Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

August 7, 2007

Construction of Rospuda Valley route halted

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The launch date for the construction of Augustow bypass has been postponed. The work was to have commenced at the end of the bird hatching season in Rospuda Valley, through which the projected route passes.
The decision to locate the road in the valley has met with protests from environmental groups, and the European Commission has also voiced its concern. The latter has even brought Poland before the European Tribunal of Justice, accusing it of infringing regulations banning such investments in areas covered by the EU’s Natura 2000 environmental protection programme. Poland’s prime minister, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, has assured critics that the Rospuda Valley project will not go ahead until the Tribunal has looked into the matter. At the same time, Mr Kaczynski said that work on the bypass will continue in other areas.

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