Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

October 17, 2007

Polish finance minister envisages euro in 2012

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At a press conference on today, Tuesday, Finance Minister Zyta Gilowska stated that Poland is ready to embark on talks to join the Exchange Rate Mechanism 2 (ERM2) in 2009 with the euro possibly being introduced in 2012.

“Poland will be ready to join the mechanism in 2009, and if economic indicators don’t say otherwise, Poland will join the Eurozone in 2012”, Gilowska said.

The government today accepted the 2007 update to the Convergence Programme, which estimates that the sectoral deficit of government institutions will turn out at 3% of GDP.

Maastricht criteria state that government deficit may be 3% or less of annual GDP.

Earlier in the day the Chairman of the Polish National Bank (NBP) also stated that Poland’s entry to the ERM2 will be possible in 2009.

The present government has said that it expects to have a referendum on Poland joining the Euro zone before the Polish currency is given up.

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October 15, 2007

Polish official: no Euro 2012 funding before elections

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There will be no pre-election funding for the construction of Euro 2012 stadiums, Polish finance minister Zyta Gilowska said Wednesday in Poznan, western Poland.

On Tuesday the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza suggested that on the eve of the October 21 early elections the government may announce extra funding for stadiums in Poznan, Gdansk and Wroclaw, where matches of Euro 2012 are to be holden.

Gilowska denied the reports and said they were based on a misunderstanding. “To suggest the government will decide anything like that on a pre-election Saturday is simply ridiculous,” Gilowska was quoted by Polish PAP news agency.

She added that any extra financing of Euro 2012 would be discussed in late autumn.

On April 18, Poland and Ukraine were chosen to co-host the European Football Championship in 2012. They will co-host the football tournament for the first time in history

Source: Xinhua

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October 11, 2007

Sportfive and Deloitte to consultant for Wroclaw EURO 2012 stadium

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The Sportfive agency and consulting firm Deloitte were commissioned to provide consulting to the City of Wroclaw for the construction of the EURO 2012 stadium.

The consortium of the two partners will manage the business analysis, develop business plans for the use of the stadium during and after the championships and evaluate the corresponding architectural plans. Additionally, Sportfive and Deloitte will draw up concepts for the commercial management of the stadium surroundings and assemble all the drafts to fulfil the official requirements by UEFA for the EURO stadiums.

Sportfive is also a consultant for the EURO 2012 stadium in Poznan.

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Sports minister: Poland is well prepared for Euro 2012

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WARSAW, (Xinhua) — Poland’s sports minister said on Wednesday the eastern European country is well prepared for Euro 2012 in view of the fact that the event organizers were selected six months later than usually.     According to Elzbieta Jakubiak, a six-month UEFA delay left Poland and Ukraine less time for preparations, Polish PAP news agency reported.

    Jakubiak said the country does not have to be afraid of a visit by UEFA coordinators planned for November.

    Jakubiak added that sport stadiums’ designer firms would be selected after November 1 and tenders for stadiums construction would be organized in 2008.

    Poland and Ukraine will co-host the European Football Championship in 2012.

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Review of Players Short Listed for the FIFA 2007 Player of the Year Award

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It is time of the year where the FIFA world player of the year is decided by the votes of coaches and captains of national team worldwide.

But before we go into the discussion of the list of players drawn for 2007, an introduction of the mechanism of the system would be discussed first. The award was started in 1991 for the male player and in 2001 for the female player categories respectively. Basically, the coaches and national team captains would vote for players drawn by the technical committees of FIFA. The system used is called the Borda count where each coach and captain would get three votes (one of five points, one of three points and one of one point) to cast for the players of his choice. And the winner would be determined by the total of points received. The winner last year is Italian defender Fabio Cannavaro of Real Madrid.

Now to the list of players short listed for the award this year. Heading the list are five players of Italian descent, they are Cannavaro, Gianluigi Buffon, Gennaro Gattuso, Alessandro Nesta and Andrea Pirlo. Except for Cannavaro and Buffon (Juventus), the remaining three players of the UEFA 2006-2007 champions league winners AC Milan. However the chances of an Italian repeating the feat of winning is slim this year as the national team did not perform to its best after World Cup 2006 and as for domestically, the Serie A is recovering from the scars of the scandal hit season.

Next up would be the discussion of the English contenders for the title. They are Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), John Terry (Chelsea) and Wayne Rooney (Manchester United). Looking at chances of the English contenders, none of them have high chances of clinching the title as the English national team has a difficult Euro 2008 qualifying campaign so far and they did not any outstanding club exploits last season. The other reasons are although Manchester United and Chelsea went head to head in the Premiership race, they failed to impress at the UEFA Champions league level. As for Gerrard, if Liverpool did won the last season UEFA Champions league final against AC Milan, then his chances would be different. However they did not and Liverpool had another of its forgettable seasons in the league again.

