Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

July 25, 2007

Poland and Ukraine Down to Euro 2012 Preparations

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This weekend, the Football Federations of Ukraine and Poland have signed in Lviv a cooperation agreement in frames of Euro 2012 preparations.They launched their first joint project ?Radio Summer: Approaching Euro 2012? on Sunday, Deutsche Welle reports.

On Saturday, the two football federation high officials had a joint business lunch which preceded signing of a coordination agreement, particularly touching upon Euro 2012 preparation related information exchange.

Commenting on this, Vice President of the Football Federation of Ukraine Serhiy Storozhenko said, ?It is high time we got down to earth after the Cardiff euphoria. We have to proceed to a stage of tangible results in order to be able to present them to UEFA auditors in 2010.?

Ukrainian and Polish representatives stressed that the championship hosting was a brilliant chance for both states to enhance their European image.

A concert promo tour as the first joint event will see those Ukrainian and Polish cities which are to host Euro 2012 matches.

Polish rock-band Perfect and Ukrainian singer Ruslana are to participate in the event, Welle reports.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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