Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

August 31, 2007

Ukraine stadium security issue affects Italy qualifier

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KIEV, Aug 27 (Reuters) – A security row over Kiev’s Olympic stadium, venue for the Euro 2012 final, has resurfaced with a government ruling that less than half the seats can be sold for next month’s Euro 2008 qualifier against Italy.

The interior ministry has said only 41,500 seats at the 84,000-seater stadium could go on sale for the Sept. 12 match.

UEFA, who granted the 2012 tournament to Ukraine and Poland in April, and world body FIFA have complained that construction of a shopping and leisure centre adjacent to the stadium posed a security risk.

Construction at the site has been suspended while officials conduct talks with the owners of the centre to work out some form of compensation. A UEFA commission is due to visit Kiev early next month to discuss the matter.

Ukraine are fourth in Euro 2008 Group B with 12 points. Leaders France have 18 points, Italy 16 and Scotland 15.

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