Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

January 14, 2008

Tymoshenko is confident in successful completion of all preparatory work on holding Euro-2012

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On January 16 the Cabinet of Ministers intends to endorse a new composition of the organization committee for preparation and holding in Ukraine of the final tournament of the European Football Championship in 2012 and approve an organization structure of such preparation.

“On January 16 the Government will consider two draft resolutions, a new composition of the organization committee to be endorsed the first, the second – agreed by all interested participants an organization structure of management and preparation of holding Euro-2012. All documents regarding general management and holding of Euro-2012 we shall consider at the next Government sitting,” Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko stressed at the meeting on preparation and holding of Euro-2012 in Ukraine. In particular, the Head of Government has commissioned the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport to submit for the Cabinet of Ministers’ approval drafts of relevant documents till January 16, Cabinet press service reported.

At that the PM underscored that it is necessary to clearly divide responsibilities among the profile departments and define main coordination authority responsible for preparation to Euro-2012.

Yulia Tymoshenko noted that it is necessary to stir up activity of preparation for the European Football Championship as the previous Government has upset all terms for taking top priority decisions necessary for the beginning of preparation to Euro-2012. “We are pressed for time to work through an Action Plan on preparation and holding of the European Football Championship, create all structure subdivisions, coordinate all government authorities for achieving our aim – successful hosting of Euro-2012. I believe, this meeting will be the beginning for realization of our work,” the Head of Government said.

That’s why, in Yulia Tymoshenko’s opinion, it is necessary to urgently draft “a number of serious organization documents” and consider them at the Government sitting on January 13 at the latest, in particular, the Action Plan and financial plan on preparation and holding Euro-2012, the list of key infrastructure objects which are to be built. But, as the Head of Government noted, first of all we should determine a top priority list of measures which can’t be waited while we work out our general action plan.

Besides, Yulia Tymoshenko considers it necessary to attract international consultants to the process of preparation and holding the championship. In this context the Prime Minister has commissioned the Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to study an experience of Germany, Austria and Switzerland in holding such football events.

At the end, Yulia Tymoshenko expressed confidence in successful completion of all preparatory work on holding the European Football Championship in 2012. I am sure that our new government team will timely prepare Euro-2012, Euro-2012 will be hosted beautifully and successfully by Ukraine,” the Head of Government noted.

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