As for the French, they have Thierry Henry (Barcelona), Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich), Lillan Thuram (Barcelona) and Patrick Vieira (Inter Milan) short listed. At the moment, the chances of the French are as slim as the English for similar reasons. Henry has been a world class player, but he could not inspire Arsenal to the Premiership title and for this season, he is still adapting to his new club, Barcelona. Ribery also did not have the best of seasons last year and has changed clubs in the summer, leaving for Bungesliga Giants, Munich from the sleeping giants of French Football, Marseille. In Vieria’s case, Inter Milan did retain their Serie A title last season, but as mentioned above, the title seen to be given to Inter midst point deduction for several Serie A clubs and demotion of Juventus. Hence he would not have a high chance in this year’s competition for the best player’s title. For Thuram, it is even more gloomer as he did not feature in a lot of his club’s games last season and Barcelona failed to defend its La Liga title.

Brazil has three players short listed in Kaka (AC Milan), Juninho (Lyon) and Ronaldinho (Barcelona). Although the Brazilians have a forgettable world cup 2006, however one of three can be considered as a highly possible contender for the title. He is Kaka. The reason is that he has also won the FIFPro 2007 Player of the year award and it was he that inspired AC Milan to winning the UEFA Champions League midst a disappointing Serie A 2006-2007 campaign. As for Ronaldinho, a previous two time winner (2004 and 2005), his chances this year are quite slim as he was not in the best form last season with the Catalans Giants as they lost out to Real Madrid in the La Liga title. In the case of Juninho, other than inspiring Lyon to six consecutive French Ligue 1 titles, he had no major efforts of note last season.

As for Brazil’s South American rival, Argentina too has three players short listed in Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Juan Roman Riquelme (River) and Carlos Tevez (Manchester United). Of the three, Messi’s chances are the highest as he has continued where he left off last season with eight goals in as many games this season. Tevez had a difficult season in which his transfer reeks of a drama serial while Riquelme with his talent to a lot of people has choked on the big stages once too often.

Another highly possible contender for the title is Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United. With his 23 goals, English Premiership Player of the year award and PFA player’s player of the year award last season, he can be seen as a major reason why Manchester United managed to regain the English Premiership title. Furthermore, in midst of enduring an anti-Ronaldo season after his antics at World Cup 2006, it is a wonder that he could conjure up such a wonderful season. Another Portuguese short listed is Deco of Barcelona who for all his talents was a bit player for Catalans last season and hence his chances are not very high then.

The remaining players of the short list are Fernando Torres (Spain, Liverpool), Ruud Van Nistelrroy (Holland, Real Madrid), Petr Cech (Czech Republic, Chelsea), Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast, Chelsea), Michael Essien (Ghana, Chelsea), Samuel Eto’o (Cameroon, Barcelona) and Rafael Marquez (Mexico, Barcelona). Of seven remaining players, Ruud Van Nistelrroy may have the best chance as he was the top scorer for Real Madrid in their title winning squad last season and has continued his fine form this season. As for players of Chelsea and Barcelona, their failure in defending the title and poor UEFA Champions League showing would count against them. Lastly, Torres, the sole Spanish in the list, like Henry has traded clubs where he left his boyhood club, Atletico Madrid for English side Liverpool in the summer. His chances are very slim as during his time as Atletico Madrid, the team failed to establish it as La Liga contenders and as for his new club, he is still adapting there.

Lastly to summarize my views on FIFA 2007 Player of the year, my choice of player to win is the Kaka of AC Milan with Lionel Messi (Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) to give him a run for the title. The results would be out this December 2007 at the FIFA World Player Gala in Zurich.

For more news, predictions and results from English Premiership, Italy Serie A, Spainish Liga and Bungelsia, check out

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October 7, 2007

Lviv undertakes functions of city-coordinator during Euro-2012

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Lviv undertakes functions of the city-coordinator during Euro-2012 Football Championship. Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy claimed this at the 7th International Investment Forum “Euro-2012: Forward, Ukraine” in Lviv on 4 October.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, A.Sadovy also claimed that, from the side of Poland, the same functions were undertaken by Wroclaw city.

According to A.Sadovy, at a meeting with Wroclaw Mayor Rafail Dutkevych they agreed to organize a joint project for sharing the information on Euro-2012 in Lviv and Wroclaw, within frames of which special informational and coordinating centers will be opened.

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October 6, 2007

International meeting in Lviv kicked off Polish-Ukrainian forum “Euro-2012”

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Within the framework of the event a project, aimed at enhancing cooperation among Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kyiv and Lviv during the “Euro-2012” has been launched.

The event was preceded by a seminar with participation of delegations from Poland, Germany, France, UK, Russia and regions of Ukraine. The sides discussed experience exchange in gearing up huge sports events. According to Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, the project is being financed by the Polish Embassy in Ukraine, Polish-US Freedom Fund. The partners are the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland and Football Federation and Polish Football Union.

