Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

January 21, 2008

President designated time limits for preparation to Euro-2012

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President Victor Yushchenko presided today over a meeting of Euro-2012 Preparatory Coordinative Board, according to the President`s press-office.

Opening the meeting President designated desirable time limits for preparation measures to Euro-2012 pointing out importance of this arraignment for Ukraine.

According to President sport installations and stadiums should be built by 2010. Roads and other necessary infrastructure should be built by 2012. Both should meet the highest international technical standards.

V. Yushchenko also reminded that by January all preparation and coordination measures should be taken so that from February practical work could begin. Therefore President insisted that all programs and plans regarding preparatory measures were drafted and approved by local authorities involved in the championship in 10 days term.

Separate attention was paid to drawing international investments as well as state financing into the process preparation to Euro-2012. President put an assignment to forward legislative incentives on stimulating investments into the preparatory projects to Presidential Secretariat in one week term. This question is also to be discussed during meeting of Consultative Investment Council. Regarding state financing V. Yushchenko requested reasoned financial calculation of the expected state and local budgets expenses to be provided to him today.

President also mentioned that holding Euro-2012 shall result in international presentation of the Ukrainian culture. Therefore he urged to think over development of cultural, educational and tourist infrastructure as a whole.


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