Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

January 21, 2008

President sets main tasks to prepare for Euro 2012

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President Viktor Yuschenko speaking during a special meeting sais that all preparatory and organizational events in view of the 2012 European football championship must be completed before the end of January 2008.

He also emphasized that sports facilities and stadiums must be ready by 2010, while roads and other infrastructure by 2012. “We will pass at an organizational committee meeting a nation-wide program to coordinate the efforts of all substances at all levels on this issue,” the President stated.
In this connection, Yuschenko ordered elaboration of all bills in the context of preparations for Euro 2012 by January 25.

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President designated time limits for preparation to Euro-2012

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President Victor Yushchenko presided today over a meeting of Euro-2012 Preparatory Coordinative Board, according to the President`s press-office.

Opening the meeting President designated desirable time limits for preparation measures to Euro-2012 pointing out importance of this arraignment for Ukraine.

According to President sport installations and stadiums should be built by 2010. Roads and other necessary infrastructure should be built by 2012. Both should meet the highest international technical standards.

V. Yushchenko also reminded that by January all preparation and coordination measures should be taken so that from February practical work could begin. Therefore President insisted that all programs and plans regarding preparatory measures were drafted and approved by local authorities involved in the championship in 10 days term.

Separate attention was paid to drawing international investments as well as state financing into the process preparation to Euro-2012. President put an assignment to forward legislative incentives on stimulating investments into the preparatory projects to Presidential Secretariat in one week term. This question is also to be discussed during meeting of Consultative Investment Council. Regarding state financing V. Yushchenko requested reasoned financial calculation of the expected state and local budgets expenses to be provided to him today.

President also mentioned that holding Euro-2012 shall result in international presentation of the Ukrainian culture. Therefore he urged to think over development of cultural, educational and tourist infrastructure as a whole.


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January 17, 2008

Ukraine seeks court order to resolve Euro stadium dispute

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KIEV, Jan 17 (Reuters) – Ukraine’s prosecutor general is seeking a court order to tear down a semi-built shopping centre next to the capital’s Olympic stadium, which is due to host the Euro 2012 final, his office said on Thursday.

European soccer’s governing body UEFA says the shopping centre makes it unsafe to use all 80,000 seats at the stadium because it blocks some exits. A decree from President Viktor Yushchenko has already demanded a halt to construction.

“Given that the construction breaks the law and building regulations, is dangerous for spectators, threatens the Olympic Stadium’s operations and makes it impossible to host the Euro 2012 final, the general prosecutor has undertaken to oblige the (company building it) to dismantle it,” a statement said.

UEFA President Michel Platini has already said the 2012 European Championship final cannot be held at the Kiev stadium unless the construction issue is resolved.

Capacity at the stadium, used by the national team and Dynamo Kiev for big matches such as the Champions League, has already been halved after UEFA’s verdict on safety.

Poland and Ukraine, both ex-communist states, were chosen last year to co-host Euro 2012 and face a huge task to prepare top-level stadiums, build hotels and modernise infrastructure. (Editing by Ken Ferris)


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[Watch] The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) Online [Streaming] and Download

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January 16, 2008

Polish Radio Euro

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Polish Radio is opening a new multi-media channel Polish Radio Euro especially for the occasion of the European Football Championships organized jointly by Poland and Ukraine in 2012.

The channel will focus predominantly on sport and education and it will replace Polish Radio Bis, or channel four.

The new radio is scheduled to be launched in mid-May and its first major broadcasts will be the coverage of European Football Championships this year in Switzerland and Austria.

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January 14, 2008

Tymoshenko is confident in successful completion of all preparatory work on holding Euro-2012

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On January 16 the Cabinet of Ministers intends to endorse a new composition of the organization committee for preparation and holding in Ukraine of the final tournament of the European Football Championship in 2012 and approve an organization structure of such preparation.

“On January 16 the Government will consider two draft resolutions, a new composition of the organization committee to be endorsed the first, the second – agreed by all interested participants an organization structure of management and preparation of holding Euro-2012. All documents regarding general management and holding of Euro-2012 we shall consider at the next Government sitting,” Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko stressed at the meeting on preparation and holding of Euro-2012 in Ukraine. In particular, the Head of Government has commissioned the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport to submit for the Cabinet of Ministers’ approval drafts of relevant documents till January 16, Cabinet press service reported.

At that the PM underscored that it is necessary to clearly divide responsibilities among the profile departments and define main coordination authority responsible for preparation to Euro-2012.

Yulia Tymoshenko noted that it is necessary to stir up activity of preparation for the European Football Championship as the previous Government has upset all terms for taking top priority decisions necessary for the beginning of preparation to Euro-2012. “We are pressed for time to work through an Action Plan on preparation and holding of the European Football Championship, create all structure subdivisions, coordinate all government authorities for achieving our aim – successful hosting of Euro-2012. I believe, this meeting will be the beginning for realization of our work,” the Head of Government said.

That’s why, in Yulia Tymoshenko’s opinion, it is necessary to urgently draft “a number of serious organization documents” and consider them at the Government sitting on January 13 at the latest, in particular, the Action Plan and financial plan on preparation and holding Euro-2012, the list of key infrastructure objects which are to be built. But, as the Head of Government noted, first of all we should determine a top priority list of measures which can’t be waited while we work out our general action plan.

Besides, Yulia Tymoshenko considers it necessary to attract international consultants to the process of preparation and holding the championship. In this context the Prime Minister has commissioned the Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to study an experience of Germany, Austria and Switzerland in holding such football events.

At the end, Yulia Tymoshenko expressed confidence in successful completion of all preparatory work on holding the European Football Championship in 2012. I am sure that our new government team will timely prepare Euro-2012, Euro-2012 will be hosted beautifully and successfully by Ukraine,” the Head of Government noted.

