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October 20, 2007

Best architects to compete for National Stadium in Warsaw

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Created: Friday, October 19. 2007

The Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism is on the lookout for starts. Authors of such football stadiums as the new London Wembley will be taken into account when choosing the architect to design the Euro 2012 stadium.

Today the Minister of Sport, El?bieta Jakubiak, will present the complete list of names of architects invited to talks. The 16 companies include those who designed facilites of worldwide renown.

“For instance, we’ll be talking to HOK”, says Michal Borowski, Euro 2012 coordinator in the Ministry of Sport.

HOK has designed several tens of football stadiums altogether, including two London giants: Emirates Stadium and new Wembley. Sir Norman Forrester, who cooperated on Wembley and designed the Metropolitan building in the Warsaw Pilsudski Square, has also received an e-mail from Poland inviting him to talks.

The rumors saying Daniel Liebeskind has also been invited to the negotiations, have turned out to be rumors indeed. However, Liebeskind is currently working in Poland, designing a luxurious apartment house in the centre of Warsaw. Polish architects will also compete for the chance to design the national stadium.

The project is to be ready by the middle of next year, when a contactor will have to be found. The Ministry wants to start the construction in spring of 2009.

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