Germany, he remains in charge as the Kuwaitis seek to qualify for their fourth consecutive Asian Cup. Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported recently that their national football team coach, Fawzi Ibrahim, said in a conference held in KFA headquarters that 26 players were selected from the initial list, which consisted of 35 footballers. He also added that the team would hold a training camp in Cairo from Jan 6th to 14th with three matches held in order to prepare for the Gulf tournament. Their expectation is high and though the training camp?s length is short, the team will undergo intensive training and three friendly matches. – NCF – Hawaii’s record-setting QB Brennan goes pro, for…
ESPN – Jan 16, 2007
College football players have 72 hours to withdraw their names, provided they haven’t signed with an agent. On Monday, Brennan said he would “seriously consider” withdrawing his name from the draft. “In order to stay eligible for the draft, I have to send the paperwork in,” Brennan said Monday. “But I need to postpone my decision. I need a little bit more time. – NCF – Ex-Penn State DB arrested, charged in stabbing death
ESPN – Jan 16, 2007
Chisley was arraigned in district court on charges of first- and third-degree murder in the death of Langston Carraway, said Patton Township Police Chief John Petrick. He was sent to jail without bail. Chisley was booted off the Penn State football team before the 2005 season because of poor grades. After starting nine games in 2003, Chisley was mainly a reserve in 2004. The body of Carraway, 26, a senior in labor and industrial relations, was discovered inside his State College apartment on June 5. Chisley’s attorney, Karen Muir, didn’t immediately return messages left Tuesday morning. – NCF – Louisville quarterback Brohm to return for senior…
ESPN – Jan 16, 2007
“I feel like there’s still some things we can do here at theUniversity of Louisville,” Brohm said Monday, adding he made hisdecision Saturday night. Brohm will be one of the top returning quarterbacks in the nation and a Heisman Trophy candidate. As a junior, Brohm completed 63. 6 percent of his passes for 3,049 yards and 16 touchdowns. – NCF – Nebraska tailback Jackson makes beeline for NFL draft
ESPN – Jan 16, 2007
Jackson played sparingly in the Jan. 1 Cotton Bowl againstAuburn after breaking his right hand in the Big 12 championshipgame against Oklahoma. He had 989 yards rushing and eighttouchdowns in 2006, earning All-Big 12 honors. “My decision was not based on the last game of the season,”Jackson said Monday in a statement. “It was based on theopportunity in front of me to play at the next level in the NFL. “Jackson rushed for at least 100 yards in four games last season. He also caught 33 passes for 313 yards.

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