Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

January 31, 2008

Polish PM to meet Platini over Euro 2012 concerns

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WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Wednesday he planned to meet with UEFA president Michel Platini after European soccer’s governing body criticised the lack of progress in preparations for Euro 2012.

At a meeting of the UEFA executive committee in Zagreb, the body warned Poland and Ukraine, which will co-host the European soccer championship, that they must speed up preparations, including work on new stadiums and infrastructure.

Platini said the next four to six months would be crucial.

“I was in touch with Mr Michel Platini today. We have made preliminary plans to meet here in Warsaw,” Tusk, who was sworn in as prime minister in November, told a news conference.

“I heard words that confirmed that the challenge is serious, but also give reasons for optimism. Nothing is lost.”

Tusk said Poland would reveal plans on Friday for a new national stadium in Warsaw, where the first match of Euro 2012 is scheduled to take place. The government also plans to present a new preparation calendar next week.

The choice of Poland and Ukraine as the first east European countries to host the European championship sparked criticism from some quarters that the two suffered from poor infrastructure and would have a difficult time bringing it up to date in time.

Their troubles have been exacerbated by recent political changes in both countries, which shifted attention away from the preparations.

(Reporting by Patryk Wasilewski, writing by Chris Borowski, editing by Justin Palmer)

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