Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

February 6, 2008

Austria’s ALPINE BAU to build stadium in Lviv

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Austria’s Alpine Bau GmbH has won a tender to design and build a stadium in Lviv for the Euro-2012 football tournament, deputy Lviv Mayor Oleh Syniutka said, speaking in a press conference Feb. 6. “We are awaiting the arrival of the company owners to sign the deal,” the official told the ZIK correspondent.

“ALPINE BAU GmbH will fund the drawing up of a design project and invest in construction. A contract to design the stadium and a general construction contract will be signed soon. When the design contract is completed, a construction contract will be eventually signed. I think, the investment contract will be signed before summer,” Oleh Syniutka told ZIK.

The reason for declaring ALPINE BAU GmbH the winner was that the company put up fewer counter demands. To compare, another runner, Implenia – Akson wanted land in downtown Lviv as part of the final contract for stadium construction.

The construction will be funded partly with the money put up by ALPINE BAU GmbH and the proceeds from selling adjacent land sites.

Simultaneously, the official would not elaborate on whether the city authorities will sell leasing rights to adjacent sites.

The 33,000-seat stadium will host only pre-final matches of the Euro-2012 championship. Its estimated cost amounts to Euro 85 million.

After the championship is over, the stadium will be property of the Lviv community, Zasadny said.

Feb. 14, Lviv city council will address preparations for Euro-2012 and is expected to stamp an agreement on designing and building a stadium with ALPINE BAU GmbH.

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