Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

July 7, 2007

No threats to Poland’s meeting its Euro 2012 commitments

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Poland’s transport ministry sees no threats which could delay investments connected with Poland’s organizing the 2012 European Football Championship, deputy Transport Minister Bouguslaw Kowalski told the Sejm, or lower house of the Parliament on Thursday.

“Everything goes according to the schedule,” Kowalski was quoted by Polish PAP news agency.

According to reports, total investments for Euro 2012 are expected to amount to 41 billion zlotys (one dollar is equal to 2.76 zlotys).

Priority road building projects, most of them under construction now, will be completed in 2011, Kowalski said.

The Polish government is preparing legislative changes, including changes to the construction law, the law on competitive tendering and the railway and public transport law.

Source: Xinhua

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