Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

November 2, 2007

Chernovetsky Promises to Demolish Unfinished Construction

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Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky promises to solve a problem with construction of a trade complex near the Olimpiysky Stadium.

He stated this when saying about the capital’s preparation for the Euro 2012, UNIAN  news agency reports with reference to the Kyiv City Administration press service.

“At the recent President’s conference we received no claims on the matter. There is but one problem: the past authority began building a trade complex near the Olimpiyskiy Stadium which prevents holding the Euro 2012,” Mr. Chernovetsky said.

At the same time he stressed that “the authority will propose another construction site to the owner of the unfinished trade complex or seek another solution to a problem.”

The Mayor said that Kyiv is prepared better than other Ukrainian cities for hosting tourists.

“We have a lot of hotels, and we will build several more hotels of well-known brands in the shortest possible time,” stressed Mr. Chernovetsky.

He also added that in the event of an influx of tourists, they will be accommodated at comfortable motor vessels which will be moored to the banks of the Dnepr River.

It is widely known that there is a real menace that the reconstructed Olimpiyskiy Stadium will fail to host the Euro 2012 final because of construction of a trade market near the stadium.

The UEFA experts claimed that the proximity of such a construction to the stadium will contradict the norms of the football arena’s safety.

At the Coordinative Council’s conference on preparation and holding of the Euro 2012 final, President Yushchenko supported Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) President Hryhoriy Surkis’s proposal on demolition of the unfinished construction. He ordered the Kyiv Mayor to resolve the issue.

At the same time, Mr. Chernovetsky stressed that FFU’s representatives have not discussed the Olimpiyskiy Stadium’s issue with him. “The FFU is a little bit nervous about the construction but its representatives did not ask for a meeting.”

In addition, rumors are circulating about another construction near the stadium. When asked about this, Mr. Chernovetsky replied that he does not control every city’s object.

However, he added that the situation with the stadium is not clear. “I guess that certain businessmen take an interest in the territory adjacent to the stadium but I do not know details,” the Mayor stressed.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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UEFA experts satisfied with Kyiv’s preparation for Euro-2012 finals

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As was disclosed by the press service of the Kyiv City Council, UEFA experts who examined Kyiv’s hotels for readiness for the Euro-2012 finals were satisfied.

At present three five-star hotels offering almost 400 rooms and eight four-star ones are available in Kyiv. The capital’s 35 two- and three-star hotels offer more than 2,000 rooms. By 2011 we will build six five-star and eight four-star hotels with a total of 3,740 rooms as well as 18 two- and three-star hotels with as many as 1,427 rooms. If we accommodate the guests in the Kyiv region as well (UEFA rules allow for settling visitors as far as 70 km from host city), Kyiv will provide completely for the accommodation of fans coming to the Euro-2012, first deputy mayor of Kyiv Denys Bass said.

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November 1, 2007

UEFA to decide Euro match sites

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WARSAW — Decisions about match sites in the Euro 2012 football championship belong to UEFA, not the Polish government, Polish Football Association (PZPN) head Michal Listkiewicz said on Tuesday.

“If Poland wants to change a site it has to get UEFA’s permission first,” Listkiewicz was quoted by Polish PAP news agency.

Recently Warsaw mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz suggested building a planned Euro 2012 stadium on the city’s outskirts and not, as initially planned, next to the defunct 10th Anniversary Stadium.

Listkiewicz, appointed by PZPN as UEFA commissioner for the Euro 2012 event, said Polish decisions on changing the Warsaw stadium site needed approval by UEFA. He added that PZPN had as yet received no written decisions on the matter and assured that if the Polish side came up with concrete re-siting suggestions he would immediately take the matter to UEFA.

UEFA expects concrete plans regarding site changes, Listkiewicz said and listed several examples where such moves had been successful.

Listkiewicz assured that stadium site changes would not make Poland lose Euro 2012.

The Warsaw branch of outgoing ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) today supported initial plans to build the stadium next to the old one and called Gronkiewcz-Waltz’s idea “irresponsible and an endangerment to the project”.

On April 18, Poland and Ukraine were chosen to co-host the European Football Championship in 2012. They will co-host the football tournament for the first time in history.

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Majority of Poles optimistic about EURO 2012

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In spite of the ongoing disagreement about the location of the National Stadium to be constructed in Warsaw, the majority of Poles are optimistic that Poland will be ready for EURO 2012, shows a poll commissioned by the Polish Radio and conducted by pollster PBS DGA on 30 October.

49 per cent of Poles answered they were positive that Poland would live up to expectations and manage to prepare for the EURO 2012. 12 per cent said they were “totally positive” and 37 per cent ?fairly positive? about the outcome.

46 per cent were of the opinion that Poland would not meet the deadlines. 35 per cent of respondents were “rather pessimistic” and 11 per cent “totally pessimistic” in this respect.

PBS DGA also asked Varsovians about their preferences as to the location of the new National Stadium in Warsaw.

45 per cent were of the opinion that it should be constructed at the location of the current 10th Anniversary Stadium (nearest the city centre, today used as Europe?s largest flea market), as proposed by the current Law and Justice government, 14 per cent pointed to Służewiec, 9 per cent – Łomianki, 7 per cent – Białołęka, 4 per cent ? Wawer and 3 per cent ? Siekierki (all 5 locations on the outskirts of the capital city suggested by the future Civic Platform government after the election of 21 October).

10 per cent of the respondents from Warsaw could not decide on the best location for the stadium.

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