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October 3, 2007

Road construction expenditure of PLN 121bn by 2012

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The government has adopted its “Road Construction Programme for 2008-2012”, which sets a budget of PLN 121bn (€32bn) for road construction and modernisation projects. More than two-thirds of this sum will come from domestic resources, mainly out of state coffers. The remaining expenditure will be covered by European Union grants. The draft programme adopted by the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers at the beginning of September had assumed that total expenditure would be PLN 5bn (€1.32m) higher.
According to a press statement from the Government Information Centre, the priority will be given to construction of the A-1 motorway, which is to be completed by 2010. Work on the A-2 and A-4 motorways will be more long-term commitments. Other major tasks included in the programme are the S-19 and S-3 north-south express roads as well as Euro 2012 investments.

The programme envisages the construction of approx. 620 km of motorway in the traditional system and 473 km of motorway based on the public-private partnership model. More than 1,973 km of express road will also be built, together with 58 bypasses comprising 393 km of road. In addition, some 1,163 km of national roads will be upgraded.

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