Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

January 29, 2008

Italia daily critical of Poland’s readiness for Euro 2012

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Corriere della Sera claims that EUFA president Michale Platini is concerned at the lack of progress Poland is making in preparation to joint host with Ukraine the Euro 2012 football championships.

On Tuesday, the Italian daily “Corriere della Sera” quotes Ukrainian and Italian representatives saying that Poland is falling behind with preparations for Euro 2012 football championship.

“Corriere della Sera” also cites Antonio Mataresse, the head of Lega Calcio, the organization running the Italian professional football leagues, who said that both Poland and Ukraine might “not make it” with the organization of the championships.

But Mataresse also said that he does not think that Italy, which lost the bid for organizing the championships to Poland and Ukraine, would be able to manage alone.

He is also quoted saying that he recently talked to UEFA president Michale Platini, who he said is “also worried” by the current situation.

In response, head of the Polish Football Association (PZPN) Micha? Listkiewicz said that there is no danger of the organization of Euro 2012 being taken away from Poland, but he stressed that the preparations have to be commenced as soon as possible. “Not after the tournament in Austria and Switzerland, as we planned before, but right away,” he said.


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