Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

February 14, 2008

Lviv authorities allocate disputed land to build Euro-2012 stadium

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Lviv city authorities are bent on allocating a land site for the construction of a Euro-2012 stadium property rights to which are contested in court, the ZIK correspondent reports.
The Zelenbud company in charge of planting trees and bushes in Lviv is claiming of the site is its property. According to Zelebud manager Volodymyr Mushtuk, city council lawyers have failed to submit to court the documents confirming city ownership rights to the site, he said in an interview with The Ratusha newspaper Feb. 12. The court has adjourned hearings till Feb. 28.

Under the construction contract, an investor company has to pay $300 million to meet the costs of construction, with annually payments of $100 million spanning years 2008-2010.

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