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Poland’s justice ministry wants to modernize prisons, computer network before Euro 2012

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Poland’s Justice Ministry wants to build more prison cells to prepare for co-hosting football’s 2012 European Championship, an official said Friday.The ministry has requested funds to expand several prisons, as well as its computer system, to handle the expected surge in crime, ministry spokesman Krzysztof Galimski told The Associated Press.

“It is an obvious fact that the arrival of a great number of fans to Poland for the Euro 2012 will lead to an increase in crime, chiefly of a hooligan character,” Galimski said in an e-mail.

Poland and neighboring Ukraine won their bid to co-host the event, but are still struggling with a shortage and crumbling condition of roads and stadiums, a legacy of the communist era.

Galimski said that the Justice Ministry hopes to “expand and modernize” the prison in the town of Medyka, on the border with Ukraine, which is a part of the European Union’s eastern frontier, and expand the capacity of facilities for detainees in cities where the Euro 2012 events will be held.

The request was directed to the Sports Ministry, which is responsible for the allocation of funds that will come from state coffers, but the final decision rests with the government.

The request does not say how large an amount is being sought, he said.

Around 70 requests have been made so far for funds for various projects, Sports Ministry spokesman Marcin Roszkowski said.

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October 4, 2007

Unusual Unity on Euro 2012 Law

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President Lech Kaczynski Sept. 19 signed a special law that should constitute the legal basis for the Euro 2012 football championships to be played in Poland. The momentousness of the event is evident not only from the speed at which the law was approved by both houses of parliament and signed by the president (just over two weeks) but also from the fact that, in a period of huge political bickering, the law was passed by 410 votes in favor with only two abstentions.There can be no doubt that, in view of the deadlines imposed by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), combined with the current state of Polish infrastructure (stadiums, roads and railways), extremely swift action is required. However, a little more reflection might have been appropriate.

One thing that becomes clear from reading the law is that the government is intending to organize the whole thing itself using only public funds. Although the law does “not exclude” a public-private partnership (PPP), the gist of the law is plain. This means that all funds for Euro 2012 will have to be spent on the basis of public procurement law, which is where one of the problems arises.

Under the Euro 2012 law, special-purpose companies will be set up by the Treasury or by local authorities. Article 21 of this law states that article 5 of the Public Procurement Act will apply to “agreements concluded” by such companies. Article 5 provides a simplified procedure for government bodies and state-owned companies to contract, among other things, sport-related “services.” First of all, the wording of article 21, when referring to “concluded contracts,” does not make it clear when this article 5 procedure can be used. Assuming that the lawmakers’ intention was to say “contracts to be concluded,” it is doubtful whether sport-related “services” can be stretched to include the construction of stadiums, let alone freeways and railways. If not, article 21 risks being in breach of European law.

Under the Euro 2012 law, administrative procedures for the construction process have been greatly simplified, for example by shorter deadlines being introduced for administrative decisions, including deadlines in appeals before administrative courts, and a prohibition on construction being held up once it has been in progress for at least 14 days. This could actually be a major step forward, considering how avaricious neighbors and overzealous environmentalists have in the past been able to hold up construction projects.

Expropriation procedures for the purpose of Euro 2012 have also been simplified, providing for a seven-day period during which appeals have to be lodged and a two-week period during which the authorities have to rule on the appeal. At first this may seem another logical step forward, but it does provoke the question whether this is fair (or constitutional) as regards the farmer who ends up with a freeway running through his front garden…

The unprecedented unity in the Polish parliament can only be admired and the general idea behind the law is to be applauded, as it was clear to everyone that, with the existing red tape and lengthy procedures surrounding construction work, it would have been impossible to meet the UEFA deadlines. However, maybe certain members of the parliamentary opposition should have been slightly more critical about the details of the law instead of voting with the election in mind. They should have remembered the famous words of Oscar Wilde: “Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.” Let us hope that after the election, the new parliament will be able to make some much-needed amendments.

Lech Zyzylewski, Remco Van der Kroft, Partners at Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka

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Celtic Euro 2016 dream closer

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WALES’ audacious bid to jointly host the 2016 European Championship finals with Scotland last night received a huge boost after formal backing from the Welsh Assembly Government.

Sports Minister Rhodri Glyn Thomas confirmed the proposal had been raised at political level and that he was ready to help Welsh sport try to pull off one of the biggest coups in our sporting history.

After the World Cup and Olympics, the big blue riband sporting events, the Euro finals is one of the most high profile tournaments on the globe and would bring the eyes of the world to Wales.

Mr Thomas emphasised that the Assembly could only become involved if the FAW and the Scots proceed with a formal bid.

But he pledged to offer Assembly support and said he would speak to political counterparts in Scotland if necessary.

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