Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

September 5, 2007

Ukraine asked Korea to consider participation in projects ahead of Euro-2012 Football Championship

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Korea has a substantial experience in organizing world-scale events, Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Rybak said during a meeting with Korean business circles.

When discussing the importance Ukraine attaches to establishing contacts with domestic and foreign investors, the Vice Premier noted that the Government is ready to provide conditions for the development of mutually beneficial partnership and business ties as well as for the protection of investments. “We cannot do without investments, given the number of projects planned in Ukraine. We have to provide for the realization of these projects and for the protection of investments,” he said. Mr Rybak also informed the Korean side about the situation in Ukraine, in particular the election process and the political reform. He underscored Ukraine’s reliability as a business partner. On their part, the Korean business people expressed readiness to cooperate with the Ukrainian side, affirming their belief in Ukraine’s potential. The Vice Prime Minister was familiarized with the Korean project of constructing an aquatic and landscape zone and park in Pozniaky-Zakhidni residential area in Kyiv. If this pilot project is a success, it is believed to trigger a growth of Korean investments into various branches of the Ukrainian economy.

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