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September 27, 2007

Mourinho Departure Shows Money Means More Than Football

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As the Chelsea fans approach Stamford Bridge this weekend there will be a thought in the back of their minds that things won’t be quite the same anymore. The Special One finally fell on his sword this week and decided that he could no longer satisfy his bosses need for success…

…but they forget just how well Mourinho has done. Two consecutive Premiership victories just could not hide the fact that all the Chelsea board are interested in is the Champions League, the one trophy Jose just couldn’t bring home.

So, what can we learn from this? As a football fan we all want our team to win – we want them to win well, and Chelsea have been winning exeptional well since Mourinho arrived from Porto. Now there’s a thing, he came from Portugal on the back of a Champions League success and there is no doubt that Abramovich expected him to do the same again.

Chelsea fans will most likely remember Mourinho as the man that brought them great success, great football and great players. The rest of us will breath a sigh of relief as Chelsea begin the task of restructuring and building a new team under a new manager, a chance to catch up, a chance to overtake. Only the men at the top will know why they wanted Mourinho out, for the rest of us we can only regret the fact that one of the worlds top managers has escaped.

Lets hope that one day the great sport of football returns to us with sport as the focus, not as a business. Big clubs are making more and more money all the time, smaller clubs are becoming extinct and people like Mourinho are needed to show what passion there is behind the game.

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