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July 7, 2007

Ukrainian Children Overexposed to Politics

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The level of politicization among children is unprecedented, according to a survey conducted by Kyiv’s Horhsenin Institute.

Pupils of the fifth and sixth forms (aged 11-12) were writing a composition on the theme: ?What country am I living in??

It turned out that schoolchildren knew names of politicians, the smallest detail of political clashes and told anecdotes about high officials.

Children?s compositions are full of bitterness and blame towards adults incapable of restoring order in the country: ?Kyiv is in revolution. Bandits are fighting for power but there is no order? (Kateryna, fifth form), ?I live in a beautiful country but the Verkhovna Rada is at war? (Vitaliy, fifth form), ?I do not like Ukraine because there are tents on Kreshchatik? (Dmytro, fifth form).

Vladyslava, fifth form, writes: ?We do not need any rules or orders. We ourselves should turn Ukraine into the best country in the world!?

Experts were greatly surprised at revelations of sixth former Mykola: ?Ukraine has ‘black markets’ where people, stolen things, guns and drugs are sold. Such infections as AIDS, poultry flu, tuberculosis and many others are widely spread in Ukraine.?

At the same time, children are aware what a beautiful country they are living in. They describe Ukraine?s landscapes and fertile soil, industrious and cordial people, merry holidays, the melodious Ukrainian language and developing industry. ?Ukraine leads in growing flowers and trees,? says sixth former Yaroslav.

Children are proud that Ukraine and Poland will host the Euro 2012 Football Championship, of achievements of Ukrainian sportsmen, gifted poets and writers and Ukrainian sights ? churches, museums and fortresses.

More than 100 pupils form Kyiv?s schools participated in the survey ?Ukraine Through Children?s Eyes? conducted between May 2 and 18, 2007.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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