Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

November 2, 2007

UEFA experts satisfied with Kyiv’s preparation for Euro-2012 finals

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As was disclosed by the press service of the Kyiv City Council, UEFA experts who examined Kyiv’s hotels for readiness for the Euro-2012 finals were satisfied.

At present three five-star hotels offering almost 400 rooms and eight four-star ones are available in Kyiv. The capital’s 35 two- and three-star hotels offer more than 2,000 rooms. By 2011 we will build six five-star and eight four-star hotels with a total of 3,740 rooms as well as 18 two- and three-star hotels with as many as 1,427 rooms. If we accommodate the guests in the Kyiv region as well (UEFA rules allow for settling visitors as far as 70 km from host city), Kyiv will provide completely for the accommodation of fans coming to the Euro-2012, first deputy mayor of Kyiv Denys Bass said.

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