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Ukraine means to adjust agreement on gearing up to Euro 2012 with Poland

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This was voiced by Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko at council of the Cabinet of ministers. Ukraine will discuss visa issue with Poland for football fans to move unimpedetly.

Ukraine has launched free visas for the UEFA representatives, media men, delegates ad others for five years. Ukraine and Poland won a tender to host Euro-2012 in April. The matches will run in Kyiv, Lviv, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Odesa and Kharkiv.

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Govt to step up gearing up to Euro 2012

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As Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko told a today’s council, the government will pass a number of bill on January 16 to step up gearing up to the Euro 2012.

Yuliya Tymoshneko has also commissioned the relevant bodies to draft a finance plan of the Euro 2012. And a number of bills to coordinate investments. Yuliya Tymoshenko also urged to invite international experts for participation in gearing up to the event. She also stressed that the forum is a huge breakthrough of Ukraine and Ukraine should justify the hopes.

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Ukraine Premier targets Euro 2012 preparations

Filed under: Ukraine — Ivan @ 4:25 am

Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine’s new anti-corruption Prime Minister, on Friday ordered her government to overhaul its preparation plan as co-host for the Euro 2012 football tournament. Ukraine and Poland won joint rights to hold the event in March, but since then the Ukrainian government has struggled even to begin an estimated 42 billion dollars in preparations needed if the former Soviet republic is to manage its side of the event.

A Tymoshenko-led coalition took over Ukraine’s government in December on promises to reduce graft and inefficiency in state institutions.

The new pro-democracy government will complete a review of steps taken so far to ready the country for Euro 2012, and the parliamentary majority she leads will make a new plan national law, Tymoshenko promised.

“We already running a year and a half in our preparation efforts,” she Tymoshenko. “We will reverse these trends.”

A football-mad country whose national team made the final eight in the 2006 World Cup, Ukraine lacks substantial infrastructure needed to host any major international sporting event.

Ukrainian roads and service quality are far below international standards. Stadiums – all but one dating back to the Soviet era – are dilapidated, and the country needs to build dozens of hotels to handle an expected one million visitors.

Overhaul of the country’s largest stadium – Olympeysky Stadium in the capital Kiev – has been stalled for months because of a shopping centre under construction next door which, if completed, would make the stadium impossible to evacuate safely.

Tymoshenko at a cabinet meeting instructed Ukraine’s top law enforcer Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko to intervene in the legal wrangle, pitting two Kiev business clans in a dispute over land ownership around the stadium.

Kiev developers alone will build 33 hotels to prepare for the tournmanent, with the first coming on line in 2008, and the last in 2011, Tymoshenko told reporters.

It is a construction challenge of the first order in Kiev’s overheated real estate market where some half-dozen firms monopolize major construction, and the few hotels lucky enough to operate charge as much as 200 dollars a night for an unpretentious single room.

The new hotels will cost some 500 million dollars, to be raised among private and international investors, Tymoshenko said.

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Local firms could earn $500m from World Cup

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Israel stands to earn hundreds of millions of dollars from the lucrative soccer World Cup market hosted by South Africa in 2010, said the Israel Export Institute on Sunday, urging Israeli companies to exert more of an effort to tap into the market.

“This event represents a $500 million untapped frontier for Israeli companies,” said David Artzi, chairman of the Israel Export Institute. “In the next short time, South Africa will embark on a program of increased development in order to prepare for the World Cup and we believe that Israeli companies can command up to 20 percent of the $2.5 billion World Cup budget.”

In an effort to help Israeli firms take advantage of the business potential of the next World Cup taking place in South Africa in the summer of 2010, the Israel Export Institute will stage a conference on Monday focused on accessing and supplying support for one of the world’s largest sporting events.

Companies which stand to gain the most from the event are those that provide security consultation services for large events, first aid services, cellular and fixed-line communication services and technology infrastructure, Artzi noted.

According to figures by the Israel Export Institute, over the months of January- October 2007, exports (not including diamonds) from Israel to South Africa rose to $224m., a 9% increase when compared with the same period in 2006, while Israel imported $133m. worth of goods from South Africa over the same period, a rise of 40% from 2006. For 2008, the Israel Export Institute predicts Israel will export some $279m. worth of goods to South Africa.

As of the end of 2007, some 1,110 Israeli companies were operating offices in South Africa, representing an increase of 7% from a year earlier.

“The objective of the seminar that we will be holding on Monday is to not only point out and assist Israeli companies in identifying potential business stemming from the World Cup, but we hope that coming out of it, more local companies will look to establish branches in South Africa,” said Moshe Leader, director of the International Business Development branch at the Export Institute, ahead of the conference.

In addition to officials from the Export Institute, other representatives scheduled to present at today’s conference include Boaz Hirsch, director of foreign trade in the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry; Judika Tlali, first secretary in the South African embassy in Israel and David Tzor, senior security consultant for the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 and Athens in 2004.

Meanwhile, in November, Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai and Yuri Kostenko, the Assistant Foreign Minister of Ukraine, signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) joining the two countries together in preparation for the Euro-2012 soccer tournament, to be held in Ukraine and Poland. Israeli experts and companies will provide technology and service solution-support to Euro-2012 officials in Ukraine as the country prepares for the games.

Separately on Sunday, the Israel Manufacturers’ Association announced that in 2007, exports of rubber and plastic rose 9.6% to $2.08b., the first time exports of these products topped a record of $2b. Local sales of plastic and rubber rose 4.3% to $1.75b., said the Israel Manufacturers’ Association.

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