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October 3, 2007

Ascoli Soccer Academy Cup – Italy, 2007

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The Ascoli Football Academy Cup was held in Perugia this past June 25th – 30th, 2007 for the 6th consecutive time. The tournament was open to boys of 12 and 13 years of age. A special two day football training session was also held for teams traveling from United States and Canada, allowing them to learn from some of the best Italian Football Coaches such as Bruno Redolfi, former Ascoli Football Academy Technical Director.

“This year’s event was great! I wish we could have something similar to this throughout the US and Canada,” Jeff Iacopina (parent) remarked. He went on to say “I know our players had a fantastci experience not just learning the game and playing against some of the best players in Italy, but also a fantastic cultural experience. I am sure they will never forget this”!

Only 12 teams participated in the competition. “Most of the teams were from different Italian Regions. These are teams formed after an extensive try-out process through out the year, then the players are placed on a team and attend the tournament where there are professional football scouts that look at them to see who makes the final cut. It is like a funnel process”, said Antonio Saviano, Scuola Calcio Technical Director.

A special thanks goes to Footballkix for fully organizing all the logistics and supporting this event.

For the last few years Footballkix has taken players and teams all over the world. Italy and Brazil are the most common places teams travel to. You and your team get an experience that you just can’t get in the USA. Once you’ve experienced football in Italy or Brazil, you will certainly have a new and deeper understanding of the game. Footballkix and Scuola Calcio are about football for life. We love the game and have dedicated ourselves to it. You will have a great time at our camps and tours and will receive the best coaching possible.

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Scuola Calcio, Italian Football School’s goal is to provide intensive football training programs that not only teach players the game of football but also also teach them about cultural diversity and foreign languages. With professionals Italian Football affiliations, Scuola Calcio, Italian Football School will help to develop players by experiencing international professional football training and give them an opportunity to travel to a structured professional environment.

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