Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

January 1, 2008

Traders from Euro 2012 site to get raw deal?

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Traders from the current 10th Anniversary Stadium in Warsaw are waiting for a decision for new grounds for business after being evicted in preparation to build a new stadium for the Euro 2012 football championships.

The Ministry of Sport has stated that it is not accountable for trade in the Polish capital. The statement was aired after traders at the ‘Stadion’ held a referendum on where the new grounds should be.

Ninety percent of traders – part of what has been the largest open air market in Europe – voted that the bazaar should be relocated to Radzymi?ska street, not far from the current grounds. The plot of land was promised to them by the former sports minister El?bieta Jakubiak.

The Ministry of Sport is proposing a new ground in the Bia?o??ka district, much further away from the city centre. Residents of the area are up in arms about the proposed construction, stating that it will bring illegal activity – much of what the traders sell is pirated copies of CDs, DVDs and branded goods – from the current site to their back yards.

The Ministry added that its competences lie only in assisting development of sports and leisure investments, and that further construction developments of the new National Stadium is to be built on time.

Now traders are waiting for a final verdict from the Minster of Sport Miros?aw Drewiecki, who is to take a decision concerning the grounds before the end of the year.

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