Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

October 27, 2007

Stadium for Euro 2012 Planned to Be Built in Expocentre Ukraine

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Football federation decided that the territory of Expocentre Ukraine is the most suitable place for building a stadium for the European championship, but the Expocentre staff is against it.

According to the president of Ukrainian Football Federation (UFF) Hrihoriy Surkis, the Expocentre Ukraine option is the only one, reports Delo newspaper.

The territory of Expocentre is on the balance sheet of State Administration of Affairs which needs to give its consent to city administration about using the land for stadium construction.

However, the opposing staff of the centre can disrupt the construction on the territory of Expocentre Ukraine. Moreover, the stadium construction contradicts the complex program of Expocentre Ukraine development approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2004.

According to the information of Expocentre Ukraine investment projects and construction organization department head Nina Kalibanska, Ukrainian State Institute of City Planning (USCP) never received an order on the revision of construction on the territory of Expocentre.

Moreover, USCP denies the opportunity of building a sport facility in the abovementioned place. “Just as with the Olimpiysky National Sport Complex (NSC), the access to the stadium will be limited,” cites Ms. Kalibanska the institute specialists.

On Thursday a German company Hochtief presented its project on reconstruction of Olimpiysky NSC. According to the project, the capacity of main sport arena of the country will increase up to 87 thousand people: 73 thousand seats for spectators and 14 thousand more for the stadium personnel.

The project also envisages covering Olimpiysky with a huge glass dome. According to the Minister of Family, Youth and Sport Affairs Viktor Korzh, Hochtief company reconstructed stadiums in Berlin and K?before the world football championship.

At the same time, the threat of reconstructed Olimpiysky not hosting the final match of Euro 2012 remains. The reason lies in construction of a mall in front of the stadium. The UEFA specialists stipulated that such neighborhood contradicts the football arena safety requirements.

At the session of coordination council on preparation and holding final part of Euro 2012 the proposal of Mr. Surkis on disassembling the unfinished construction was supported by the president. He addressed Kyiv mayor with a demand to solve this disassembling issue.

At the same time, Leonyd Chernovetsky claimed that UFF representatives didn’t discuss the destiny of Olimpiysky with him: “UFF is somewhat nervous about it [construction] but I didn’t have the honor to meet its representatives for discussing this issue. Otherwise I would have made a decision long ago.”

According to the information of the publication, another construction except mall is also planned near the stadium. When told about it Mr. Chernovetsky replied that he doesn’t track every object in the city.

However, he noted that there are some “unclear issues” around the stadium. “I was told that there are some interests. But I can’t say anything in detail,” stated the mayor.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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