Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

October 6, 2007

Poland’s justice ministry wants to modernize prisons, computer network before Euro 2012

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Poland’s Justice Ministry wants to build more prison cells to prepare for co-hosting football’s 2012 European Championship, an official said Friday.The ministry has requested funds to expand several prisons, as well as its computer system, to handle the expected surge in crime, ministry spokesman Krzysztof Galimski told The Associated Press.

“It is an obvious fact that the arrival of a great number of fans to Poland for the Euro 2012 will lead to an increase in crime, chiefly of a hooligan character,” Galimski said in an e-mail.

Poland and neighboring Ukraine won their bid to co-host the event, but are still struggling with a shortage and crumbling condition of roads and stadiums, a legacy of the communist era.

Galimski said that the Justice Ministry hopes to “expand and modernize” the prison in the town of Medyka, on the border with Ukraine, which is a part of the European Union’s eastern frontier, and expand the capacity of facilities for detainees in cities where the Euro 2012 events will be held.

The request was directed to the Sports Ministry, which is responsible for the allocation of funds that will come from state coffers, but the final decision rests with the government.

The request does not say how large an amount is being sought, he said.

Around 70 requests have been made so far for funds for various projects, Sports Ministry spokesman Marcin Roszkowski said.

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