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November 1, 2007

Majority of Poles optimistic about EURO 2012

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In spite of the ongoing disagreement about the location of the National Stadium to be constructed in Warsaw, the majority of Poles are optimistic that Poland will be ready for EURO 2012, shows a poll commissioned by the Polish Radio and conducted by pollster PBS DGA on 30 October.

49 per cent of Poles answered they were positive that Poland would live up to expectations and manage to prepare for the EURO 2012. 12 per cent said they were “totally positive” and 37 per cent ?fairly positive? about the outcome.

46 per cent were of the opinion that Poland would not meet the deadlines. 35 per cent of respondents were “rather pessimistic” and 11 per cent “totally pessimistic” in this respect.

PBS DGA also asked Varsovians about their preferences as to the location of the new National Stadium in Warsaw.

45 per cent were of the opinion that it should be constructed at the location of the current 10th Anniversary Stadium (nearest the city centre, today used as Europe?s largest flea market), as proposed by the current Law and Justice government, 14 per cent pointed to Służewiec, 9 per cent – Łomianki, 7 per cent – Białołęka, 4 per cent ? Wawer and 3 per cent ? Siekierki (all 5 locations on the outskirts of the capital city suggested by the future Civic Platform government after the election of 21 October).

10 per cent of the respondents from Warsaw could not decide on the best location for the stadium.

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