Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

July 7, 2007

Ukraine eyeing major investment for EURO 2012

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      RBC, 04.07.2007, Moscow 09:28:46.Ukraine hopes to raise over $18bn in investment for holding the final of the 2012 European football championship, the republic’s Deputy Prime Minister told the first meeting of the steering committee for preparation work and holding the EURO 2012 final. It is expected that up to three million new jobs will be created in the spheres of service and tourism.

      According to the Deputy PM, the concept of a state target program for preparing and holding the final tournament of the UEFA EURO 2010/2012 in Poland and Ukraine is nearing the final agreement stage. According to him, among the main aims of the state program are ensuring the successful staging of EURO 2012 and creating modern European-standard transportation, public, information, and telecommunication infrastructures.


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