Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

January 14, 2008

First stage of belt highway to appear in Kyiv until Euro-2012

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Kyiv is expected to start building a 206-km long belt highway, the first stage of which (149 km) will be constructed until Euro-2012.

First Deputy Head Denys Bass of the Kyiv City State Administration said the road would include two new bridges across Dnieper. The cost of the construction will reach UAH 20 billion (about USD 4 billion). Kyiv’s authorities consider the issue to build terminals around the city for heavy haulers, which will let to prevent Kyiv from the transit transport. According to the State Service of Automobile Roads, UAH 76.2 billion (some USD 15.2 million) will be allocated for construction and repair of roads in Ukraine within the framework of preparations for Euro-2012 Finals.

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