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October 31, 2007

Warsaw Central Railway Station to remain filthy forever?

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Professional cleaners equipped with the best cleaning devices and detergents say there’s nothing they can do. Apparently, the Central Railway Station in Warsaw is so filthy that not even they are able to clean it.

The employees of a professional cleaning company, Help, have been struggling with the dirt on the railway station’s ceiling for two long days. They had a 3, 600 square meter surface to clean but after these two days have only managed to scrape off the dirt from approximately 20 square meters.

Though it would be foolish to expect the station to become spotless, which it probably never was, it seemed as if there were a chance, albeit small, of getting rid of the filth and stink of the capital city’s main railway station.

Polish Railways have announced a tender for cleaning it. However, the company that won, unable to remove the dirt that had been gathering on the ceiling ever since the communist era, gave up.

What seems to be the only remaining light in the tunnel is Euro 2012, since due to this event the building is to be renovated and repainted. A brighter future lies before the Warsaw East and Warsaw West Railway Stations, as they will practically be rebuilt before 2012.

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