Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

February 8, 2008

Ukraine counts for foreign investments to prepare Euro-2012

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Chief of the National Agency for preparing and holding EURO-2012 in Ukraine Yevhen Chervonenko disclosed to journalists his vision of solving problems in the sphere of preparing the championship in Ukraine.

Speaking at a press conference in UNIAN, Ye.Chervonenko claimed he plans to involve international auditor companies to supervise the use of funds, which will be spent on Euro-2012. He is confident that the Euro will be carried out in Ukraine not due to state financing, but only due to private investments. Thus, the National Agency chief stressed, he will do everything possible for the Ukrainian parliament to adopt a law on concession in the nearest future. This will provide a single “investment window” for all potential investors.

At the same time, according to him, there will be strict requirements to potential investors. In particular, they should guarantee fulfilling their undertakings, otherwise they will suffer “big fines”.

Besides, Ye.Chernovetskiy believes that his structure must take place in selecting investors for preparing the infrastructure of the championship. He believes the National Agency for preparing and holding EURO-2012 in Ukraine must be provided with special authorities. Thus, it must become the senior administrator of the funds, and must be provided with supervising authority.

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