Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

December 11, 2007

President Lech Kaczynski visits Ukraine

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Poland’s President Lech Kaczy?ski has paid a two-day visit to Ukraine. During bilateral talks Presidents of Ukraine and Poland have discussed political relations and border issues. The organization of the Euro 2012 Championships and European and Euro Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine and energy issues have also been on the agenda.

Danuta Isler reports

On the first day of the visit presidents Viktor Yushchenko and Lech Kaczynski signed joint Declaration “Modern Challenges – New Dimensions of Strategic Partnership”. During the official signing ceremony held in Kyiv the Polish President reiterated that Poland strongly supports Ukraine’s wishes to be part of NATO and the EU. He also said that the Polish authorities will do everything to make Poland’s entering the Schengen zone not burdensome for Ukrainian citizens.

‘We have expressed our support for the future government which will hopefully be created soon. We have also expressed our hope that the new government and its policies will be completely unequivocal, i.e. pro-western.’

On his part president Victor Yushchenko said that his country was and is Poland’s strategic partner. The Ukrainian president also stressed that the Polish elections and formation of a new Government will not change bilateral relations with Ukraine.

‘It is very important for us to have good relations with Poland. And we can definitely talk about progress looking at the recent years. It is very good that such a dynamic is supported even at the highest state level.’

Pawel Wolowski of the Center for Eastern Studies in Warsaw welcomed Poland’s confirmed support of Ukraine on the way of integration to NATO and the EU. He expressed concern, though, about the implementation of the Ukrainian aspirations.

‘Ukrainian political elites are quite unanimous in aspiring to membership of the European Union and this idea also has a wide support of the Ukrainian society. However, Ukraine is not ready for the integration while the EU is not ready to enlarge. As for the perspective of NATO membership the situation is complicated. There is no social support while the political elites are also divided on this issue.’

On the agenda of talks was also the issue of the Odessa-Brody-Plock oil pipeline which will be discussed at the energy summit in Kyiv next March. Halyna Pastushuk, our correspondent in Kyiv.

‘According to the vice head of the president’s secretary office, Oleksandr Chalyy during his stay in Odessa Mr. Kaczynski had significant conversations connected with the long-lasting project of the pipeline Odessa-Brody-Plock. He said that during the last year and a half Ukraine has been working in the format Poland-Ukraine-Lithuania-Georgia-Azerbaijan to move forward the project Odessa-Brody-Plock and to promote the Black Sea, Caspian and Baltic energy transition space. All such questions were discussed.’

While in Odessa today the Polish Head of State also met Julia Tymoshenko, the official candidate to the post of Ukraine’s Prime Minister. President Kaczy?ski said that Poland was interested in seeing the Ukrainian government formed as soon as possible.

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  1. Kharkov is going to host Euro-2012 games. The city will accept ten thousand fans from Europe. And none of them knows, that during 2007 year 10423 tuberculosis infected persons have died in Ukraine. Many of them have forgotten, that illness. Germany, Finland, Austria, Italy do not inoculate their citizenzs against this lethal disease.

    Comment by Alex — February 5, 2009 @ 3:51 pm

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